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Decktopus Partners with Appsumo for Exclusive Deals

Guess who partnered with Appsumo to offer an exclusive deal to future users. Your favorite online presentation tool, Decktopus!

September 5, 2022

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What's Inside?

Hey there reader! Have you heard of Appsumo? Well, it’s only the number 1 software deal site for entrepreneurs of all industries, supporting them to make money online. Many businesses offer joint software deals, discounts and free resources in partnership with AppSumo. Think of it like the ultimate partner in crime for a startup.

Decktopus Meets AppSumo

Click here to get the deal!

But, hey, there’s more. Guess who partnered with AppSumo to offer an exclusive deal to future users. Your favorite online presentation tool, Decktopus! We were burning up to grow our Decktopus family and thought there would be no better way to ensure positive outreach to communities that would be as excited about our product as we are.

What’s the deal?

Here’s the special deal with Appsumo! With this special campaign, we are offering lifetime access to Decktopus’ premium plan and all future updates that will introduce novel features to our platform. You can redeem your code within 60 days of purchase and stack up to 4 codes with a 60-day money back guarantee!

There are three distinct packages included in our deal:


  • The cost for a one time purchase is a deal breaking 49 dollars instead of the standard rate of 144
  • Allows all Premium features
  • Valid for 1 user
  • Enables unlimited deck creation


  • Costs 98 dollars instead of a grand total of 720
  • Valid for 5 users
  • Also allows for all premium features
  • Also enables unlimited deck creation


  • This plan costs 147 dollars instead of 1440
  • All features above are included
  • You can still create an unlimited number of decks
  • Allows for up to 10 users to access all features

Have you watched the AppSumo Youtube feature of Decktopus? Watch it here!

What features are included in the offer?

Let’s dive in.

  • We said it before and we’ll say it again: unlimited decks. This means that if you wanted to create 500 new decks today and 50 more tomorrow, no one is going to stop you. So go ahead!
  • You never knew you needed so many design alternatives in your life. We are talking about over 4800 design alternatives with 32 unique templates, 150 different color palettes and font pairs. But, not to worry- we will help you select the right one so you don’t need to waste time picking and choosing.
  • Sample decks to help make your life better. Business proposals, strategic plans, startup pitches, homework decks… You need presentation templates in your life that are actually relevant to the content you are creating. Don’t worry, we’ve got them.
  • A smart view into your presentation panel through the Kanban view smart editor. You will feel as if you are in control completely as you navigate through the Kanban board.
  • Endless cat gifs. That’s not all the gifs there are either. We offer top tier quality images, gifs, icons and quotes in our platform so that you can directly place it in your slides. No need to download from a separate browser, insert it into your slide and waste time positioning it.
  • Customize the design with one click; when you want to make a change on your presentation, we know it can be a pain in the neck to adjust everything all from scratch. With Decktopus, you don’t have to. Any changes you make to font, style, theme, or color is automatically adjusted on all slides.
  • Download the presentation in PDF format and share it online with the click of a button. This makes it easier to store the presentation offline, as well as collaborate on the same deck with your mates.
  • Are you afraid of actually going through with presenting. No worries, a lot of people have the same problem. We’ve covered that for you to. Check out the presentation tips and body language pointers videos we have on our rehearse panel, prepared just for you!
  • Rehearsing made easy. Check out the slide notes feature and timer so that you can rehearse as if you were actually presenting in real time.

Think that’s it? Not quite… We are working day and night to add new features that will serve your needs. A huge plus side of our AppSumo campaign has been connecting with you, our users. Hearing your feedback, positive and negative criticism and pointers help us grow as a company and serve you better.

The Decktopus family is fast growing! Take your place among us and meet the next generation presentation tool by claiming our deal offered in partnership with AppSumo. Presentation creation has never been easier!

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