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May 10, 2024

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Best Canva Alternatives Free: Design Like a Pro

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Explore alternatives that rival Canva! From collaborative platforms to photo editing and graphic creation, find the perfect Canva alternatives for your creative needs.

What's Inside?

Why Look for Canva Alternatives?

canva alternatives

Stepping outside the Canva bubble can be an eye-opener for individuals and businesses alike. While Canva's easy-to-use interface and a broad library of templates make it a go-to for many, one might want to avoid the over-saturation of commonly used designs. Some may find limitations in print quality and seek specialized features like advanced AI-integration. Diving into alternatives could help you find a tool that meshes better with your creative process or offers that unique template to help your brand stand out.

Key Features to Consider in a Design Tool

When scoping out the rivals to your go-to design tool, keep an eye on these important features: an extensive array of templates to kickstart your projects, an image resource to give them life, and pocket-friendly pricing, especially if you're on a tight budget. The editing capabilities are crucial for fine-tuning your visuals. The icing on the cake? Features like AI-generated content and images to make your content pop and an intuitive user interface to streamline your design process. These considerations ensure that you don't just settle for any tool, but one that elevates your work effectively.

Top Design Tools That Rival Canva

1) Decktopus AI:

The Canva Alternative You've Been Waiting For

Decktopus AI

In the realm of presentation design and content creation, Canva has long been a go-to tool for individuals and businesses alike. Its intuitive interface and vast array of design options have made it a staple for creating eye-catching graphics, social media posts, and marketing materials. However, as the demand for dynamic and impactful presentations continues to rise, a new contender has emerged – Decktopus AI.

Decktopus AI is revolutionizing the way presentations are created and delivered, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the content creation process and elevate the quality of presentations. With its AI-powered content creation engine, Decktopus AI takes the guesswork out of designing presentations, allowing users to generate fully designed decks tailored to their needs with just a few clicks.

AI-Powered Content Creation

One of the standout features of Decktopus AI is its AI-powered content creation engine. By simply entering the topic of their presentation users can have their professional deck created in seconds. Also users can access a wealth of content suggestions and templates curated specifically for their needs. Whether it's a business pitch, educational seminar, or creative project, Decktopus AI offers a range of templates and themes to suit every occasion, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual design work.

Decktopus AI

Visual Storytelling

DecKtopus AI

In addition to its AI-powered content creation capabilities, Decktopus AI excels in visual storytelling. With its dynamic image generation feature, users can enhance their presentations with high-quality, relevant images that complement their content seamlessly. Say goodbye to the days of scouring stock photo libraries – Decktopus AI generates captivating visuals on the fly, ensuring that your presentations are as engaging as they are informative.

Customization and Brand Consistency

While Canva offers a wide range of customization options, Decktopus AI takes it a step further with its focus on brand consistency. Users can upload their brand assets, such as logos, colors, and fonts, and incorporate them into their presentations effortlessly. This ensures that every slide aligns with the organization's visual identity, reinforcing brand messaging and professionalism.

Effortless Collaboration and Cloud-Based Convenience

Decktopus AI offers built-in collaboration tools that facilitate seamless teamwork and project management. Users can invite team members to collaborate in real-time, making it easy to work together regardless of location. Additionally, with its cloud-based platform, Decktopus AI ensures convenience, versatility, and peace of mind. Presentations are saved automatically and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, allowing users to work anytime, anywhere.

The Decktopus AI Advantage

Decktopus AI

While Canva remains a popular choice for graphic design and content creation, Decktopus AI offers several advantages that set it apart as a top contender in the presentation software market. Its AI-powered content creation engine, focus on visual storytelling, and emphasis on brand consistency make it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking to create dynamic and impactful presentations.

Comparison: Decktopus vs. Canva

Feature Decktopus Canva
AI-Powered Content Creation ✔️
Dynamic Image Generation ✔️
Customization Options ✔️ ✔️
Brand Consistency ✔️
Collaboration Tools ✔️
Cloud-Based Convenience ✔️

Whether you're a seasoned presenter or a novice, Decktopus AI empowers you to craft compelling stories that captivate audiences and drive meaningful engagement. With its intuitive interface, extensive customization options, and seamless collaboration features, Decktopus AI is poised to become the go-to tool for presentation design and content creation in the digital age.

So why settle for ordinary presentations when you can create extraordinary ones with Decktopus AI? Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.

