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February 8, 2024

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Land Your Dream Job: Best Professional Resume Templates

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Are you trying to create a professional resume? With the vibrant selection of resume templates available, creating a resume is now fast and easy! Browse our wide range of resume templates list and choose one of the formats!

What's Inside?

What is a resume?

A resume is a formal document that contains information about an individual's background information, skills, experience and other relevant information. A resume is how employers are acquainted with you and decide whether you are qualified for the job at hand. 


Resumes are important because they provide an opportunity to market yourself to employers. By showcasing your educational background, skills, languages, and experience in other jobs, you will have a chance to get ahead of other applicants.

Therefore, resumes will provide a good first impression and raise the expectations about you before a face to face interview.

resume maker

Design of Resumes 

The design of a resume is as important as its content! An eye-catching resume will definitely increase your chances of getting the job! Though, it may not be as important as getting a degree, it surely will help you to present this degree. 

Creating a resume design is not easy! To create a resume from scratch, you should have considerable experience and knowledge of MS Office or Photoshop. 

However, you can use a resume template! Resume templates are formatted documents that only need you to fill in the personal information. The templates have ready designs, colors, and typography. 

Resume Template Types

There are different resume templates that highlight different aspects of your work life. Choosing the right type of template is important, as templates will decide what to highlight and how. A right resume template can be the difference between getting the job and losing it! 

resume template

1) Chronological Resume

This resume type adopts a reverse chronological order. Starting with the latest experience and followed by others in backward order. 

Chronological resumes are useful if you have a steady employment record. For each employment, mention where you have worked, your job title, level of responsibility, and how long you have worked. This type of resume will emphasize your career growth.

However, it can also draw attention to employment gaps in your resume if you have one. Similarly, if you have too many jobs or if your age can be a problem, then chronological templates are not recommended! 

2) Functional or Skills-based Resume

Functional resumes focus on the important skills and strengths of employees. Rather than a chronological history, these types of resumes focus on the transferable skills gained from jobs. 

Functional resumes are useful if you are a new graduate or have limited work experience. It is also useful for freelance job experiences or volunteer work experience. Without actually specifying when or where to work, you can focus on the qualifications.

However, functional resumes are not preferred by employers. These resumes are considered secretive. Employers may think that you may try to hide an employment gap in the resume, your age or lack of career growth. 

3) Combination Resume

Combination resumes are a blend of chronological and functional resumes. 

Combination resumes show the chronological order of past employment and also include the transferable skills you have gained from each job. These resumes highlight the career growth and upward mobility in the work history.  

What is the best resume template?

A resume template should provide a general look at your background. Ideally, resume templates should include all points, even if you don’t need them. After all, deleting parts that you don’t need is easier than adding them!

How to create a resume template?

Decktopus: Resume Maker 

With Decktopus, you can create your resumes with ease! Decktopus is able to create resumes with specific instructions about what to write in each section. Thus, Decktopus not only provides templates but also functions as a guide to resume writing!

Decktopus AI

Resume Builder: Decktopus

Decktopus is an online AI powered software that specializes in easing the process of slide creation. However, the abilities of Decktopus are not limited to slide generation! With Decktopus AI, slides with any type of content will be ready to go! Including slides about your resume or how to build your resume with tips.

Resumes are not one type. You can create a resume about yourself on Decktopus, with images and detailed information about your background, education, and skills. Afterward, you can share the link to your resume presentation with employers! This presentation will surely set you apart from other competitors!

Decktopus has several features available. One of the best features of Decktopus is AI Image Generation! By only clicking on the image creator or into the image you want to replace, Decktopus will create an image visual for you! This visual is created by the content of your slide. Thus, even without entering a prompt, Decktopus knows what you need! Beautify your resumes with images.

Decktopus AI

Another feature of Decktopus is PDF to Deck Import! By entering your existing resume on Decktopus, you can turn it into a slide! On the existing slide, you can make changes to its content, design, or visuals. 

Decktopus AI

There are several other features available on Decktopus that were created to ease the process of slide-making. A few of the features offered for Decktopus’s users are: 

  1. 100+ templates
  2. Chart Maker
  3. AI Assistant
  4. AI created Q&A Session Notes
  5. Rehearsal Mode
  6. Presentation Notes
  7. Sharable link
  8. Audible Presentations
  9. Custom Domain
  10. Analytics 

Let’s examine what a resume should include with an AI-generated resume example by Decktopus!

