Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner, we’re literally in the last month of 2020! How does that make you feel? Quarter round-ups are getting closer and you want to hit the goal and get this year done right. We feel you. So here are certain things you can do to increase your sales and finish up the year like a boss!

1.Offer exclusive deals to loyal customers

Holidays are to treat your community right! Offer them a holiday gift from you. This is the best way to say “Merry Christmas” to your loyal customers. They already like your product and have an interest in using it for a while too. Note that it’s always less expensive to retain your customers than acquiring new ones.

2. Re-segment your email list

It’s always a good idea to segment your email list according to their behaviors. It’s not only for commercial needs; it also targets your users in a more clever way and nurtures them with the content they like. Here are a few examples of segmentation - make sure you have the policy to use and capture that data though:

  • Demographics to celebrate their national holidays
  • Interests to offer them fun contents
  • Activity to avoid unsubscribe

3. Send gift ideas

If you are a good manager you already have a little bit of insight into your community interests. Use this information to help them. Offer them a list of holiday gift ideas and make sure to be on the top of that list! Maybe you should put in a little bit more effort to segmentify that list too like “Gift ideas for mom” or “Gift ideas for entrepreneurs”.

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4. Prepare a gift for your past and current clients

Time to give back! Prepare a gift that might help your clients. Like free e-books, free samples, gift cards, or free t-shirts. Show them how appreciative you are to have them in your community.

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5. Bring on your festive look!

Only for the season, make sure to add some holiday spice to your website. You may only change your website’s color palette, change your social media colors, or maybe send them a Merry Christmas pop-up. Because why not, we bet they are wearing their ugly sweaters at home.

6. Feed them with the data

You made a few A/B tests and surveys over the past year. Why not document them and share them with your community? Don’t keep it to yourself, involve them in your workflow and let them know what you are doing with the information you collect. Show them a slideshow of how the year has passed and what you discovered.


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