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Presentation Template Series 7: Strategic Partnership Plan

It’s correct that building a strategic partnership is harder than creating a partnership document but it’s the first step to take action.

December 1, 2022

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Decktopus Content Team

What's Inside?

From small to large enterprises, almost every business plan needs a partnership to build and land a successful strategy. However small enterprises seek partnerships more to achieve their goals and plans. It’s correct that building a strategic partnership is harder than creating a partnership document but it’s the first step to take action. This article will be guiding you to the must-haves of your plan with a sample deck. It should be noted that between initiating and finishing a partnership there is a long time and most of the time closing a deal won’t work out.

1. Cover Page

Like in every other business document a partnership plan should also include a cover page where you use the logo and other visual sources of your company. There are a few things to be sure about:

  • Make sure your logo is in PNG format
  • Your logo should be in high resolution
  • Make sure to add your logo also on the footer section

2. Agenda

Even in digital documents, an agenda should be included functioning as a table of contents. This way your audience can navigate through the document and have a clear vision about the information they will get before starting to read.

3. Problem

If you are trying to build a strong partnership with a 3rd party the best way to communicate is to tell your story one way on another. Makin sure the problem your company solves can also enable you to create a warm and empathetic introduction.

4. Quote

Use a quote! No matter what the focus is. This is the best way to engage with your audience. It doesn’t have to be a quote who is written by a famous author. This maybe your CEO or an advisor’s quote. It may even be a testimonial!

5. Features/Services

After describing and addressing the problems you solve make sure to underline the exact services and methods you offer to solve those problems. This is the best way to promote yourself to any other business. Maybe instead of being a partner, they can convert as a user directly! Who doesn’t want such a thing?

6. Testimonials/Achievements

Everybody has something to show off. List yours! Subscribers, community volume, total clicks, conversions, or anything that is underlining your service’s success.

7. Showcase

This slide is optional. Here one can try to visualize the product. Screenshots, product photoshoots, your team, you while working etc. This is a way to give the audience an impression of the service and your scale.

8. Media Appearance and Previous Partnerships

One of the things firms and individuals look after to is not the brand but who is supporting the brand. This brings competition to the table and if you have some big fishes inside this is an opportunity to set some things on fire! Be sure to include previous successful campaigns.

9. Partnership Plans and Offers

This is it! This is the slide you will offer and ask. Make sure your offer is a win-win situation to reduce the resistance. Have more than one plans where you can get at least a minimum offer in a higher chance.

10. Contact

Leave contact information. This contact information should directly be linked to the related person, not to an formatted e-mail.

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