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July 27, 2023

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Effective Marketing Strategies in 2023

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Thousands of new business accounts are registered daily all over the Internet, and all of them require appropriate marketing strategies. When classic marketing methods are applied in the digital world, the results can be shocking.

What's Inside?

Marketing Strategy

The term “marketing strategy” refers to a long-term plan that serves to achieve the marketing goals derived from the company's objectives.

A marketing strategy is a kind of guide to achieving your business goals when it comes to creating promotional materials for yourself and your product or service. It describes how you plan to achieve those goals. A marketing strategy is usually an official document that is available for all employees to see, so there is clarity about what you want to do.

A good marketing strategy includes research on the target market, competitors, ideal customers, and several other aspects. It should be built for the long term, but should also be regularly optimized and updated to further improve results. This is a brief marketing strategy definition, and you can find out more here.

Classic and Online Marketing

Keep track of your numbers at all times!

Many companies still rely on marketing through TV and radio. The wide reach of these traditional media still makes them attractive to marketers, but it's difficult to target a specific audience.

On the other hand, we have online marketing, where everything can be measured. The effectiveness of a campaign can be checked at any time and optimized immediately, or perfectly adapted to the target group.

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy?

Before you choose a marketing strategy, first define your marketing goals. To do this, analyze the current state of your company by comparing parameters such as turnover, market share, profitability, image, and customer satisfaction with future expectations.

Your company's strengths and weaknesses can be determined with a simple analysis. In addition, market analysis and competitor research should be done to be able to optimally emphasize your unique selling points in your marketing efforts.

Online marketing methods are becoming more diverse, and it is important to keep track of different marketing strategies. Below, we have collected some online strategies that you should know about.

Direct Marketing

Digital communication has made it easier to reach customers. Newsletters and email marketing are effective and easy ways to keep in touch with customers from all over the world. For this strategy to be successful, plan your newsletters carefully: identify your target audience, prepare relevant content, make sure you're reaching customers personally, and measure the effectiveness of your campaign. We will not go into many details, but you can find more information here.

Influencer Marketing

Reach to a larger crowd.

Influencer Marketing is the promotion of products or services through Influencers. An Influencer is not only a celebrity, but also a blogger, an expert in his or her field who runs social networks, a well-known person in a certain field. You don't have to have a million subscribers to become an Influencer. The effectiveness of influencer marketing does not depend on the number of subscribers, what matters is the audience's engagement with the content.

Influencer marketing has already established itself in B2C marketing, but it is also becoming increasingly important in B2B.

Here you should focus on selecting one or more appropriate influencers. Because not only their popularity among the target audience, but above all, their credibility and competence determine the success of your campaign. If the influencer and brand only slightly overlap, it can have the exact opposite effect and irritate potential customers, so caution should be exercised here.

Even with the oversaturation of the market by bloggers, the industry is not slowing down. Over the past 5 years, the search for "blogger" has remained at the top of the search engines.

Content Marketing

Capture the attention of your audience!

It's important to inform people about your products, not just advertise them. Content marketing is the perfect tool for this. If you share your professional knowledge, you can become a sought-after contact person for your target audience.

Through your website, blog, or even a social media account, you can not only sell your product but also provide interesting information about the company. With the right SEO strategy, you can also increase the ranking of your content on Google and other search engines.

Keep in mind that the benefits of content marketing involve some editorial effort. Creativity is required not only when searching for topics, but also when choosing formats: in addition to classic articles, videos and podcasts, there are many other effective methods for conveying information. 

The most popular format among users is, of course, videos. In the last couple of years, short clips became especially popular. They usually last under a minute, but require a lot of creativity because of that. Video editing skills and adapting the video format for different social networks are also important. But no matter what you use, professional software, like Movavi Video Converter, or simple online editors, make sure that you catch audiences' attention from the very first second. 

Document creation tools such as Decktopus can also help businesses make interesting and good-looking documents such as freebies, sales sheets, proposals and more. Prepare to impress your audience with modern looking templates!

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, and others have long been an integral part of online marketing. But even within this one marketing strategy, there are many “sub-strategies”. Every platform is different, and this should be kept in mind. Platforms are constantly tested, and new strategies are found every day. If you manage to find something that no one has ever done before, it can be very profitable.

One of the most popular ways of making use of Instagram these days for social media marketing, for instance, is adding a link in bio. Businesses or particularly influencers can add a link in their bio to introduce their services or simply collect leads and boost sales. One thing that Decktopus can help with in this is to let users close the deal within the same bio link through these bio link templates.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing may not be right for every business, but it can make your business big overnight. The advantage of this strategy can be described in one sentence: small budget, big impact. 

Guerrilla marketing campaigns are attention-grabbing, emotional, and intriguing, so they require a lot of creativity. Thanks to social media, guerrilla marketing has become even more effective, as such campaigns spread quickly and become viral in a matter of hours.


With the right marketing strategy, your potential customers can always find you. Combine proven methods with new approaches and tools to create exciting, new strategies. Constantly adapt your marketing to your business goals, current trends, and the needs of your target audience, and nothing will stand in the way of your success.

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