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How to Create Click Magnets That Will Make You Sales? Created by the Decktopus content team.

February 9, 2024

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How to Make a Linktree? (Linktree Examples)

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Linktree is a microsite used by creators to list their links in one and mobile friendly page. Jump in to learn about how to make them click friendly too!

What's Inside?

What Is a Linktree and Why Everyone Is Using It?

Linktree is originally a tool to create websites to list your resources in one place, then transformed into an industry term meaning a micro site that allows you to share a list of links to your website, social media profiles, or any other online resources in a visually appealing and organized way.

why linktree

A Linktree page is a great way to provide users with a quick and easy way to access all of your online content. You can think of it as a landing page that allows you to manage multiple links in one place plus doesn't requires coding or design skills like a standard landing page requires.

This makes it easy for people to find what they're looking for, without having to search through your entire website. Plus, it's a great way to drive traffic back to your blog or website. Do you need templates? Keep on reading!

How does all in one links work?

You sign up to the bio link builder tool of your choice and start by creating a link, preferably having your social media handle at the end like Then generally with the drag-and-drop method, you add your preferred links and button texts. After setting up your favorite look you are ready to go. If you copy and paste your linktree link to your bio you are ready to go!

how does linktree work

Whenever a person visits your social media profile through your content they will see a link in your bio and if they are interested, they would click on it see all the links you added to the tree. This can make you more sales, more leads, or more views on youtube. Since creators and influencers are explaining more than one product or service these days, you can see why this is very handy for them!

social media analytics

If you're a blogger or a creator then you know that it can be tough to get people to click on your links. You might share a post on Instagram and wonder why nobody is clicking through to read the rest of your content. Or rather than clicks you want to work with other features like newsletter signup, products, and services, event details, or promotions.

Another great thing about Linktree is that it works with other features such as newsletter signup, products, and services, event details, or promotions. So if you're using any of those tools on your website, then Linktree can help you promote them more effectively.

social links

All of these are possible with different tools. In this article, we will review all of them.

Well, now let's get to the point... How to make your linktrees more clickable? Here's the guide...

How to Create a Linktree for Instagram or TikTok?

To create a linktree page for Instagram, you first need to create an account on one of the bio link creator tools. Let's start by creating an account on Decktopus.

decktopus bio link

Once you have created an account, you can then create a new page or start by linktree templates.

>>Get started now with biolink software!

Once you created a new online page after picking the theme you want or one of the looks from the templates, you need to hit the "+" icon and find&choose multiple links layout.

linktree slide

Add a title, subtitle, preferably your social links and all other links you want to display respectively.

making linktree like a pro

Now it's time to customize the appearance of your linktree. Go hit the color palette icon to see all the design, color palette, and font variations. Try them all until you find your best look and even upload your own brand package to the platform.

>>Get started now!

branding on slides

Now to the final step, making your link mobile responsive and publishing! Go to slide settings, enable mobile mode.

responsive presentations

Now next to the slide settings hit the share icon and take your share link to display everywhere!

*If you want your link to have your social media handle you can go and reach out the support to get it done for free!

linktree links

How to Add Your Linktree Page to Instagram?

To add a linktree to your Instagram account bio, you need to use the copy button on the sharing options screen (Share icon at the right top corner>copy button). This will copy the URL of your linktree page, which you can then paste into the website section in your Instagram profile (Instagram Profile>Edit Your Profile>Website>Save).

twitter as a social media

This will help your followers to navigate through your resources and links rather than going to your website and exploring with a lower conversion rate. This doesn't mean your website sucks or you don't need a website. But websites are built for a professional look and in the times of the mobile and social media world, It can be difficult for people to find what they are looking for.

Imagine having a website displaying your work and services in general but you have a one-week collaboration, would you update your whole website for a week just for that? The common answer is no.

So you created your linktree but not getting enough reactions, or you want it to explain more things than the links. What do you do? You will keep exploring and read the rest of the article cowboy!

The Anatomy of a Good Bio Links Page

When you're creating a bio links page, you need to always keep in mind that this page is mainly a link directory for your followers. It should be updated with your content. If you are talking about a face mask and if the first link you display is a grounded coffee brand it won't make sense to your followers, and most likely they will lose time searching for what you are talking about in your stories.

Let's get to some important aspects and parts of your bio links page.

1. Displayed Photo

It's important for you to differentiate from other links they see. Your display link is a great way to start. We always recommend using your current profile picture or logo since if you use a different image it can confuse people, and give them a chance to double-check if this is your own bio link.

