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E-Signature and their use areas.

May 8, 2024

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Top 10 Businesses And Industries That Can Benefit From E-Signatures

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

E-signatures are becoming an increasingly popular way to sign important documents. Here are ten businesses and industries that can take advantage of their benefits.

What's Inside?

The use of e-signatures has been on the rise recently as businesses and consumers alike have come to appreciate their many benefits. From simplifying document signing processes to providing a more secure way to sign important documents, e-signatures offer several advantages over traditional paper-based signatures.

Several industries can benefit from the use of e-signatures. Here are ten of the most notable:

1. Real Estate

The real estate industry can significantly benefit from the use of e-signatures. That's because buying or selling a home typically involves paperwork, which can be cumbersome for all parties involved. The usual paperwork that requires e-signatures is purchase agreements, loan documents, and title paperwork. Using an e-signature solution can help streamline the real estate transaction process and make it more convenient for everyone involved.

Aside from convenience, real estate businesses using e-signature can enhance their brand and stand out from the competition. While some clients may be new to the idea that they can eSign their documents, they can easily perceive this as a modern and high-tech way of doing business.

2. Government

Many government agencies are also starting to use e-signatures to streamline their operations. Areas of government services that have benefited from these signatures include housing, health plans, social services, and business licensing. 

High demands for low-cost housing, for example, have resulted in using e-signatures to speed up the application and approval process. Government-funded health plans can also use e-signatures to quickly onboard new members. Social services agencies have also used these signatures to simplify applying for and receiving benefits. This is true, particularly for disabled citizens who can easily avail of benefits by completing applications online using an e-signature. Getting licenses and permits has also become faster and easier for businesses with e-signatures.

3. Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations (NGOs) are another industry that can use e-signatures. That's because many of them are usually understaffed and have limited resources. As a result, they need to find ways to save time and money wherever possible.

E-signatures can be used for membership sign-ups, donor forms, and event registrations by NGOs. These activities are crucial to NGOs as they often rely on membership dues and donations to support their cause. However, they're typically done using paper forms, which can be time-consuming and costly to process. Thus, adapting e-signature can be helpful for such organizations.

In addition, e-signatures can also be used by NGOs for writing proposals. Proposals are usually the initial step to building relationships between the organization and the donor often. They’re often essential for an NGO’s funding, but they can be difficult to write without proper training.

Budget maximization is another critical consideration for non-profit organizations. E-signatures can help save on printing and mailing costs and reduce the need for paper storage.

4. Healthcare

With some countries being allowed to use e-signature, the healthcare industry is one of the first to take advantage of this policy. Using e-signatures speeds up processes in different aspects of healthcare, from administrative to clinical. Vital documents like consent forms, patient records, insurance forms, and even prescription renewals can now be signed conveniently by both patients and providers.

In the United States, the use of e-signature in healthcare is governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Thus, providers are expected to abide by the requirements provided by the Esign Act and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act to ensure their compliance with the security requirements set by HIPAA. Stringent adherence to these regulations is crucial for minimizing the incidence of data breaches in healthcare, safeguarding both patient privacy and provider liability.

Some of what they look for in software include features that can verify the signer's identity, keep records of who has signed what and when, as well as ensure that the documents can't be altered once signed.

5. Retail

Retail covers many businesses, from small mom-and-pop shops to large online retailers. Regardless of their size or type, retail companies can benefit from using e-signatures in documents such as invoices, delivery notes, and sales quotes.

One advantage of using e-signature for retail is efficiency. An entire sales process can be done electronically, from creating quotes and issuing invoices to getting signatures for delivery notes. This can help save time and resources as well as improve overall customer satisfaction.

Another advantage is that retail businesses can use e-signatures to collect payments. By adding a payment gateway to your e-signature solution, you can give your customers the convenience of paying for their purchases directly from the document. This approach can help speed up the collections process and reduce outstanding payments.

Utilizing e-signatures is also beneficial for retail stores that want to save costs and stay environmentally friendly. That's because paper documents need to be printed, which can use many resources. On the other hand, e-signatures are paperless and can help businesses save on printing costs. This practice can also positively impact the environment as it helps reduce paper waste.

6. Education

The education sector can also use e-signatures, from streamlining the admissions process to finishing online courses. E-signatures can help the admission process by allowing documents to be signed electronically without faxing or mailing. Students can log in to a provided school portal to register and place their e-signature to confirm their interest in enrolling.

In addition, educational institutions can use e-signatures to collect tuition and fees electronically. Students can even securely use their e-signature when signing essential documents such as financial aid forms and student loans.

A school's daily operation can also benefit from the use of e-signature. Permission slips, field trip forms, and other documents that need to be signed by parents can now be made electronically. This strategy can help save a considerable amount of time for both parties.

The recent boom in online courses and distance learning programs has also benefited from using e-signatures. They can now provide a more secure and convenient way for students to sign up for classes and submit assignments.

7. Banking And Finance

The banking and finance industry relies heavily on signatures for various purposes such as account openings and loan agreements. E-signatures can provide a more convenient and secure way to sign these documents as they can be done electronically without the need to visit a physical bank branch.

E-signatures can also be used for online transactions such as bill payments and money transfers. Many believe they're secure due to different factors. First, they can be encrypted so only the parties involved in the transaction can view the document. In addition, they can be password protected so only authorized individuals can access them. Finally, they can be time-stamped, so it's evident when the document is signed.

8. Insurance

An insurance company typically requires a signature for policy documents such as insurance contracts, claim forms, and authorizations. With these needs, having an e-signature solution can help. Other insurance-related tasks that can be completed using e-signatures include policy changes, renewals, and cancellations.

E-signatures can also be used to collect premium payments electronically. A premium is typically paid monthly, and an e-signature can be used to set up automatic payments. Instead of mailing in a check or money order, policyholders can make payments directly from their connected bank accounts.

They can also enhance workflows and improve customer satisfaction for companies adapting them. For instance, if a customer needs to make a claim, they can use an e-signature to submit their claim form electronically. This can help speed up the claims process and get money to the policyholder more quickly.

9. Legal Industry

Lawyers and law firms often need to sign various documents such as contracts, agreements, and letters. Their signatures are also required for legal documents that must be filed with the court. These can include petitions, motions, and briefs. Having the option to file these documents electronically can save a considerable amount of time and effort for this sector.

Aside from this, using e-signature can also help law firms protect client confidentiality. Documents can be password-protected and encrypted, so only authorized individuals can access them. This prevents counterfeiting or the unauthorized alteration of documents, which can be a severe concern in the legal industry. Some e-signature software even provides audit trail features so that it’s possible to track who has viewed or signed a document.

Cloud technology with some e-signature solutions can also provide an additional layer of security. This is possible because documents are stored off-site and require an internet connection to be accessed. This means they're less likely to be lost or stolen and can be recoverable if a natural disaster occurs.

Lastly, improving client and partner communication can also be achieved by using e-signatures. For instance, lawyers can send documents their clients can sign digitally. There's no need to print and fax documents back and forth. This can help speed up the process and make it more efficient.

10. Technology Companies

Technology companies are another type of business that can use e-signatures. These companies often need to sign licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and service contracts. E-signatures can provide a more convenient way to sign these documents as they can be done electronically without the need to print and sign a paper copy.

In addition, these companies can also allow their clients to use e-signatures for business transactions with them. These include activities such as when purchasing software or signing up for a service. Technology companies can also use e-signatures to protect their intellectual property. Using e-signatures, companies can ensure that only authorized individuals can access their confidential information.


E-signatures are becoming increasingly popular in today's business landscape. This list includes just a few industries that can benefit from their use.

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