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Presentation Template Series 5: Team Portfolio

Some people consider themselves to be a lone wolf, the odd man out, the rogue elephant, a lone rider… In fact, when given the chance, a lot of people prefer to work alone on projects.

December 1, 2022

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Team portfolio template, prepared by Decktopus Content Team

What's Inside?

Some people consider themselves to be a lone wolf, the odd man out, the rogue elephant, a lone rider… In fact, when given the chance, a lot of people prefer to work alone on projects. Teamwork can be a somewhat undesirable, even intimidating concept to these people. But, this doesn’t change the fact that teamwork is critical especially in the 21st century.

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Here are a couple reasons why:

  • 86% of managers include “teamwork” as a necessary skill for promotion
  • 99.1% of people want to work in a workplace where issues are identified and discusses truthfully and effectively
  • 97% of employees and executives think lack of alignment in a team impacts the task/project outcome
  • About 75% of employers rate teamwork as extremely important
  • About 40% of employees think their co-workers don’t collaborate enough

This is all to say that when it comes to completing a task, teamwork can open many doors or extract additional value. Through working in groups you can achieve unified perspectives, combine the strengths of the individual group members and conduct collective brainstorming. It is important to remember that every single person has a value to add to the group. Through teamwork, you can also strengthen employee relations and increase accountability in the company.

Here is a video on “Why Effective Teamwork is Important for all Organizations”!

So, what is a team portfolio and what is it used for? A team portfolio can be used to introduce your team, highlight what they collectively and individually bring to the table, the project the team is looking to undertake or the accomplishments you have achieved so far. Through this, you can market your team to take on additional projects and better understand your assets.

What should a team portfolio look like. Let’s walk you through the example the Decktopus Team Portfolio presentation template sets:

1. Introduction

Introduce your team name and utilize a representative photo for your group. Find a catchy name that will stick.

2. About you

Who are you? What do you do? When did you get started? Where do you primarily work? If you had to list the three main things one should know about your group, what should it be?

3. Your team

Introduce the individual team members, including their photos, names and titles.

4. Skills

What is it that you accomplish? How do you help others? This can be SEO, digital marketing expertise, coding, creative work....

5. References

Who can attest to your skills? Do you have any previous clients that can support you? Do you have any quotes from satisfied clients?

6. Image

Get visual and creative here. Offer your audience a breather and show them your fun side. Use an infographic, a team retreat photo, the office dog…

7. Project timeline

This could be a case study of a previous project, an upcoming project your team is excited to undertake….

8. Project Results or Goals

For the completed or upcoming project, what are your results or goals? Showcase valuable statistics that will prove your worth.

9. Contact us

This is where you can include your email, phone numbers, social media handles and headquarter address.

10. Closing

Open to floor the questions and finish off strong!

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