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HelloSign vs DocuSign Comparison by Decktopus

December 10, 2023

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The Complete HelloSign vs DocuSign Comparison for 2023 [UPDATED]

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We checked and tested Hellosign vs Docusign and compare both sign tools including their pricing so you don't have to. Here are the top results for you to have a better choice!

What's Inside?

The world of e-signatures is a big one. It's tough to say who the top dog in this space is, with many businesses offering their own versions of electronic signature software. HelloSign and DocuSign are two popular options that have been around for some time now, but how do docusign vs hellosign comparison look like? Let's take a look at the facts...

What is HelloSign?

HelloSign is a service to sign documents and send them electronically without printing, faxing, or overnighting. The company goes after the slogan "Effortless Signatures Trusted by Millions". The service reduces the number of paper copies/emails by communicating directly with your business’ existing document management software.

It's simpler than printing, scanning, and sending an email attachment because it takes less time and effort to complete your document signing tasks. And there are no paper cuts! It saves you time, hassle, and money throughout the whole process while coming in at an affordable price point for businesses of all sizes.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an eSignature service that allows people to sign contracts, agreements, and more without printing documents or filling out pesky forms. The company goes after the slogan "It's time to agree better".

Users can sign on to any device - PC, Mac, smartphone - at their convenience with just a few taps or clicks of the mouse. Not only does this save huge amounts of time and paper (not to mention postage), it also eliminates the risk of human error in filling out date fields. Plus you'll always know when your document is signed because you'll be able to track each signature status right from your mobile device!

What is the complete signing process?

First things first, both party run through a sales funnel where the seller reach out, make an introduction call or meeting, then send an initial proposal to introduce services and initiate the sales process.

How to write a business proposal

Next, the buyer and seller need to come to an agreement on a price. This can be done with some assistance from others like a broker or 3rd party negotiator if needed. After the negotiations have been finalized both parties needs to sign all of the documentation electronically by following these steps:

1) The seller downloads and signs via their signature software and saves drafts of all purchase-related documents including the final document package.

2) The seller then uploads these files wirelessly into escrow service or agent software for review by both buyer and agent.

3) Finally, once the signing process has been completed, escrow providers release funds directly to the title company for closing costs as soon as possible after the signature.

And voila! You have completed a legally binding signature process.

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How does each work?

An e-signature software creates your electronic signature in the computer file you are signing. The e-signature process also checks for any added changes, deletions or updates before digitally signing the document. Last but not least, it stores a copy of your signed document in some secure place that is accessible only by authorized people.

Your lawyer relies on this service to certify documents and make them valid. Your banks rely on this service to help you electronically sign agreements with them online. You can even rely on this service when applying for jobs at Apple!

Employers like it because they get a higher level of security which means they can be more confident when accepting electronic signatures received through an authenticated website that has gone through a third party.

HelloSign in Action

  • Create&Download Your Proposal

Proposal creation is as time-consuming as the sales closing process. So instead of using PowerPoint and other time-consuming tools, we advise using Decktopus which is used by salespeople every day to create proposals. Are you interested in kick-starting your proposal with this template? Browse it here.

Proposal creator software
  • Sign Up to HelloSign

HelloSign vs DocuSign Reviews #1: The process is basically the same for both parties. The only significant difference is that HelloSign asks for credit card information while starting. After the 30 days free trial period, they are charging.

  • Upload Your PDF
HelloSign Dashboard
  • Decide Who Signs and Type Their E-Mail Addresses
HelloSign Dashboard2
  • Add Required Sections for Each Person

HelloSign vs DocuSign Reviews #2: One of the glitched we encountered so far is the preview of the PDF uploaded. After uploading the PDF looks stretched somehow, so you may need a free pdf to word converter. Another glitch is the inability to add fields. The only fields that we can add were signature and full name. Probably a basic bug that they can fix. Make sure to switch between people from the signers field so everyone can have their own signature filed.

HelloSign Dashboard3
  • Review and Send For Signature
HelloSign Dashboard4

DocuSign in Action

  • Keep Your Proposal In Hand As A PDF

As mentioned above using a proposal creation and storage tool is handy for any salespeople. In order to send for signing, make sure to have a draft and a clean version of your document. To find the best business proposal template for you please browse between templates!

Proposal creation
  • Sign Up to DocuSign

HelloSign vs DocuSign Reviews #3: As well as HelloSign, DocuSign has a free trial period and as opposite to Hellosign DocuSign does not ask for your credit card information. However, it asks for you to create a business profile in detail with your company name, etc, and asks for an e-mail validation. So for both parties, setting up an account is a multiple-step process.

  • Upload Your PDF
DocuSign Dashboard
  • Decide Who Signs and Type Their E-Mail Addresses
DocuSign Dashboard
  • Add Required Sections for Each Person

HelloSign vs DocuSign Reviews #4: One of the glitches was that fields were too little when compared to the document size. This might be caused by the used proposal being horizontal and not in standard A4 size.

DocuSign Dashboard3
  • Review and Send For Signature
DocuSign Dashboard4

Common features

Branding and white labeling

When DocuSign vs HelloSign is compared both tools were checked to see if they are offering custom branding and white labeling. Both tools enable users to brand their documents with different add-ons. So what are the customization options in both tools?

