November 6, 2023

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Tips And Advantages Of Email Marketing

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Decktopus Content Team

An email marketing strategy has to be very personable and also direct to a point where it has to catch our attention. With the components of urgency and strong value, having this is incredibly important.

What's Inside?

How To Stand Out In Your Emails And Content

Okay, we all know that there is no one perfect email out there, but creativity and consistency are a huge plus in the world of marketing. We all as digital marketers have our niche and individualized guides on making our reach. But one thing’s for sure is that we all want to inspire and encourage audiences by sending a clear message, and that is to find value in what we are offering.

What are we most drawn to when we see or even respond to an email? Many potential answers include sharing the same school or college name, mutual connections with who’ve we worked with, and even sharing the same goals and passions. Or possibly, do we just see that finally, one person adds your name to the subject line that finally gives off friendly energy!

email marketing

What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

An email marketing strategy has to be very personable and also direct to a point where it has to catch our attention. With the components of urgency and strong value, having this is incredibly important. For example, what do most people look to when seeking out powerful solutions? Well for one, having strong empathy is crucial. What are you doing that displays your product in more than just making a sale? You have to think long and hard and even collect some information on what customers are looking for in their next big move. When doing email marketing, you should consider using a DKIM checker to create and maintain a secure email infrastructure.

When doing email marketing, you should consider using a DKIM checker to create and maintain a secure email infrastructure.

What makes your product exciting? What are you doing to put customers first? These are all some important questions to consider when drafting your emails. It’s also important to encourage improvements in your email marketing. What are some events that come up when it comes to your product? What trends should I follow to be more informed and how can we best inform our audience? With strong improvements, your email marketing will be an excellent one at that.

Advantages in Email Marketing

There are many advantages to why email marketing is extremely useful. There are also many types of email marketing and it’s encouraged to use as many types as you possibly can. Here are just some advantages and also some important types of email marketing.

  1. Informing customers on what’s new in your company’s mission or updated content. One key aspect in building a relationship with customers is starting off with that first welcome email. In jumpstarting a successful first impression, you will see a lot of open rates when creating a welcome email. However, these emails absolutely do make a first impression so always be prepared when it comes to nailing this one down, especially when you want your customers to continue to be intrigued by your future content.
  1. Creating a diverse and strong foundation for your email marketing - Newsletters. One main component to add to your email marketing is using newsletters to have your customers stay on top of everything important about the company or organization so that it is always fresh in their minds when they see your content. Newsletters are best to gather prospects and also nurturing the minds of current viewers and customers. Having something like newsletters not only builds a strong foundation for your email marketing portfolio, but also makes you consistently focused on communicating with your audience and collect valuable and unexpected insights on who they are.

  1. Bring Diversity of thought into your content. In demonstrating a strong understanding of who your audience is, thinking outside of the box when it comes to brand areas is also important to consider. In most emails or newsletters we may be hit with the same information, just in email form. However, analyzing your content and even adding new bits of new content into those emails can do so much more than just result in open rates. What you want these emails to do is to have people click on website content and to read what’s on your website and learn more by buying the product. Most people will not open emails if there isn’t a meaningful message or even a call to action, so making these marks are important if you want your content to be seen or even heard. Bring unheard voices and even think about adding embedded video content.
  1. Customer Story Emails and design - Visual content. As we all know, emojis are the most used in communicating with others, but what about using this kind of visuals and design tactics in emails? When it comes to adding a story to your email, there is also the importance of adding a little bit of color to your emails as well. For example, animations including embedded constant forms and quizzes can be a great way to develop leads and new customers. Another important part is adding stories from other customers that have used your product in the past. Bringing these stories to life allows your viewers to see another customer’s perspective of the product and demonstrates authenticity when you are putting a customer’s experience first rather than just talking about your product in a generic email. Having them explain or show small bits on how their experience was with your product or service allows you to be respected as a customer-focused company and shows that you are reliable based on the customer’s ability to see the important value of your product and company as a whole. However this goes hand in hand with your welcome email, you want your stories to be authentic and genuine as much as possible.
email marketing

Bonus Tips and Advantages:

Always do your research! Research is incredibly important when it comes to all-around marketing and strengthening your brand, product, and even yourself. Be sure to gather information for inspiration and large presences within your niche to start thinking about what you can apply to your marketing goals, aims, and the content you want in and outside of your emails.

