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Best AI presentation tools by Decktopus Content Team

April 26, 2024

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The [Best AI] Presentation Software and Maker Tools for Creating Presentation with Artificial Intelligence

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

You can create amazing presentations in minutes with the Decktopus AI presentation tool and share it easily with your colleagues. Try your assistant Dektopus AI presentation tool now. There are lots of presentation slides. Decktopus AI presentation tool helps you to create fantastic presentations! 

What's Inside?

ai presentation tool

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries, including marketing and communication, in recent years. Developing AI presentation tools is one of the most significant changes in this field. AI presentation tools are software applications that create visually appealing and interactive presentations using machine learning algorithms.

These tools have grown in popularity because they provide a novel way to present information more engagingly. You can use AI presentation tools to create slides that adapt to the needs of your audience, providing a personalized experience.

In this blog post, we'll look at some advantages of using AI presentation tools.

What are your advantages of using the Al presentation tool?

1. Save times, no wasting time editing

Decktopus AI presentation generator

AI presentation tools save time, one of their most significant advantages. Creating a presentation traditionally takes significant time and effort, especially if you want to create something visually appealing.

AI presentation tools, on the other hand, allow you to create presentations quickly and easily. These tools frequently include templates that can be used to create a presentation in minutes.

2. Personalization

Personalization of presentation

Another advantage of AI presentation tools is that they can be personalized. These tools use machine learning algorithms to adapt to the needs of your audience, personalizing your website.

Suppose you are presenting to a group of marketers, for example. In that case, the tool will automatically select the most relevant and up-to-date marketing data, and graphs to include in the presentation.

This personalized approach facilitates connecting with your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

In addition, Decktopus offers many customization options after it creates your presentation. In this way, you can tailor your presentation to your needs. For details, check out the video below:

3. Interactive presentations, time for storytelling

Interactive presentations

AI presentation tools can also generate interactive presentations that keep your audience interested and helps you with storytelling.

These tools can enhance your presentations with animations, videos, and multimedia.

Furthermore, the tools can generate interactive quizzes and polls in which your audience can participate, making the presentation more engaging.

4. Data Analysis, increase productivity

Presentation Analytics

Finally, AI presentation tools can perform data analysis to improve your presentations. These tools can analyze how your audience interacts with your presentation, such as which slides they spend the most time on and which they skip. This information can help you improve and enhance your presentation.

To summarize, artificial intelligence presentation tools are a game changers for anyone who needs to create presentations. These tools provide a one-of-a-kind way to present information in a more engaging and personalized manner.

They save time, provide personalization, create interactive presentations, and analyze data. Consider using an AI presentation tool to create presentations that stand out.

Decktopus AI is for you if you want to take full advantage of the benefits of AI technology and avoid spending hours on your presentations. If you want to know how Decktopus AI can maximize your presentations, you should definitely check out this video:

How can AI presentation tools help you?

  • You only put your text into the ai presentation tool, creating ai presentation for you. P.S: Decktopus AI covers many presentations templates.
  • If you wish, with ai presentation tool, you can brand your assets such as logo, brand color, images and etc. You can outline any topic by customizing it.
  • You can collaborate with your colleagues by sharing a link.
  • With ai presentation tool, you can be organized and tell a good story.

How do I create presentation using Decktopus AI tool?

It's so simple. Let's have a journey on how to make it in the fastest way!

1. First Step

presentation software step by step

To use Decktopus AI, first, you need to log in. If you are visiting here the first time, please go sign up to use ai presentation tool Decktopus!

2. Then you are ready to use Decktopus AI tool!


By clicking the Use Decktopus AI, you can create fantastic presentations! It takes few minutes to prepare.

3. Deckto will be with you until the end of the journey.

presentation prompt

Decktopus AI will assist you while your presentation gets ready. You can sit and have a cup of coffee. :)

4. The last step is the generation presentation

presentation templates

After clicking generates presentation, your presentation will be ready. You can personalize your presentation such as logo, color, fonts and etc.

Don't forget to check out our Walkthrough video for a better visualization of this entire presentation creation process by Decktopus AI:


What are the benefits of creating a presentation Decktopus AI presentation tool?

You can save a lot of time by using the Decktopus AI presentation tool that creates presentations with artificial intelligence because you can enter text and let the platform create the design quickly.

You can also add features like your logo, brand colors, and fonts to make your slides more personalized.

What are the other AI presentation tools?

There are some other AI presentation tools you can use. Let's see the options:

Kroma is a tool that AI specializes in design projects. Pitch, used to persuade investors about promising ideas, is highly beneficial for startups, for example.

One of your main features is the most organized way to display data with charts and tables. The tool also includes a library of images, icons, and videos and the option to include your logo in the presentations.

It is one of the more expensive platforms on our list, but it does provide a free option that allows you to test it out before purchasing.

If your job necessitates the use of a collaborative tool, you can rely on Presentations.AI, which is regarded as one of the best on the market. It contains beautifully designed presentation templates, and its AI will assist you in adding elements, images, and icons to the slides as you see fit. Presentations.AI is useful for those who have to do a lot of presentations.

The platform provides several plans, each with its own set of features and a free plan that is valid until March 2023.

Gold, for example, grants you access to custom templates, moods, URLs, additional admin features, and a dedicated account manager.


Designs.AI is one of the most reliable graphics software with artificial intelligence. It is called a "Creative Suite" because it includes resources for creating logos, presentations, speeches, videos, and copies, all with AI.

You only need to enter your text into Designs.AI and let the artificial intelligence do the rest, producing the ideal design for you.

You can also make minor modifications and edits to various formats.

In addition, the tool provides access to millions of images, videos, and icons for use in creations.


Because you don't have to make adjustments manually, Beautiful.AI can cut the time it takes to create a presentation by several minutes or even hours. The artificial intelligence in the tool is intuitive enough to "predict" his next move.

Furthermore, Beautiful.AI has a feature that makes your data more transparent and coherent in presentations. This tool is also Collaborative, allowing team members to leave comments on the slide itself, facilitating communication and, if necessary, corrections.

The plans include access to templates, customizable themes, narration, and integrations with Slack,, Dropbox, and PowerPoint, as well as a library of slides, images, and videos.

What is the cost of using an AI presentation tool?

Depending on the features, there are many options for pricing. For instance, if you would like to subscribe annually, it will be cheaper; monthly subscriptions can be expensive. At least the costs are between 29.00 dollars monthly on average.

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