What should a resume template include?

1) Contact Information

Before starting your resume, you should add your contact information. Your resume should have your name as a heading, and right beneath it, you should include your contact information. You can add your phone number, email address, and residency address. Be sure to include an email that you frequently use and check.

contact information

2) Summary or Objective

The summary/objective introduces you to employers. In this part, you should specify your career goals and what you can offer. Tailor it to each job to show your fit.


3) Education

In this part, include your past education. Include the schools you had graduated from, when you graduated, your degree, and your graduation status, as well as your GPA, class rank, and academic honors. You can also include any additional training or certificates in this part.

If you are yet to graduate, you can include the expected graduation date. As a student, you may consider adding academic accomplishments directly related to the job, such as relevant projects, research papers, academic awards, or relevant coursework.


4) Experience

In the experience section, you should highlight the relevant skills that you gained from each experience and will be beneficial for your next job. You may want to focus on the skills that are relevant to your job and are necessary for your career growth.

You may also want to highlight any projects and internships you have completed. These are especially valuable if you lack experience in a specific field. Volunteer work and extracurricular activities are also important. Highlight any extracurricular activities that are relevant to the desired position, such as clubs, organizations, or leadership roles.


5) Skills

It is important to prepare a skills section in your resume. Skills can be divided into two parts: technical and soft skills.


6) Additional Sections

In this last section, include any qualifications that are worth mentioning. Include relevant certifications to demonstrate specialized skills and dedication to continuous learning.

Languages are also worth mentioning. Showcase language proficiency to appeal to international or multicultural work environments. If you have and did not mention it in other parts, add awards and honors.

These will show that you validate exceptional performance and work ethic. If you have other qualifications, include them as well to differentiate yourself and emphasize your value as a candidate.

additional sections

The Best Resume Template Examples

Construction Resume Template

  • A Construction Resume Template is a formal document designed for individuals in the construction industry to create a professional resume for job applications.
  • It is designed to highlight the candidate's relevant experience, skills, and achievements in the construction field, and to present their qualifications in a clear and organized manner.
  • By using a construction resume template, job seekers in the construction industry can create a well structured and visually appealing resume that stands out to potential employers and increases their chances of securing a job in the competitive construction job market.
construction resume template
construction resume

Teacher Resume Template

  • Who says teachers do not create resumes? They are the ones that have the most competitive job market in the world right now! In order to differentiate from the competition, make sure you create a resume that looks confident and modern at the same time!
teacher resume

Security Guard Resume Template

  • A Security Guard Resume will give potential employers an idea of your work history and experience. In addition, a security guard resume template can help to highlight your skills and qualifications. 
  • When creating your resume, be sure to focus on your experience in law enforcement or security. In addition, highlight any specialized training or skills that you may have. By using a security guard resume template, you can create a professional and polished resume that will help you to stand out from the competition.
Security Guard Resume Template
Security Guard Resume Template

Medical Field Resume Template

  • A medical field resume template can help you create a professional and polished resume that will get you noticed by potential employers.
  • This type of template includes features specifically designed for those in the medical field, such as a list of your credentials, education, and experience.
  • In addition, a medical field resume template can help you to highlight your skills and accomplishments in a way that will set you apart from other candidates.
medical field resume

Dentist Resume Template

  • The Dentist Resume Template is the perfect tool for any dental professional looking to update their resume. This template is easy to use and customize, and it will help you to create a modern and stylish resume that will impress potential employers.
  • The Dentist Resume Template includes sections for your education, experience, skills, and more. You can also add a photo of yourself if desired. Get started today and take your career to the next level!

Federal Resume Template

  • The Federal Resume Template is a crucial instrument for anyone looking for work in the federal government. This template is your key to unlocking career advancement, whether you're a college student looking for federal internships, a new graduate seeking entry level jobs, a military veteran transitioning to civilian roles, or a federal employee hoping for promotions or transfers.
  • Its extensive sections for education, experience, talents, and more are designed to suit the particular needs of federal job applications. 
  • Guaranteed that your resume will stand out in the fiercely competitive federal recruiting process, his template will organize your professional path and make the most of your potential.
Federal Resume Template
Federal Resume Template

