Use Case Series: Meet Con

We loved talking to Con, one of our beloved Decktopus users who is super giving! 

From the day we met through Appsumo, we have engaged with Con through many different channels. We connected from Linkedin right away and chatted from our slack channel! After a few months into him using Decktopus, we decided to chat with him 1:1 and hear about his opinions; here is what we learned so far!

Who is Con Sotidis?

He is a graduate of Economics who has spent his career on various fields including accounting, economics, business development, and management. By looking into his professional profile we can see that he is a man of learning because he never stopped exploring! We started his interview with a smiling face and a Greek background which warmed our hearts because this is a sign of a great marketer and a skilled business analyst. He knew we were from Turkey and he decided to relate to us with something closer to home. Thank you, Con! Besides his academic background, Con spent a lot of time consulting in learning management systems, social media, and marketing. To learn more about him you can visit his professional Linkedin profile, follow him on clubhouse with the social handle @sociaselling

How Does Con uses Decktopus?

Con has founded his company Learning Brokers in 2020 and started sharing his experience with others. Currently, he is using Decktopus to document his information and spread his knowledge. You can check out one of his super informative decks here.

He thinks that “It is time for a new, more effective, more practical and more importantly, a more genuine approach to learning.”. And we couldn’t agree more! The world is changing and so should the ways we approach things to understand. Con’s business is making the learning experience better!

Why Does He Love Using Decktopus?

Con says that he loved the existence of pre-made templates on Decktopus. He told us that he enjoyed the number of templates that are designed to use and he adds that he needs more! After this feedback, we started right away on preparing our new designs! He also mentioned his previous experience in creating presentations and documents with other tools. He told Ceylan, our head of media and communications, that he used to spend a lot of time thinking “Is this the right color? Is this the right design?”. However, with Decktopus he simply puts in his content and it’s ready to go. Hear all of his opinions about Decktopus.

To What Features Does Con Have Access To?

Con has the full package! He has worked with our business package that has the full access package in order to generate more leads, interact with his customers, and create as many documents as  Through the business package he is able to create forms, connect his business domain, change designs, color palettes according to his branding, record his voice on his slides, and many more. To learn more about our packages please visit our pricing page.

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