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Don't let your design skills hold you back. Decktopus makes microsite creation easy for everyone. AI microsite maker

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Effortlessly create professional microsites

You can easily create and customize your own microsite in just a few clicks.
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Streamlined workflow.

Easily manage and organize all aspects of your microsite in one place, saving you time and effort.

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Customize with a click.

Choose from a variety of customizable templates and design elements to create a unique and professional-looking microsite that reflects your brand.

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Introduce Yourself & Your Business.

Make an amazing first Impression with Decktopus. Introduce who you are & what you do and lead your audience through an amazing funnel of all the other great stuff you want to share.

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No technical skills required.

With an intuitive interface, anyone can create a microsite with Decktopus microsites - no coding or design experience necessary.

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Responsive design.

Decktopus microsites' responsive design ensures your microsite looks great on any device for a seamless user experience.

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Embed Booking Pages & Payment Methods.

Embed your calendar or booking page on one of your slides, and let visitors book appointments with you. Embed payment tools, and receive payments within the same funnel.

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Get leads & more bookings.

Easily capture leads with customizable forms on Decktopus microsites while also making it easy for your customers to schedule appointments or make reservations with embedded calendars.

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Decktopus microsites for
Small business owners,
Bloggers, Entrepreneurs,
anyone else looking to create a professional-looking website without the need for technical skills.

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How it works

Choose a template

Decktopus microsites offers a variety of customizable templates to choose from, so you can find one that fits your brand and style.

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Fill in the blanks

Using the intuitive interface, you can easily add and customize the content and design elements of your website.

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Share with a custom link

Once you've finished creating your microsite, simply hit the share button and your website is ready. It's that easy!

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Advanced Features

Audible Microsites

Record your voice over your microsite deck to give a unique experience.


Create your microsite simultaneously with your colleagues.

Auto Design

Edit colours, fonts, themes with a few clicks.

Custom Domain

Share your microsite under your own domain.


See form submissions & views through analytics dashboard.


Organize your microsites by creating folders.

What is a microsite?

A microsite is a small website to support a primary website.

What is a microsite vs. a website?

A microsite is built around a time-limited digital marketing campaign. It is not a landing page, a website, or a subdomain.
However, a website is a collection of web pages accessed through a web address.

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