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December 21, 2023

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How to Create and Efficiently Use FREE Timeline Templates/Infographics

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A timeline template will allow you to comunicate efficently, organize resources and manage projects. Here is a list of timeline templates and Decktopus's timeline maker!

What's Inside?

Timeline Diagrams

Timelines are great visualizers. They are handy in many different areas that require a chronological breakdown of the elements. 

You can use a timeline template to:

  • Visualize complex information
  • Represent complex data
  • Identify a process 
  • Overview of events or activities
  • Manage tasks 
  • Track process
  • Highlight important parts that otherwise will be dismissed
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Creating informatic timelines is important. However, it should also be captivating to encourage other parties to examine and read the timeline sheet or poster. 

What is a Template Timelines?

Timeline templates are ready-to-use layouts that provide a framework to display information chronologically. The timeline templates allow us to organize any sequence of events in an orderly manner.

The templates usually specify:

  • the time period in a horizontal axis, 
  • marker indicators that specific dates,
  • labels that provide descriptions for each marker,
  • visual elements such as images, timeline icons, graphics, arrows, bar graphs, statistics and illustrations to keep the template eye-catching
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When to Use Timeline Infographics?

Timelines can be added to presentations about almost everything. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for outlining project plans, project proposals, historical events, development of theories, and educational purposes. 

Chronology is one of the basic aspects of the timeline representation and formatting.Timelines are convenient, not only for the presenter but also for the audience.

Presenters will get help from the visualization of the timeline, which is easy on the eyes. At the same time, the audience will be able to understand the concept better while following the event order through a visual cue. 

Though timelines are perfectly fit for a presentation, you can also make a vertical timeline as a poster. These timelines make you stand out by grabbing everyone’s attention!


In other words, timeline templates provide a shared understanding and improve clarity.

These templates also enable users to save time and effort. By customizing ready-to-use templates, you can show any progress or historical advancements in minutes!

What Types of Timeline Template Designs Exist?

Timeline infographic designs come with a variety of options to choose from. From wedding day timeline templates to project management templates, for almost all types of activities a timeline can be created. 

time template

In this post, we will explain timeline chart templates and their different usages. Though it may not include all of them, it will be a comprehensive list.

Free Timeline Templates for PowerPoint and Word: 

  • Project Timeline Templates
  • Business Timeline Templates
  • Marketing Timeline Templates
  • Internal Communication Timeline Templates
  • Historical Timeline Templates
  • Event Timeline Templates
  • Construction Timeline Templates
  • Customizable Timeline Templates

1. Project Timeline Template: 

A project timeline template sets and visualizes your project’s whole journey, from start to finish. Ensure a flawless workflow with the project timeline templates! Increase your productivity while also decreasing your team members' and collaborators' anxiety!

  • Project timeline templates allow you to create a plan to follow. In this plan, you can monitor your journey! 
  • By planning and organizing ahead, these templates help you to decide deadlines and keep track of your deadlines. 
  • Project timeline templates allow you to see any roadblocks or delays beforehand. This gives time to make adjustments to the existing project plan.
  • Project timeline templates are the best when it comes to sharing your plan with others. Whether it is your clients, stakeholders, or investors, a timeline template will become a source to come back to.

Project timeline examples are:

  • Project Proposal Timeline Infographic
  • Project Plan - Weekly Project Plans, Monthly Project Plans or Yearly Project Plans
  • Project Deliverables

2. Business Timeline Templates

It is never easy to start a business. There are many factors that need to be addressed and planned beforehand so that your plans don’t get interrupted later.

A business timeline template creates a business roadmaps to outline goals, deadlines, and milestones that will be a guiding light for the start-up and the expansion of your business. 

  • A timeline will help businesses to set realistic goals and deadlines. By dividing into milestones, the journey of growth will be more accessible. 
  • A business timeline allows owners to analyze decisions and their outcomes. Thus making more conscious and informed decisions and easing the decision-making process.
  • Timelines also make you able to share business aims with workers and collaborators easily.

You can create a business template for your:

  • Weekly Business Meets
  • Yearly Business Goals
  • Vertical Template for Business Posters
  • Business Planning Timelines

3. Marketing Timelines Template

Marketing is a dynamic platform that constantly keeps changing. Marketers and business owners should keep up with the trends to stay relevant and meet expectations.

