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December 8, 2023

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How Does An AI Reworder Optimize Your ChatGPT Content?

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Enhance your ChatGPT experience with our optimization services, ensuring smoother interactions and more refined responses. Our expertise focuses on fine-tuning ChatGPT's performance for optimal efficiency, delivering an improved and tailored user interaction.

What's Inside?


ChatGPT is being used for content creation on a wide scale these days. People from around the world are using this AI language model to automatically create content. However, there have been some concerns related to the content generated by ChatGPT.


The content created by this tool is not well-optimized for several reasons. But this does not mean you cannot use it for content creation. You just have to make some changes to the content to optimize it. And a reworder tool can be helpful for that.

Before we start discussing how you can optimize the ChatGPT-created content with a reworder tool, let’s understand what type of content is considered is considered well-optimized.

Why the Content Created by ChatGPT is not Optimized?

The content that ChatGPT creates is robotic. It lacks a human touch and can be spammy most of the time because of the repetition of words. This chatbot tends to create content with low readability by using difficult words again and again. 

The AI-generated content can also be plagiarized sometimes which is not a favorable thing for content optimization. Moreover, it can be detected in AI detector tools. 

But all of these problems can be resolved by using a rewording tool and we are going to demonstrate how. 

How a Reworder Tool Optimizes Your ChatGPT Content?

A reworder tool helps you optimize your ChatGPT-generated content in various ways. For proper demonstration, we are going to use ChatGPT to create content first. After that, we will use to make changes in the content and explain how you can optimize it. You can use whichever AI reworder you want but since we want to do some demonstrations in the coming points, we’re going to stick to this one.

Let’s start discussing the ways through which a reworder tool can optimize ChatGPt content. 

1) It Helps Increase Readability:

Readability matters a lot when it comes to optimizing your content. The idea is very simple. You have to write your content keeping a general audience in mind. If you write in a way that is not easy for your audience to understand, it will directly impact your content’s value. The content that ChatGPT generates has low readability. 

That is because this AI language model writes in a robotic tone, as discussed already. There are repetitive words and some of them can be very difficult for a general audience to understand. 

So, how does a reworder tool make ChatGPT-generated content easier to read? To demonstrate this, we asked ChatGPT to write a paragraph.

ai generate

After that, we rewrote it with the help of a reworder tool we mentioned earlier, and here are the results:


As you can see, the reworder tool replaced the words with their easier synonyms to increase their readability. Switching words like health with well-being, essential with fundamental, etc. has made the content a little more readable. And this is just an example. The more complex word ChatGPT will add in content, the simpler synonyms the reworder tool will use to replace them. 

This type of writing also helps in engaging the audience in reading. The fluent sentences prevent the reader’s attention from getting distracted. 

2) It Helps Optimize Content Tone:

Tone helps you deliver your information in a better way. An official statement written in casual words will not be as effective as it should be. So, you have to make sure that your content’s tone is optimized according to its nature. 

Yes, you can prompt ChatGPT to write content in a specific tone but the readability factor will stay the same. Instead of that, you can directly alter the tone with the help of the reworder tool. 

Most of these tools provide different rewriting modes. These modes alter the wording and the structure of the content according to the selected mode. For example, if you choose the professional mode, the wording will become more formal.

We rewrote the previously discussed paragraph with a different mode. 


The tool rewrote some of the words that were not of much creative nature into alternative wording. This type of recreation of content can help you get the required tone in your content making it more optimized for search engine results.

3) It Helps Remove Plagiarism:

Removing plagiarism from your content is a big part of optimization. The content you generate from ChatGPT can be plagiarized sometimes. That is because if this AI chat model has provided you with a piece of content, chances are it has already provided it to somebody else too. So, if they publish that content online, yours will be plagiarized. 

To tackle this problem, the reworder will be helpful. That is because these tools are designed not only to change the wording of the content but also their sentence structure and tone. Making these changes in the content makes it a lot different from its original version which helps get rid of plagiarism.

4) It Can Help Bypass AI Detectors: 

Last but not least, the reworder tool can optimize the ChatGPT-generated content to bypass AI detectors. AI detector tools are designed to check if the provided sentences are created by Artificial Intelligence or not. They are trained to detect specific features of a sentence such as unusual repetition of words to determine whether the sentence is generated by AI or not. 

Since the reworder tool rewrites the content by changing the wording and structure of sentences, it can help bypass these detectors. For example, the repeating words are replaced by their synonyms while rewriting. So, the AI detectors fail to analyze that the content was created by ChatGPT originally. 


ChatGPT can generate content for you in a matter of seconds. However, this content is not optimized for ranking. A reworder tool can be used to make changes in this content so that it becomes optimized for both search engines and users. We have provided details on these changes in the information given above.

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