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Shine Your Brand to Your Clients - Meet Christian | Decktopus

Have you ever wanted a tool that would allow you to quickly create beautiful, engaging presentations without the need for expensive design consulting? Check out this interview with an industry expert on how he turned his team's process from complex to automated content flow.

March 14, 2023

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User Testimonial with Christian Duval

What's Inside?

If you're reading this, chances are your company is in the midst of an identity crisis. You want to be taken seriously and create a business that customers respect, but it seems like every time you think you've figured out what kind of message to portray, something changes. It's difficult to keep up with everything on your plate as a business owner these days-let alone take care of branding for your company! So how can we fix this or do you want to make your marketing materials stand out from the crowd? Why not create a professional document that will elevate the look of your business and help it shine. In this blog post, let one of our best users, Christian tell you his secret.

Meet Christian Duval, founder of a marketing and sales automation agency based in Canada: Littoral. An agency is so active that you can just leave everything related to sales and marketing to them and just work on your business model! They help you automate all of your marketing and sales processes so that you can improve other things like customer journey, conversion, etc. He’s one of the Appsumo users of ours and he’s using tools like Decktopus himself, to automate some of his brand’s work too…

Pre and Post Meeting Presentations

He expresses one of the use cases his brand is using Decktopus for, is to create pre and post-meeting presentations for their customers, meaning before and after every customer meeting they are using one of the templates of Decktopus to review and create an agenda. By asking from the sales representative, a presentation is created in 5 minutes just like that! He adds that it’s really easy to create and share with customers since it has a share link option in his plan.

Start working on a meeting agenda presentation template today!

Before and after each meeting I asked my employees to set standard presentations of our services and business to our prospects and customers. We send the link to the presentation so that customer only has to click and have a full page of the presentation which is amazing.

Christian’s Best Picks

Here are the favorite features of Decktopus Christian uses ;

  • Embed forms to collect information to follow up with customers
  • Changing the design with a single click to save a tremendous amount of time
  • Icon and royalty image library inside the platform to do everything on a single tab
  • Hyperlinks to send customers to target domains

When You Have A Business You Have To Go Faster

Like almost all Decktopus users, Christian also made a transition from PowerPoint to Decktopus. His way of explaining it goes like this;

When I have a business, I have to go faster. I have to respond to emails, to clients, to employees. So saving time is the big argument for us.

Expansion in Proposal Space Is Promising

Since Christian is following our updates and brand new templates, he realized that our content is expanding in proposal space and he is saying that he would love to see more content and advanced tools in proposal perspective live signing documents or tools to approve proposals from the recipient side. Also one of our favorite recommendations he has given us is the Calendly integration which is noted in our product roadmap for future integrations.

No Brainer Tool For Business Presentations

He is recommending Decktopus to all business professionals to put more value on the work you do by proper branding and professional-looking presentations without losing any time. He says that 100% Decktopus save your money and time while shining to your customers.

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