  • Marketing templates allow users to create a timeline to break down campaigns into manageable steps by a designated deadline.
  • Marketing timeline templates are available for different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. This opportunity allows users to create specific timelines with post schedules and interaction goals.
  • Marketers can identify target audiences and goals to keep up with the timeline schedule and make necessary changes to the timeline. 

You can create a business template for your:

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Instagram Follower Goals
  • Campaign Performance and Metrics
  • Event Marketing Timeline Template

4. Internal Communication Timeline Templates

A business should be able to improve internal relations within itself. Powerful communication will be the key to success. A stable and comprehensive timeline of events and strategies will provide more efficient communication within the company.

  • Timeline creation involving each department, event, and project will provide a broader understanding of the needs and changes in the company.
  • Internal communication timeline is a valuable tool for the Human Resources department. Event planning and presentation become easier with this tool.
  • A timeline allows clarity and communication. For the internal communications of a company, employee engagement and feedback from the employees will build trust within employees and the company.
timeline planner

You can create an internal communication timeline template for your:

  • Weekly HR Meetings
  • Annual HR Goals
  • Announcements on Progresses
  • Process Timeline Example

5. Historical Timeline Templates

One of the best and maybe the most common uses of timelines is for narrating historical events. This template can be used in a variety of forms to give necessary information. These timelines can describe the history of people, places, companies, or countries. 

  • Historical timeline templates allow us to understand the connections and time of the events in relation to each other. 
  • It can be for educational purposes, like describing historically important events. Timelines are visually engaging templates that facilitate the learning process.
  • Historical timeline templates allow us to describe events with keywords or points that make it easier to understand the content. In addition, timelines are valuable references to later remember the concepts.

You can create a historical timeline template for your:

  • Education Materials in the Class
  • Infographic Timeline Template
  • Development of the technologies
  • History Timeline Template

6. Event Timeline Templates

Planning an event is never easy! There are lots of variables that need to be considered during the event. The last thing you want is to have timing problems on top of everything. A detailed timeline will not only smooth progress in the event but also will organize your calendar accordingly.

  • Creating a timeline for the event will help you to organize it more efficiently.
  • By dividing the event into blocks of minutes or hours, create a detailed planning.
ai planner

Event Template Examples:

  • Wedding Day Timeline Template
  • Event Proposal Timeline 
  • Event Planning Timeline Template

7. Customizable Timeline Templates

Customize your own template with Decktopus to bring AI excellence to your slides!

Decktopus is an AI-powered presentation tool that eases the process of creating complicated forms of slide types. Decktopus AI creates slides based on the background info you have provided: your topic, the aim of the presentation, the audience, the duration of the presentation, and template choice.

Decktopus AI

Try Decktopus AI now!

The created slides include all the images, information, graphs, logos, and icons you need! Enjoy the AI excellence in your slides, and present with only one click!

Decktopus offers a wide range of features for its users, from AI Image Generation to PDF to Deck Import! Timeline maker is also available! Other features are: 

Decktopus Key Features
Pie Chart Maker
Donut Chart Maker
Line Chart Maker
Bar Chart Maker
AI Image Generator
PDF to Deck Import
AI Assistant
Question Answer Session
Rehearsal Mode
Presentation Notes
100+ templates

Decktopus can be used by anyone: business owners, digital creators, educators, students, company workers, bloggers, and many more! There is no need for any experience or skills to make it aesthetically pleasing! Create ready presentations in a matter of minutes!

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Creating your own timeline template in Decktopus just takes seconds! Decktopus has a built-in timeline template that is ready to edit!

Decktopus AI

Create your timeline now!

Click on the “add a slide” button on the slide, and choose the “timeline” template from the template library available. Customization of the format and creating a timeline chart based on your color-code preferences is available!

decktopus ai

You can later add this timeline to your presentation or use it separately. Based on your needs, several export options are available in Decktopus!

Decktopus AI

Frequently Asked Questions about Basic Timeline Templates


1) Can I find a timeline template for PowerPoint?

Of course. There are many available timeline templates for PowerPoint on Google. You can take a look at Microsoft template collection to find timeline templates for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. If you want to create your own timeline template, Decktopus can help as well! 

2) Can I design my timeline template?

Yes. On Decktopus, you can design the timeline template as you wish. You can add points, change fonts, and customize colors to fit your needs.

3) Where can I find free timeline template designs?

On Decktopus, you can find the timeline template when you choose to add a slide to your project. Afterward, you can customize the template as you want.

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