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Reinforce Your Branding with Custom Domains-Meet Andres | Decktopus

Learn how to reinforce your branding and products by using custom domains. Read this testimonial interview from SaaS Espagnol about the benefits of using Decktopus.

March 14, 2023

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Custom domain usage of Decktopus by the content team

What's Inside?

Without a doubt, branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. The first impression you make on your target audience will stick with them long after they've left your website and moved onto another. That's why it's imperative that you create an image for yourself that is professional, memorable, and consistent across all platforms. One way to do this is by connecting a custom domain to your presentations so that when people are viewing or downloading presentations from your site they'll be able to recognize what type of company they're dealing with even before clicking through. This helps reinforce who you are as a brand and can help lead viewers back to other parts of your site like sales pages or contact information more easily because there's already something familiar about the presentation itself. In this blog post, we are chatting with Andres to learn about his experience.

Meet Andres Sanchez, a professional IT consultant now the founder of a SaaS community  based in Latin America: SaaS Espagnol. This community is designed by Andres so that every Spanish speaker can talk about technology, software, and many more. A lot of entrepreneurs, developers, and SaaS enthusiast is actively chatting on this community, showcasing their projects and products, taking feedback, and networking most importantly! Andres is one of the Appsumo users we came across and he’s using tools like Decktopus himself, to build his brand.

Videos and Guides to Inspire Community

One of the most important things to produce for the community, to keep them engaged is resources. Resources are a great way to inspire, instruct and provide value to a community. A lot of people are not engaging with communities just to network. They also searching communities to ask questions to a very targeted audience and learn from them. Probably Quora and Reddit are one of the best versions of great communities everyone is aware of. Andres says that he has been using Decktopus since he bought the deal and Decktopus helped him a lot in the process. He says;

“I can keep my branding and domain in the process, instead of using cloud services like DropBox, and keep everything very professional.”.

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He added, as a reason he switched from PowerPoint to Decktopus, is that he was looking for a new solution that is more dynamic and cloud-based.

Andres Sanchez's Best Picks

Here are the favorite features of Decktopus Andres uses ;

  • Cloud-based dashboard to keep everything in a safe cloud without extra fee
  • Analytics of deck opens and slide views to learn more about content insights
  • Custom domain connection to reinforce branding by the professional look
  • Quickness while preparing a presentation to save enough time for a founder to keep up the other work

Presentation Creation Under 4 Minutes

He explains Decktopus as a tool to prepare presentations quickly without being a creative person. In other presentation tools, at the end of the day users are left with their own creativity and aesthetic. This is one of the major issues we found in the market. Nobody is born with the knowledge of basic design principles and nobody has time to learn, adapt, and executive those principles. Instead of the drag-and-drop approach, Decktopus adapts and uses fill-in blanks and you are ready to go!

Photo by XPS on Unsplash
Photo by XPS on Unsplash

When we asked Andres about the ways we can improve, he responded: “More is always better”. More templates and more ways to create content are on the way!

It’s Very Easy That You Don’t Even Have To See The Tutorials

He is recommending Decktopus to all business professionals and friends to put more value on their branding and many more practical ways. He adds that the learning curve is so low that you just log in and start working, without having to watch the tutorials.

Decktopus is a presentation tool that helps busy professionals to create presentations with a professional look and feel. It’s easy to use and includes many practical features, which makes it perfect for the digital age! What are you waiting for? Start your free trial today by clicking here. If you like what you see, we can help set up an account for you so that all your future projects will be in one place.

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