2. Your Username

Another starter aspect of a linktree page is your social handle and a small description of you. Our suggestion would be using your @username as the headline just below your picture and a short bio description answering these questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What do you do?
  • How do you help?

3. Your Social Media Profile Links

This is one of the major things most bio link tools and creators are missing. They are not prioritizing their social media profile links in their bio links. They prioritize their sales links etc.

But think about it, what if the person visiting your link has second thoughts about purchasing and ended up leaving your linktree page? When a follower or a profile visitor, has a connection or a desire for content, they visit your bio link. If they are resonating with your content. They will go and follow you on other platforms. you wouldn't want to miss that!

4. The Look of Your Bio Link Page

A lot of social media creators know what a brand kit is. It is the look and feels when a follower visits your profile. If they look consistent colors, style, and fonts they will create "the style" you want to build that resonates with you. For this reason, we suggest you build a brand kit.

Maybe you did not create a brand kit yet, however, you have colors and fonts you consistently use simply because you love them. Here is a tip to find your color palette and apply it to your linktree page to make everything consistent.

Go and use a color drop extension to pick your most used color on your profile and note color codes, generally in #123456 or #efefef format, to apply it on your bio link customization screen.

How to change colors on a linktree

Now that you have a standard and good-looking bio link let's get to the optimization space. Can you add more pages in a single link? Yes! Can you make people subscribe to your email list? YES! Can you create an additional page for a single product? Yes, yes, and YES!

Instagram Linktree Tips

1. Linktrees Are Not Only For Mobile

People generally use linktrees on their social media because it's less complicated than a landing page, it's quick and easy to edit and optimized for a web experience. But have you seen a regular linktree on a computer screen? Yikes...

In the world of the internet, you need to make sure that you have a cool presence on every platform. Your presence should be as smooth as the mobile version on tablet and computer screens. For these reasons make sure to have a mobile&desktop responsive linktree which is only available at Decktopus. Just hit mobile mode, and it automatically gets if the viewer is on a mobile screen or a computer screen and adjust the look for you.

2. Content Matter: Don't Forget About Emojis

When writing your bio why not add a little spice to it? To create a friendly tone we always suggest using emojis on bios and description texts. Since you are going to write about what do you do, explain it with emojis to warm up the space. Since this sets the tone warmer, you will get the attention of your audience.

Let's review an example. Which one is better?

3. Button Texts

By the nature of the linktrees, buttons have long texts. As much as designers hate the look, it's actually very helpful in a lot of cases. Let's say you have a partnership with a jean brand and they gave you a pair of jeans to post and a 20% promo code for your followers. Which will you pick?

  • Buy My Jeans
  • Get 20% OFF from XXX
  • Buy My Jeans With 20% OFF

Of course, you go with the third one. It has more value, it has more information, and nobody is going to judge you.

Long texts on buttons

4. Click Magnets Everyone Should Have

What does a click magnet mean? It means a button that has so much value that almost 80% of your visitors will click on it. It's like clickbait, but it actually isn't. This is a very cliche but iconic move invented by marketers around the world. All you have to do is to build a freebie that your audience love.

Meaning free content, a checklist, a cheatsheet, an e-book, a resource library, etc. You are going to place the link on top of your tree or the second place saying "Grab My FREE Guide: Content Title". This will make your audience stop, and click because everybody likes free stuff.

Now you need a strategy, you made them click, but what now? You can't make them buy anything, they are here for the free stuff. That's why you need to make the content covered by an e-mail wall so that everyone who wants to get the content, has to enroll in your mail list or simply leave their email address.

>>>If you have questions about how to build a freebie, or run out of content, check our content repurposing guide.

5. Add An Online Form

To make sure people can ask you questions, have a way of reaching out to you, or simply want to enroll to your email list, you need to add a subscription form or any kind of online form at the end of your linktree page. You need to add a new slide and click any of the form types.

online forms

Add question fields and make sure to add GDPR consent from the form settings.

gdpr content setting in forms

Now you have a chick form submission page that people can use to have a direct connection with you, rate your profile, answer your quick survey etc.

6. Increase Views of Your Youtube Video

If you are a youtube, you know how important it is to get organic video views. You publish it everywhere, to your stories, maybe even tweet about it. But you can't do it every day, it's a deadly sin for a content creator to share the same thing every day. Why not add a "See my latest vlog" slide at the end of your linktree?

adding youtube to linktree

>>Get started now!