High School Resume Template

  • For high school students starting their extracurricular and academic careers, the High School Resume Template is a priceless tool. Designed with students in mind, this resume template ensures professionalism and clarity while streamlining the resume building process. The education, extracurricular, volunteer, and skills categories allow students to highlight their varied experiences and talents. 
High School Resume Template
High School Resume Template

Nursing Resume Template

  • The best resource available to both professionals and nursing students is the nursing resume template. This template, which is specifically designed for individuals working in the nursing industry, has an easy-to-use framework that is customizable.
  • Intended to fulfill the needs of a variety of nursing professionals, including registered nurses looking for new employment opportunities, nursing professionals looking to update their resumes, and nursing educators, the Nursing Resume template is a valuable instrument in the industry.
  • Hiring managers and recruiters in the healthcare industry will value the professionalism and clarity this template offers, as it will make it simpler for them to evaluate your qualifications and suitability for the position. Use the Nursing Resume Template to improve your chances of landing a nursing job right now.
Nursing Resume Template
Nursing Resume Template

Student Resume Template

  • A priceless tool for high schoolers, college students, recent graduates, freshers, career counselors, and job seekers alike is the Student Resume Template. Making a good impression on prospective employers or educational institutions requires a polished and professional resume, and this adaptable template provides an easy to use platform for creating one. 
  • It simplifies the resume building process by providing specific areas for schooling, extracurricular activities, talents, and more, enabling people to properly display their successes and abilities.
  • Applying for internships, landing your first job, or getting ready for graduate school the Student Resume Template offers the structure you need to show off your skills and confidently launch your career. Put this template to use right now to set the stage for future success.
Student Resume Template
Student Resume Template

Executive Resume Template

  • An executive resume template serves as a strategic tool for CEOs and high level executives aiming to refine their resumes to stand out in the competitive job market.
  • Specifically designed to meet the demands of executive applicants, this template includes all the necessary components, including a synopsis of qualifications, a list of noteworthy accomplishments, and experience with strategic leadership. 
Executive Resume Template
Executive Resume Template

Software Engineer Resume Template

  • A smart approach for new computer science graduates hoping to make a name for themselves in the tech industry is creating a Software Engineer Resume Template. It provides an organized style designed to highlight their training history, level of coding expertise, and any related projects or internships. Similarly, seasoned software engineers can update their resumes by using this template to highlight their vast experience and proficiency with a range of programming languages and development techniques. 
  • This template is a standardized tool that hiring managers and recruiters may use to swiftly evaluate candidates' skills and credentials while sifting through a sea of resumes. Additionally, software engineering-focused job counselors and advisors can use this template to assist people in creating powerful resumes that adhere to standards in the field. 
Software Engineer Resume Template
Software Engineer Resume Template

Engineering Resume Template

  • Creating an Engineering Resume Template is essential for anyone entering the fast-paced world of innovation and technology! This particular design serves a broad range of users, from experienced professionals looking to progress their careers to enthusiastic engineering students competing for internships.
  • Engineering Resume Template makes sure that your distinctive abilities are highlighted with sections that are carefully designed to promote your academic achievements, practical experience, and specialist skills. Whether you're a hiring manager looking for top talent, a seasoned engineer navigating changes in the industry, or a recent graduate looking to launch your career, this template simplifies the process and helps you create a resume that stands out in the crowded engineering field.
Engineering Resume Template
Engineering Resume Template

Finance Resume Template

  • Specifically designed for the finance market, the Finance Resume Template provides areas where you can successfully highlight your credentials, training, and professional journey. This template makes highlighting your accomplishments and skills easier with features designed for HR staff in financial firms, career advisors with a focus on finance, and new finance graduates.
  • Whether you're a professional looking for new possibilities or a student looking for internships, this template gives you the structure you need to leave a memorable impression on potential employers.
Finance Resume Template
Finance Resume Template

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the best resume templates for freshers?

For freshmen in high school or university, choosing a clean and modern-looking resume is better. Try to compose a resume that focuses on not only your education but extracurricular activities as well! Try Decktopus AI to create a student resume template! Decktopus AI fastens the process of resume-making and will give feedback on your progress!

2) Where can I find free resume templates? 

There are many free resume templates available online. You can choose one of the existing templates on MS Office as well.

With the PDF to Deck Import of Decktopus, let Decktopus create your resume! Full with your personal information! Or you can choose one of the templates available. All you have to do is to enter your information in the specified areas!

3) How can I download resume templates?

You can download your created resume on Decktopus!

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