Decktopus AI

2) Adobe Spark:

Quality Design on High-Budget

Adobe Spark offers a suite of design tools designed to create visually stunning graphics, web pages, and video stories. With its wide range of templates and customization options, Adobe Spark caters to both novice and experienced designers. Notably, its seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud streamlines collaboration and workflow management, although some users may find its pricing plans to be on the higher side compared to Canva.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark stands out as a wallet-friendly design gem, helping you create professional-level graphics, web pages, and videos without breaking the bank. You'll enjoy the streamlined interface and brand-managed templates, making consistent branding accessible and straightforward.

Top Features:

  1. Branded stories feature for cohesive design language
  2. A selection of templates and design sizes, optimized for social media
  3. Integration with Adobe Stock for high-quality images and icons
  4. Adobe Creative Cloud integration for seamless workflow across Adobe products

Top Benefits:

  • Enjoy creative freedom with customizable animations
  • Optimize content for any social platform with ease
  • Collaborate and share projects effortlessly within the Adobe ecosystem


  • Limited functionality in the free version compared to paid plans
  • Adobe watermark present on content created with the free version

Best For: Adobe Spark is perfect for small business owners and social media managers looking for a cost-effective yet powerful tool to maintain brand consistency across various platforms.

Comparison: Adobe Spark vs. Canva

Feature Adobe Spark Canva
User Interface User-friendly User-friendly
Templates Wide range available Extensive library
Integration Seamless with Adobe Creative Cloud N/A
Pricing Higher pricing tiers Varied pricing options
Adobe Spark

Pros and Cons: Adobe Spark

Pros Cons
Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Higher pricing tiers
Wide range of templates

3) Visme:

A Visual Storytelling Powerhouse


Unlock a world of compelling narratives with Visme, an underdog among design tools that shines with its visual storytelling capabilities. Here are two reasons you'll adore Visme: First, their animated illustrations breathe life into any project. Second, the interactive elements promise to engage your audience like never before.

Top Features:

  1. Broad range of exclusive animated illustrations
  2. Interactive popups and hover effects
  3. Seamless integration of links to slides or websites

Top Benefits:

  • Foster audience engagement using interactive elements
  • Showcase complex data in an accessible format
  • Tailor your content with a flexible range of design options


  • Steeper learning curve than Canva
  • Fewer ready-made templates available

Best for: Visme is exemplary for marketers and educators who aim to deliver information-rich presentations or infographics that captivate and inform.

4) Fotor:

The One-Stop Shop for Photo Editing


Fotor is your creative secret weapon, especially if you're passionate about photography and image-centric design. Its 1-tap enhancement feature and robust collage-making capabilities make it a favorite for those who need quick yet impactful edits.

Top Features:

  1. One-tap enhancement for instant photo improvements
  2. Versatile collage maker with custom templates
  3. Retouching tools for perfecting portraits
  4. Advanced HDR editing options for stunning visuals
  5. Wide array of stickers and fonts to embellish your designs

Top Benefits:

  • Streamline photo editing with simple one-click features
  • Create dazzling collages for personal or professional use
  • Enhance and fine-tune images without needing expert skills
  • Express your brand's personality with fun and trendy graphics
  • Access editing on-the-go with iOS and Android applications


  • Lacks the precision editing some professionals require
  • Advanced features are limited without a paid upgrade

Best For: Fotor is an ideal fit for social media managers and bloggers who want to quickly produce visually stunning content that resonates with their audience.

5) Easil

The Underdog with Great Features


Easil snags the spotlight with its high-quality, trendy templates and exceptional image editing options – a powerhouse for those who want their designs to have a modern flair. The ability to add stunning visual effects like shadows or glitters to text makes Easil a go-to for creating stand-out graphics.

Top Features:

  1. Advanced text effects including drop shadow, glow, and curved text
  2. Metallic and glitter text masks for eye-catching visuals
  3. Animated GIF creation for dynamic content
  4. Comprehensive Brand Kit for maintaining brand consistency
  5. Granular locking feature to manage team templates effectively

Top Benefits:

  • Produce designs with a stylish, professional edge
  • Engage your audience with dynamic animated elements
  • Maintain a cohesive brand experience across all designs
  • Collaborate seamlessly with team members
  • Enjoy a simple interface that doesn’t compromise on advanced features


  • Finding specific designs can be time-consuming
  • The free version's features are more limited compared to paid plans

Best For: Easil is superb for social media influencers and graphic designers who prioritize brand coherence and desire to infuse their designs with personality and motion.

6) Snappa

Streamlined Graphics Creation


Snappa is like a breath of fresh air for those yearning to craft professional graphics swiftly and effortlessly. Forget complex menus; everything in Snappa is out in the open, which translates to more time growing your business and less time fiddling with design subtleties.