Find your collectively unique story: Finding your unique points and working them into your brand makes you memorable, and develops a better sense of awareness of your message and makes it easily accessible. Again, finding out what makes you different is most important as it gives you the advantage of gathering insights and bringing new and creative ideas to the table. In order to do that, you need your team in the zoom meeting room as well.

Patience and Consistency: As I will talk about later, organization is everything! Success is not something that occurs out of nowhere. Patience is needed in order to understand that results are a long term journey. With these essentials in your marketing toolbox, you will begin to see others more engaged once they fully get to know you. It’s all about building those key relationships and most importantly trust.

Educate, Learn and Motivate: There are many ways to factor in engagement, but these are some of the three ways to fuel and build engaging emails.

Educate: Educate your audience with your one of a kind content.

Learn and Inspire: Provide content that leads to thought and inspiration.

Motivation and Drive: Create content that is motivational and gives people a moment to feel hopeful in their journey.

Analytics: Analytics should be your best advocate when it comes to optimizing your content in order to perform better and faster. Utilizing analytics across social media platforms, websites,  and ads provides a one step ahead look on what your audience and customers have engaged with the most and helps you build a bigger strategy work through those platforms!

Lastly, Don’t be afraid to try new things to stand out! Decktopus, as the next generation presentation and lead generation tool, has been able to provide a one of a kind look into a business based on unique presentations and allows for an efficient way to build your own story and help grow your customer profile. Trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to be more creative and even broadens your horizons to new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to change or make any necessary improvements. Be honest and brave with your content as it will be extremely worth it in the long run.

email marketing

Social Media

What’s also important to incorporate in your email marketing is the importance of letting your audience know where you are located in terms of social media platforms. One important piece is to always post the social media platforms that are best for your particular product. For example, if you sell t-shirts, clothing, or even accessories or decor, the best social media platform would be Pinterest or Instagram. However, in terms of teaching courses or even niche workshops, your best option would be LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Again, it all depends on your product but with the wide variety of social media platforms, you can never go wrong with more than one platform, The more social media platforms you have the better!

In addition to what platforms you may use, what does the content look like? Are preparing a launch for a new course or launching one of your biggest sales of the year? What kind of content you put out there is incredibly important, you wouldn’t want your viewers to miss out on anything that may be of value to them. This leads to having a content schedule in place. More specifically, how many emails will you be sending out each week? And what is your cadence like in attracting new viewers? In today’s society, we are all glued to our screens, we all have many emails to send and many emails we sometimes put off to read, and sometimes we don’t get to at all. Again, this all comes back to considering people’s time. Strategy matters, including timing.

There are many resources, including testing out different times of the day you can observe when most people are in the office, on their mobile devices, or on their computers. Most working hours are common, but taking into consideration working remotely, that may change. It’s also crucial to allow time for people to check their emails so sending more than a couple of emails a day or even more than one can overwhelm them and won’t even think about reading it. If time allows, work on emails that focus on the unique aspect of your service offerings. What are you doing that is different, or what issues or subjects does your service offering commits to fixing? Incorporate that into your subject headline, and just have fun with it. People want to see emails that surprise them, or even make them think or even laugh! For example, around the holidays, it’s really common to fall for simple holiday emails, but what about people who are struggling through the holidays? Find something along those lines to incorporate in your email value proposition.

Organization and presentability

The most important thing that your email marketing strategy should have is the unique ability to be presentable, organized, and different! In most cases, we all have those moments of thought on how can we make ourselves, our company stands out and what are some ways to make our presentations or documents more efficient or even more interactive, showing that we want our emails to be engaging and even catchy.

With more tools to choose from, we are all constantly looking for the most successful tools to get the job done, especially at a cost-effective price. In terms of looking for the best features possible, especially when it comes to presentations, decktopus has a wide selection of business template documents, as well as a wide variety of specific templates to choose from, and not just only for business or marketing proposals, but also from online coaching, executive coaching and organizational and company culture templates. In choosing the most relevant template, these templates along with their descriptions can help you along with developing your audience and also ensuring consistency and organization! So choose freely as you wish, as all of these amazing templates can be less time-consuming and could provide more time for you to focus on what’s important, and thats the quality of your content and your ability to connect with your audience.

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