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An Effective Presentation: Why Does it Matter?

The 5 key points we are going to outline here are all about power. Yes, you could present a message with a simple speech. But the truth is that a presentation is going to make the message come out way stronger.

May 18, 2022

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Tips on building effective presentations prepared by Decktopus Content Team

What's Inside?

Have you ever wondered why presentations constitute such an integral part of our lives. With over fifty thousand presentations created daily, it is easy to be lost as to what all these people are creating these presentations about. Who came up with the concept anyways? If you are a common presentation-hater, you might be asking yourself “Why would anyone want to integrate their ideas into these things called slides when you can just have a straightforward speech written on a piece of paper?” We see what you mean. But, we are also here to tell you why.


5 Reasons Why Presentations Matter

The 5 key points we are going to outline here are all about power. Yes, you could present a message with a simple speech. But the truth is that a presentation is going to make the message come out way stronger. How?

1. A presentation helps you create a bigger impact for business purposes:

You are making a pitch presentation for your business idea. Without the support of visual aid or organization that a pitch deck is going to bring to the table, your message may get lost along the way. With a complementary design that properly organizes your ideas, your message will have an even stronger impact. It can also help bring a more positive light to your idea. Having a presentation can help align organizational values, business image and goals with your speech and have it reflect even more boldly.

2. With a presentation you can inform, educate and motivate your audience

You don’t just use presentations for your own purposes. The purpose of the presentation could also be to energize, motivate the public and get something going. Many organizations use presentations for internal purposes such as informing their employees, creating company wide educations, and building a company culture. Many offices observe improvements in productivity after delivering such effective presentations. Things like strategic presentations or business plan presentations can help clearly outline business expectations. For more information on strategic presentations or business presentation templates please refer to our previous blogs. To make sure your presentation makes the impact you were rooting for on your employees, give a presentation that keeps them on their toes, not a presentation where they are counting the seconds until it ends.

effective presentation education lecturing

3. Get the Attention on Yourself

When you are giving a speech, it is so easy to lose your audience. We are living in a contemporary world where people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. You have one shot at making your audience decide on whether they want to listen to you or take out their phone and browse the internet instead. Make your audience look up from your phone; and there is no better way to do that than presentations. A presentation helps balance speech and visuals to attract audience engagement. A good design, a proper balance of text and image/video/audio, will help you do that. With this tactic, you can help extend your audience’s attention span.

4. Give Your Audience a Breather and Yourself More Flexibility

Modifying a speech is difficult. Modifying and organizing a presentation is much simpler. After all, presentations are all about letting the proper delivery of content. You can easily alter the ordering of the content according to different audience segments and presentation purposes. It is also much easier to reuse a presentation without it being noticed that it is the same essential content. It could also be wise in terms of your budgeting to organize your messages into effective presentations rather than having to make weekly meetings that take hours.

effective presentation on stage

5. Communicate Better

“I assume there was a miscommunication”... If I had a dollar for every time I heard this phrase I would be a millionaire by now. We live in the age of communication and every second matters. That is why finding a way to communicate your message clearly, practically and rapidly means big bucks. A clear and straightforward presentation will help you communicate better with your audience, display the key points, create easy access, and deliver better performance. This communication depends on a lot of presentational factors: color, text alignment, design factors, slide numbers, visual integrations and so on. Consider working with a presentation tool like Decktopus to make sure you are keeping all these factors in mind.

The bottom line is, yes, presentations matter because they help you organize and clarify your goal, communicate it better, connect with your audience in the meantime and so on. If you make a speech in presentation form, you will see the difference!

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