Top Features:

  1. User-friendly interface: easy navigation and no need for tutorials
  2. Buffer integration for direct social media scheduling
  3. Expansive, royalty-free library with over a thousand new photos
  4. Straightforward graphics editor with icons, vectors, and simple shapes
  5. Vast collection of templates available before sign-up

Top Benefits:

  • Create designs rapidly without a steep learning curve
  • Directly share graphics to social channels, boosting online engagement
  • Access to an always growing visual library that's royalty-free
  • Enjoy a minimalist editor that focuses on speed without sacrificing quality
  • Jumpstart designs with an array of pre-built templates


  • Limited to only static images – no animations or GIFs
  • Only three downloads per month on the free plan

Best For: Snappa is ideal for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers who need to produce quality visuals quickly and who value time-saving direct publishing to social media.

7) PicMonkey:

Creativity and Photo Manipulation


PicMonkey emerges as a creative haven, particularly for those with an affinity for photo manipulation and design. They cherish the platform's dual capacity to retouch images with a professional touch and generate eye-catching graphics, making it a versatile sidekick for visual content creation.

Top Features:

  1. Advanced touch-up tools for impeccable photo retouching
  2. Over 9,000 graphics and icons to embellish your creations
  3. Smart Resize tool for flawless adaptation across social platforms
  4. Integration of user-friendly graphic design tools
  5. A myriad of filters and effects to give images extra charisma

Top Benefits:

  • Polish photos to perfection with ease
  • Dazzle your audience with a vast selection of artistic elements
  • Enjoy perfectly sized images for any social media network
  • Engage with a seamless blend of photo editing and design functions
  • Thrive with various creative assets for personal and business use


  • Higher cost might deter those on a strict budget
  • Not suited for intricate data visualization needs

Best For: PicMonkey is the perfect ally for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners looking for a comprehensive platform that tackles both picture-perfect photo editing and sophisticated design needs.

8) Desygner:

The Flexible Design Suite


Desygner garners praise for its adaptability, consolidating graphic design, logo creation, and PDF editing in one sleek package. It's not just another editing app; it's a comprehensive suite that meets various needs with a multitude of templates for social media and beyond.

Top Features:

  1. Multifunctionality with tools for logos, graphics, and PDFs
  2. A range of templates tailored for different social media platforms
  3. Support for PSD (Photoshop) and PPT (PowerPoint) file formats
  4. No monthly limits on template usage
  5. Live preview feature for real-time editing visibility

Top Benefits:

  • Tackle multiple design tasks within a single platform
  • Access templates designed specifically for your preferred social channels
  • Work with industry-standard file formats not often seen in free tools
  • Enjoy the freedom of unlimited template usage without extra costs
  • Edit and see updates instantly, avoiding time-consuming back-and-forth


  • PDF editing requires a premium subscription
  • Lacks Canva's and Decktopus's collaborative workspace for team projects

Best For: Desygner is best suited for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses seeking a versatile and user-friendly design tool that extends beyond the basics, especially beneficial for those looking to edit PDFs or use PSD files without costly software subscriptions.

9) Stencil:

Faster than Photoshop, Simpler than Canva


Stencil cuts to the chase with its rapid-fire design capability, rightfully earning the reputation for being faster than Photoshop and simpler than Canva. Ideal for on-the-fly image creation, Stencil is the ace in the hole for bloggers and social media marketers who need to churn out visuals swiftly while on their content creation journey.

Top Features:

  1. Quick selection from over 5 million royalty-free photos
  2. Thousands of eye-catching templates and Google Web Fonts
  3. A library of quotes to add inspirational touches to designs
  4. Easy browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  5. WordPress plugin integration for real-time website image editing

Top Benefits:

  • Accelerate your design process with a vast photo library and direct text overlay
  • Customize your images with stylish fonts and templates
  • Inspire your audience by effortlessly adding quotes to your visuals
  • Design without interruption directly in your browser or on your site
  • Simplify your workflow, no advanced design skills required


  • No animation or video capabilities limit multimedia projects
  • Simple toolset may not suffice for intricate design needs

Best For: Stencil is a perfect match for content creators and social media enthusiasts who prioritize speed and simplicity over the complex features of high-end design software.