In DocuSign:

  • Buttons
  • Banners
  • Colors
  • Logos

In HelloSign:

  • Company Tagline
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Confirmation Page

Support options

Both companies offer online support. While HelloSign offers web and e-mail support, DocuSign offers web, e-mail, and phone support. It must be mentioned that both companies offer a great resource center and a community forum where people can find solutions to basic problems.


Both parties offer basic integrations with Zapier and Google. However, they differ in other integrations. What other integrations do HelloSign and DocuSign have?

HelloSign: DropBox, Gmail, Oracle, SalesForce, and Slack

DocuSign: SalesForce, Oracle, SAP, Apple, Smart Communications, Workday, NetSuite, and Microsoft

Template creation

To compare template creation on Hellosign vs Docusign we checked their dashboard and saw that both companies allow users to create templates. Template creation is an important feature for such tools since similar documents or the same document can be sent to various prospects at different times.

To create templates, both platform offers a similar kind of flow.

DocuSign: While creating a "New" document, choose the template option.

HelloSign: HelloSign appears to show templates as a section in the dashboard. Directly go to the templates section and see your templates or create a template.

Document editing

Generally speaking, legal documents do not get updated or edited often. For the nature of legal documents, DocuSign and HelloSign do not offer a document editing service. Instead, they offer text, signature, or checkbox sections to add to existing documents. If you are looking for a tool to edit or create documents to send to the signature you can try tools like Decktopus, Canva, or Google Docs.

Document sending and signing

We tested both tools and send same documents to signature to same accounts. The flow were generally easy to navigate. Both tools allow add multiple receipients and CC's for people that are not signing the document but allowed to follow the signatures. The flow is while starting the document, platform asks for number&e-mails and names of people that are planned to sign the document so that during preparing the document, you can create individual sections for both.

After finishing up you add an optional message section to receipients and send for signature. Both company sends documents from their platform and let you know with a notification mail when a person view or send a document. The one thing we realize that HelloSign's email has a warning statements in gmail saying that the content in the email can be "spam".

Document Storage

Both company offer sending documents to signature from 5 to unlimited signature request varying according to the purchased plan. It should be noted that each documents is stored in the platform itself.

HelloSign vs Docusign Pricing

One of the most important part to consifer in DocuSign vs HelloSign comparison is the pricing. Since it's going to be used in business, money talks. Let's see what are the plans of each company below.

HelloSign Pricing:

It offers 30 day free trial with a document credit and ask for credit card information while signing up. When compared to HelloSign has higher limit pricing. Using the data from GetApp the basic pricing can be listed as follows:

Free: $0

Pro: $15/month

Business: $50/month

Enterprise: Contact HelloSign for pricing information.

API: starts at $99/month

DocuSign Pricing:

It offers freemium onboarding up to 5 documents after signing up. The minimum amount of credit is $10, which is $5 cheaper than HelloSign. Using the data from GetApp the basic pricing can be listed as follows:

DocuSign Individual - $10/user per month

- 1 seat, 5 sends/month, basic features

DocuSign Pro - $20/user per month

- Up to 10 seats, unlimited sends, additional features

DocuSign Business - $30/user per month

- Up to 10 seats, unlimited sends, advanced features

DocuSign Business Premium - $125/user per month

- Up to 10 seats, unlimited sends, power features

DocuSign Enterprise

- 11+ seats. Get your customized quote.

HelloSign Pros & Cons

Some of the pros&cons of HelloSign from GetApp reviews are as follows:

Adi R.


Easy to use, efficient, clean, and organized, and they seem to improve upon the functions. It's also more affordable than other products.


Some of the functionality isn't ideal, like templates and placeholders. The latter was recently improved a bit, but using a template is tough and unreliable, so we have to upload the same document and then edit it over and over for it to work correctly.

Mark M.


Pricing and basic platform that was easy to learn and utilize.  


Customer support 24-72 hours to respond. Billing issue ongoing for 3 weeks - have been charged for 3 annual plans and have yet to resolve. Customer support send the same boiler plate response that is generated 1-3 days after the email I send.

Kostas K.


Very easy to use, price-wise it's cost effective and makes sense


Nothing really. I don't feel there are any cons

DocuSign Pros & Cons

Some of the pros&cons of DocuSign from GetApp reviews are as follows:

Savannah S.


I use this product monthly to capture signatures for our order processing. It's not super cheap but it's worth the value and piece of mind know the customer has signed off on an order and there's proof.


They have different tiers you can purchase. The more expensive one comes with a higher price tag, monthly.

Brian W.


DocuSign has increased our ability to get signatures on proposal, quotes, and agreements much quicker. Being able to brand the communication and signature portals has increased the overall professionalism and security of our outreach and communication.


It's very expensive, almost prohibitively so for a small business. While it is a market-leading software, even for a small plan, the cost is high and requires a multi-year commitment. Also, customer support has been average, at best, including slow responses on billing issues and a revolving door of account managers.

Andrew G.


I like that Docusign is very easy for people to understand. Anyone can figure it out, regardless of technical skills.


There are cheaper tools out there that can do e-signatures. If price is the deciding factor, you could find a less expensive solution.

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