Hit on add slide and pick the video layout. Now go to your youtube video and copy and paste the link you want to display.

youtube in slides

Now you have a perfect spot to showcase your video, for everyone who visits your bio link.

7. Make People To Schedule Meetings

If you are a service provider, one of your main struggles is to make people book a meeting for a consultancy call. There are a lot of companies making it easy for us to do online scheduling such as TidyCal, Calendly, and many more. But generally, people think that the only way for you to get bookings from social media is to place your booking page to your bio. But you know what? That's a little old school!

Here's a perfect tip for you to make a booking page inside your linktree. Go and add a new slide and pick an embedded website layout.

embed website in slides

>>Get started now!

Copy and paste your calendly or booking link, and voila! You have a fully functioning booking page inside your linktree.

8. Add Dedicated Product Pages

Do you have a recently launched merch or are planning a community event that needs registration? Then rather than putting it to a button block, you need to have a dedicated product page. Pick the action slide layout and pour all the tee about your product.

buttons in slides

Make sure to redirect them to the purchasing page or registration page with a clear-cut call to action text.

product image in linktree

Instagram Linktree Examples

Here you can see various bio links of different users. Click on them, test them and even use them as a template. Adding a Linktree to your bio is a great way to drive traffic to your website or other social media profiles. So what are you waiting for?

>>Get started now!

Can You Use Bio Links For Marketing On Instagram?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best marketing strategy on Instagram will vary depending on your business and goals. However, many businesses find that using a linktree (or similar bio link service) can be helpful in driving traffic from Instagram to their website or other online platforms. If you're looking to increase traffic from Instagram, give linktree a try and see if it works for you!

social page

A bio link service can help you track the success of your marketing campaigns and measure the number of clicks each post receives.

In addition, a bio link service can provide you with detailed analytics on who is clicking your links and what they are doing on your website. This information can be used to improve your marketing strategy and create more effective campaigns in the future.

Other Places You Can Use Your Bio Links Page

Yes, absolutely! You can use your bio link on other social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also include it in your email signature, on your website, or in blog posts. Basically, anywhere you want to make it easy for people to find more information about you, your work, or your business.

social profile

Another interesting thing to do is to print a free QR code that redirects people to your linktree address. It's called guerilla marketing, stick it anywhere and everywhere about your business!

How To Share Your Blog Posts On Social Media Like a Boss?

Here's how to share your blog posts on social media like a boss using a bio link:

1. Make sure your bio link is set up and working properly. This is the link that will take people to your blog when they click on it.

2. When you're sharing a post, include the bio link in the text so people can click through and read it.

3. Use hashtags and @ mentions to get more eyes on your post - but don't go overboard. A few well-placed hashtags will do the trick.

4. Engage with other users who are sharing similar content. Leave thoughtful comments, share their posts, and build relationships with other influencers

Linktree alternatives

There are a number of Linktree alternatives available, but not all of them are created equal. In fact, some of the best options right now are Decktopus, Milkshake App, Tap link, and BioLink

Deep Dive On Decktopus

We say " your bio" and it's translated as "Create a link connecting your audience to all your content".

Auto-Generated Links

We're living in a world where one click can take us from being interested to booking. Imagine having your own link funnel that is easy and quick? You'll be able share everything about yourself with potential customers, including pricing information for any service or product offered!

profile link

>>Get started now!

Quick Forms

Give your potential clients an easy way to get in touch with you by adding contact forms on the links of all of our pages. They can then use these same simple steps if they want more information about what we offer or how things work, since it's just a matter for them filling out some basic data!

forms in links


Keep an eye on your data with Decktopus. Check out which parts are mostly viewed in the links you share, and see how many form submissions there have been for any given micro site!

analytics of linktree

>>Get started now!

Always Good-Looking

What if you could create amazing links with ease? That's where Decktopus comes in. With no design or technical skills needed, this platform is perfect for artists looking to share their work and enthusiasts who want an easy way to make custom slideshows!

beautiful linktree

It's Possible: Booking Pages Inside

Let's talk about how to seamlessly integrate your booking page into the rest of your site. You can embed it on one slide, and then include payment tools in that same area so people don't need another tab open or navigate away from what they were looking at before coming here!

bookings from linktree

>>Get started now!

Well, there you have it! Various ways to make the most of your linktree using a bio link platform. We hope you found this information helpful and that it will help increase clicks through to your desired pages. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay up-to-date on all the latest news about bio links and how they can benefit your website or blog. Thanks for reading!

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