10) Vectr:

Collaborative Vector Graphic Design


Top Features:

  1. Real-time collaboration for team projects
  2. Works offline, providing flexibility for on-the-go designers
  3. Sharing links for design feedback and iteration
  4. Custom image dimensions for tailored graphic creation
  5. Extensive settings menu offering control over shadowing and effects

Top Benefits:

  • Concatenate efforts by designing with others in real-time
  • Unchain from the internet with the offline functionality
  • Streamline the feedback loop with sharable URLs
  • Craft visuals precisely with custom dimensions
  • Explore an array of design techniques with various settings


  • The learning curve can be steeper for new users
  • Lacks a rich repository of templates compared to other tools

Best For: Vectr is ideally suited for teams and designers who value collaboration and bespoke design work over pre-made templates and seek a free tool that can deliver specialized vector editing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Top Canva Competitors

Pros and Cons of Canva Alternatives

canva competitors

Every alternative comes with its advantages and disadvantages, shaping a diverse landscape of options to suit varying needs. Visme shines with its unparalleled animated and interactive elements, although it may demand a bit more time for mastery. Meanwhile, Adobe Spark offers a swift start for brand designs, albeit with the trade-off of Adobe branding in the free version. Fotor excels in photo editing prowess but falls short on advanced vector tools available in platforms like Vectr or Gravit Designer.

Each tool presents a unique mix of features, urging users to carefully consider their preferences. And in this realm of choices, Decktopus emerges as the standout Canva alternative overall. With its user-friendly interface, AI-driven design assistance, and versatile templates, Decktopus seamlessly elevates presentations without the hassle.

How Do These Alternatives Stack Up Against Canva?

canva design

Pitting these alternatives against Canva, each brings something special to the table. Visme excels in infographics and animated elements, while Adobe Spark shines for its branded content creation. Utilizing the latest technology, AI-based content creation, is just one of the key aspects of the forerunner design tool Decktopus. Fotor is the go-to for quick photo edits, whereas Easil's diverse text effects can make any text-heavy graphic pop. Snappa and Stencil favor speed and simplicity, perfect for those short on time.

Collaboration-wise, Vectr stands out for teamwork after Decktopus, while Pixlr X and Gravit Designer offer advanced editing akin to pro software. Alongside these stands Decktopus, offering a seamless solution for elevating presentations with its user-friendly interface, AI-driven design assistance, and versatile templates.

Making the Switch: Tips for Transitioning to a New Design Tool

Migrating Your Designs from Canva to a New Platform

Making a switch? Migrating your designs from Canva to a new platform may seem daunting, but it's doable with a bit of planning. Begin by cataloging your Canva assets and download them in a universal format like PNG or JPG. Check the new platform for import options or use manual uploads to transfer your work. Remember to keep the original files for any edits down the road. The key is to ensure a smooth transition without compromising on design quality.

Decktopus AI

Learning Curves and Community Support

Every new tool comes with its learning curve, but the ascent is often softened by the presence of robust community support and extensive resources. Some alternatives to Canva, such as Decktpus AI, offer tutorials, forums, and customer service to help users master their features and troubleshoot issues. An active community or user base can provide practical tips, while official training sessions and documentation can offer structured guidance. Embracing a new platform does require some acclimatization, but users are rarely alone in their journey support is often just a click away.

For example, Decktopus stands out with its innovative Decktopus Academy, a comprehensive resource hub designed to empower users with in-depth knowledge and skills. Through Decktopus Academy, users can access tutorials, guides, and training sessions covering various aspects of presentation creation and delivery. Whether it's mastering the AI-powered content creation engine or enhancing stage presence, Decktopus Academy offers structured guidance to help users navigate the platform with confidence. With Decktopus Academy's support, users can elevate their presentations and unlock their full creative potential—all while seamlessly mastering the tool's features.

Decktopus AI


Which is the best alternative to Canva?

Decktopus emerges as the top alternative to Canva, offering a seamless solution for creating stunning presentations with its user-friendly interface, AI-driven design assistance, and versatile templates.

Which AI is better than Canva?

Decktopus stands out as an AI-powered platform that surpasses Canva in terms of presentation design. With its advanced AI assistance and tailored templates, Decktopus offers a superior solution for creating engaging presentations effortlessly.

Is Canva no longer free?

Canva still offers a free version, providing access to basic design tools and templates. However, certain advanced features and assets may require a paid subscription.

What is equivalent to Canva Adobe?

Adobe Spark serves as a comparable alternative to Canva, offering similar capabilities for creating graphics, videos, and web pages. However, Adobe Spark is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and may require a subscription for access to certain features.

What is similar to Canva but free?

While Canva offers a free version, some alternatives also provide free access to basic design tools and templates. Users can explore these options to find a platform that best suits their needs, whether for presentations or other design projects.

Does Canva have competitors?

Yes, Canva has several competitors in the graphic design and presentation software market. Platforms like Decktopus, Adobe Spark, Visme, Fotor, and PicMonkey offer similar features and functionality, providing users with a variety of options for their design needs.

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