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Top 10 Online Slideshow Creator by Decktopus Content Team

October 30, 2023

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Top 10 Online Slideshow Creators: Make Slideshow Videos

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Would you like to make a slideshow video? If you don't know where to start, here are the top 10 slideshow creators. You can make a slideshow with Decktopus, and more!

What's Inside?

slideshow creator with music

Slideshows might be useful in our work and daily lives. We want to create a slideshow with images, and music, making it a nice memory for us. Maybe we just want a good presentation for our job. Whatever the purpose is, we are trying to find a slideshow creator. In this writing, we listed 10 online slideshow creators for you. Let’s go through them!


Decktopus is a presentation assistant that helps you create presentations in no time. Once you answer enough questions about your slideshow, it can also build decks for you. Let’s go through Decktopus’ features:

It can develop decks for you

Slideshow creator

Decktopus has an AI version that you can use to create decks. Thanks to this version, you don’t have to spend any time creating a deck. Once you give information about your audience, how long your presentation will take, what your presentation is about, your aim, and your template, Decktopus will create a deck for you with images, titles, logos, writings, etc. Because you’ve given detailed information about what you want to present, you don’t have to change many things. It will save lots of time for you. To learn more about the Decktopus AI watch the video:

You can choose from many templates

There are lots of templates to choose from for your slideshow like team onboarding or about me presentation. They are designed for you so that you won’t lose time arranging colors or what kind of font you will be using. If you don’t want to select a template, you might also start from scratch. Even if you decide to start from scratch, Decktopus will still design the slideshow for you.


If you are trying to find an image while preparing a slideshow, you don’t have to Google it and look for a long time. You might click on “Change image” and then “Select image”. Thus, you can directly search on Decktopus. You might also search for gifs.

It is fast

Creating a slideshow might take a lot of time but Decktıpus will decrease that time as much as possible. Let’s say you are creating a presentation about a marketing plan. It has templates that are over 15! Once you decide on the most suitable template for you, your deck will be ready. All you have to do is to change titles, images, and remove or add more slides to the deck if you like. Because your deck is ready, you can prepare a slideshow in minutes:

It is easy to use

Remember the tools which are too complex that you spend lots of time figuring out? Decktopus isn’t one of them. If you want to change the images, titles, logos, etc. it is easy to do it! You’ll get used to using Decktopus in a few minutes.

It has a rehearsal mode

Slideshow video

Once you are finished with your presentation, you can rehearse it in Decktopus. You’ll have 15 minutes for the presentation in this mode. You can change the time for every slide if you want. Once you click on “Play”, it will start the time and you can rehearse it.

Renderforest: Online, free slideshow maker

cloud slideshow

With Renderforest, you can make logos, mock-ups, websites, graphics, and high-quality videos. It takes minimal time and effort to create because you can use customizable scenes while making a video. For videos, you can create intros using Intro Maker and outros, music visualizations, promotional videos, etc. For websites, you can create responsive, high-speed, optimized ones. There are designed websites for specific cases. If you choose one of them, all you have to do is edit the website.

In the free version, you can create logos in PNG, and HD720 videos. You will have 500 MB of storage, access to thousands of templates, scenes, and presets, a limited amount of stock footage and images. In this version, there is also a watermark. The con of using Renderforest is you can’t create square videos.


video editing slideshow

Fastreel is a free online slideshow maker from Movavi. With Fastreel, you can easily cut videos and turn them into slideshows. You can choose from templates to make a slideshow or you can add videos. You don’t need to register to use it.

Fastreel has features like video looping, merging, and cutting videos, online video editing tools, and video compression. Let’s say you want to see multiple videos at the same time, you can do it! You can also add music to your videos, delete unwanted segments, change video size, flip a video, make a stop-motion video, add subtitles, add filters, and convert images to a video.

While it also has a premium version, the watermark is in the free version. The only con in the free version is this feature. Also, you will have access to more tools and templates in the premium version.

Adobe Spark to make slideshow video

Slideshow creators

Adobe Spark is an integrated set of media content creation. Adobe develops it and you can use this content for mobile and web applications. You can create logos, posters, Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, book covers, business cards, etc. As for making a slideshow, you can montage, resize, trim, merge, and crop videos. You can also change the speed of the video. You’ll be able to use many templates and have step-by-step instructions.

In the free version, you’ll have 2 GB storage, basic editing and photo effects including removing background and animating, lots of fonts, a limited collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock free collection photos, lots of templates, and design assets. Besides, you can create both on the web and mobile.

There are many templates, so designing is no problem! You can search templates according to categories. For instance, you can search for only free or premium templates or you can check out, both. There is a category of static, animated templates. Therefore, you can choose to see only static or only animated templates. The only con of Adobe Spark is it lacks available customizations.


slideshow editing

Kapwing has lots of tools for video editing. You can choose from many stock videos to add to your project. You can select stock videos under different categories. For instance, there are categories like animal, business, food, nature, portrait, etc. However, in the free plan, you can’t use many of the stock videos. With Kapwing, you can record videos and directly upload them to the project, too. There are many options like recording screen, recording camera, recording both of them, etc.

In the free version, you’ll have 720p video quality and unlimited exports with a watermark. You can create videos for up to 7 minutes and use the auto subtitler for 10 minutes a month. Kapwing has some cons like not having a music library and not having social sharing.


slideshow transitions

Promo is an online content creation platform. With Promo, you can create videos for social media, industries, marketing, and e-commerce. There are many templates to choose from like tech education, career take off, and programmer’s day. If you don’t want to choose a template, you can start from scratch. You can use every template or other videos in wide, square, or vertical mode. Also, it is possible to upload videos.

When you start customizing the video, it is possible to change the text and video shape. Also, you can trim and duplicate the video. Promo’s con is you can’t download created videos in the free version.


slideshow images

Smilebox is another slideshow maker to create videos. There are many templates you can use for only slideshows. Once you go to the slideshow category, you will see templates for birthdays, weddings, pets, etc. After previewing the template, you can start customizing it. You can add photos or you can convert videos to photos. There is also a Facebook import option while uploading images.

In the free version, you will only have unlimited creations. For other features like sharing, removing watermarks, adding your music, etc. you have to go premium. The con of Smilebox is when you choose a template, you can’t change the design. You can only change the colors.

PixTeller Slideshow Maker

online slideshow creators

With PixTeller, you can create logos, gifs, banners, invitations, video thumbnails, posters, and more. PixTeller has an online slideshow maker, as well. There are 1,5 million photos&illustrations. You can customize fonts, create a multipage slideshow, create a frame by frame tailored animations, and download as an MP4 file or GIF. While making a slideshow, you can choose from many templates or you can start from scratch. Once you choose a template, you can change the design and animation. The con of Pixteller is there is a watermark in the free version.


how to make a slideshow

Animoto can be used to make a slideshow. With Animoto, you can create slideshow for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, vacations, and more. There are many templates you can use under the categories of celebrations, events, education, holiday, etc. Besides, you can trim and crop videos, and use the library of music, videos, and photos. You can do a voiceover and upload customized fonts. The cons of Animotos are that you’ll have limited creativity and can’t edit video clips.


how to add audio to slideshow

Lastly, InVideo is an online video maker with an 8 million+ iStock media library. It claims that people will make videos fastly and easily. It offers many features to make a video from intros, and outros to long promotional videos.

That’s it! These are the top 10 slideshow creators you can use. All of them are online so you don’t have to download anything. To summarize, you can use Decktopus, Renderforest, Fastreel, Adobe Spark, Kapwing, Promo, Smilebox, PixTeller, Animoto, and InVideo to create a slideshow.

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