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Hottest Black Friday Deals for Presentation Softwares

It is the very thing on everyone’s mind right now: discounts and deals. As Black Friday is just around the block, all brands are caught in a deal making frenzy.

February 15, 2023

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What's Inside?

It is the very thing on everyone’s mind right now: discounts and deals. As Black Friday is just around the block, all brands are caught in a deal making frenzy. Just to give you an idea of how big a thing Black Friday will be for this year:

  • US online sales for Black Friday grew from 1.93 million dollars in 2013 to 7.4 billion dollars in 2019.
  • Adobe Analytics expects this figure to grow by 20% for 2020.
  • Most of the shopping will be online this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, creating a potential e-commerce boom of around 30%.
  • Email marketing will be a critical tool of Black Friday, with around 116 million emails expected to be sent on the day.
  • Customer targeting will be proven useful as data shows targeted black friday emails are opened 5.83% more often.

Whatever your business, Black Friday is the time to make that deal as it is almost proven that it will receive traction. Thanksgiving is also the time when the bells start ringing. Not the sleigh bells for Christmas. I’m talking about the alarm bells for finals week! So many homework, projects and essays to submit… No doubt most of these assignments involve presentations. If you were looking to decide on what presentation tool to invest in this Black Friday season, look no further! Here are the top 5 Black Friday deals for presentation softwares.

Best Deals to Claim for your Next Presentation

1. Slidebean

Hot or Not: ⅗ because of early expiration

Slidebean is an online presentation tool that specializes in startup and small business presentations. The software offers pre-prepared templates and established design elements. They recently announced a lifetime deal that offers 95% off their subscription price which puts their product at 49.99 dollars. Here is the down side though; their deal expired before Black Friday started as their subscriptions sold out. On the bright side, here are 4 more to check out!

2. Slides

Hot or Not: ⅘ for platform features

Slides is another presentation tool that capitalizes on its vast collection of layouts and pre-prepared decks. The Slides Pro Plus Plan focuses on startup pitch deck creations and especially wants to help users in raising capital for their business. You also gain access to viewer information and statistics. The system requires that you access the software on Google Chrome. The deal is offered at 90% off for a total of 49 dollars.

3. Slideheap:

Hot or Not: ⅘ for price availability

Slideheap offers slide decks that are compatible with other presentation platforms such as PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. They offer pre-designed templates to edit on, hundreds of icons, and unlimited downloads within the deal. The downside is that the platform requires internet access, 1GB of free disk space and access to other presentation softwares. The product is offered at 29 dollars through its new deal of 94% off.


Hot or Not: ⅗ for minimal affordability

Kroma is a platform that works on data visualization, infographics and templates for visually appealing slide decks. It offers logo insertion and color options, as well as multiple templates. Their lifetime deal is somewhat pricey, despite the 83% off, going for 79.99 dollars. This deal ends in 6 days and requires recently launched electrical devices for optimal use.

5. Decktopus:

Hot or Not: 5/5 for price to performance ratio

Say hello to the hottest of the Black Friday deals among all presentation softwares. Our very own Decktopus Lifetime deal supported by Appsumo. Through the deal, Decktopus lifetime subscription is offered at 49 dollars instead of 144. So far, the deal page has gained immense traction, receiving over 29 reviews over 40 questions by interested sumolings in the product, receiving 5/5 tacos. The deal offers lifetime access to the Decktopus Premium Plan, creating a code for you that you can redeem within 60 days of purchase. You can stack up to 4 codes, with a 60-day money back guarantee. Redeem your code and gain access to hundreds of design alternatives, templates, exportable and collaborative presentations. Hurry, claim the deal before the time is up!

It is the season to take advantage of discounts and deals without going overboard. There are great presentation tools out there that you could check out. But take this as your assurance to explore Decktopus for the price/performance advantages.

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