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February 9, 2024

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Effortless Resume Maker: Create a Pro Resume Online in Minutes [Free & Paid]

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Do you need help creating your resume? We got you covered! Dive in to our list of best resume makers, choose the one that stand out and write your resume in minutes!

What's Inside?

Imagine that you are on the lookout for a job. This will be your first job, so you want to find the perfect one in your dreams. During your search, you actually encountered this job! You have the education, skills, and passion, but how will you communicate that to potential employers?  

Presenting: resumes. Your resume is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd to showcase your qualifications, experiences, and achievements in a way that grabs attention and says, "Hey, I'm the perfect fit for this role!" 


Aside from finding a job, resumes are the formal record of your career growth and professional journey. No matter your experience, resumes are great tools for self-reflection and growth. Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned professional, you should have a resume!

Online Resumes

In today’s tech savvy world, everything is digital, as well as resumes. An online resume is a formal and digital document that includes your contact information, experience, education, and skills.

An online resume is not a scanned version of a hard copy resume. Rather, it is a digital document that can be edited. Additionally, online resumes have several functions that can’t be found on hard copies, such as hyperlinks, multimedia elements, and keyword optimization that influence searchability through the web. 

online resume

Types of Online Resumes

Online resumes, also called e-resumes, have 3 different forms. These resume types have several different functions. Thus, before choosing a type, the compatibility with your profession and the benefits of each format should be considered.

1. Personal Website or Portfolio

A personal website can be a way to build an online presence for yourself. On your website, you can add relevant information about yourself and include your work as well. These types of resumes are especially popular among designers, as they can add their work to the website. However, other artists and professionals also take advantage of the website resumes and increase their searchability around the Internet. 

2. PDF or Word Document

Stored as a document and can be printed when needed, these types of resumes are one of the most common ones. While they may not fit perfectly for the term online, these documents can be shared via e-mail or can be uploaded to other platforms. 


3. Social Media Profiles 

Social media profiles can also serve as a resume, though it is not typically preferred. Social media profiles are more commonly considered complementary. In the contact information of your resume, you can add your LinkedIn profile, Twitter (X), or Instagram. You can add any platform that you are using professionally and think it reflects your identity. These profiles can be used to showcase work samples, connect with industry professionals, and share relevant content.

Resume Makers

As you may already know, on average, an employer more or less has 6 seconds to review a resume. Thus, creating a resume can be challenging. An ideal resume should be attention grabbing, informative, and short at the same time. It should highlight all the necessary skills and background information about you, but it should be a short document as well! 

Resume makers are great tools to address your needs! These tools are specialized in creating resumes with intriguing designs and cohesive information.

Benefits of Using Resume Makers

Benefits of Resume Builders
Benefit Description
Gains Time Creating a resume from scratch will take considerable time. Resume makers will provide a clean design, templates, and writing tips, which will shorten the process significantly.
Saves Time Resume makers are easy to use and able to write resumes quickly. They will ease the process of resume writing significantly.
Improves Design A good resume maker will improve your resume design to be identified by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by employers.
Cheaper Resume makers are cheaper than traditional resume writing services.

Top 10 Best Resume Builders

In this list, we have compiled a list of the most popular resume builders in the market! These tools are beneficial for all job seekers, from students to experienced employees! Create your CV in seconds with ease!

1) Decktopus

Decktopus is an online presentation tool specialized in creating engaging and visually appealing content. With its AI-powered excellence, Decktopus allows you to create ready presentations in just a few minutes. Decktopus simplifies complex processes and allows its users to save time and energy.

Decktopus AI

Decktopus can be your guide to creating comprehensive and attractive resumes! By typing the topic of your presentation on the welcome page of Decktopus, you can easily access a detailed guide about resumes!

Decktopus AI

After typing your resume topic, to continue, you have to sign up or log in to Decktopus. You can quickly access it through Google accounts.

Decktopus AI

To create an optimal presentation for your needs, Decktopus AI asks three more questions. For the best experience, Decktopus asks about your audience. The information and tone of the presentation will be adjusted accordingly. You can either type who your audience is or choose one of the options Decktopus offers.

Decktopus AI

After choosing your audience, Decktopus asks about your aim for creating this presentation. Again, for a presentation that addresses all your needs, you can type your aim or choose one of the options offered by Decktopus.

Decktopus AI

Lastly, for the visuals of your slide, Decktopus will ask you to choose a template. This template can be later changed while customizing your slides.

Decktopus AI

With this method, you will have an AI-generated presentation about yourself and your resume! You can adjust the texts, add slides, and add other elements like timelines, tables, or graphs. 

If you already have a resume, then you can easily turn it into a presentation about yourself with Decktopus. By choosing the PDF to Deck Import option, add your PDF resume to Decktopus and easily turn it into a slide.

Decktopus AI
Decktopus AI

Decktopus also has a presentation assistant that is ready to help! With its AI assistant, you can generate Q&A session about your specific slides. Decktopus will provide both questions and answers! Be ready about what employers may ask you in the interviews beforehand!

A personalized assistant on Decktopus is also able to create tips about your slides! The tips section will analyze your slide and will give feedback about improvements and adjustments! Decktopus is here to make your resume great!

Decktopus has several other features to ease the resume creation process for you. Here are some of them:

  • AI Image Generator
  • PDF to Deck Import
  • Chart and Graph Maker
  • Table Maker
  • AI Assistant
  • 100+ templates
  • AI-created Q&A Session Notes
  • Presentation Notes
  • Rehearsal Mode
  • Audible Presentations
  • Collaboration

Custom Link

For more features, experience Decktopus!

2) VisualCV

VisualCV is an online CV and professional resume maker.


Key Features

  • VisualCV is especially useful for composing resumes, including multimedia elements.
  • VisualCV has an easy-to-use interface. Drag-and-drop editing makes it easier to customize.
  • Customizations are AI-powered, which makes the writing process easier.
  • VisualCV has Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) optimized templates.
  • VisualCV creates a link to share via mail or social media platforms.
  • You can also track the analytics of the shared CV.


  • VisualCV offers a FREE plan. The free plan includes one finished resume and testing out all the templates available.
  • VisualCV Pro plan has two payment plans. If paid monthly, it is $24 per month, and if paid quarterly, it is $15 per month.

3) Zety

Zety is an online resume builder and cover letter writer. Zety offers professional-looking CVs and advice from career experts to land your dream job.


Key Features

  • Zety has several modern looking templates. 
  • Zety's templates provide pre-written bullet points specific to your profession. You can later make changes to them as well.
  • Zety provides tips to make your resume more functional and visual.


  • Zety has a 14 day full access trial at a price of $2.70.
  • After the 14 day period, monthly access is $5.95. 

4) Canva

Canva is a well known visual design and graphic tool. Canva can create many types of visualizations, and there are several resume templates available on it. 


Key Features

  • There are several different templates available for different professions. It is almost impossible to count all the templates available on Canva.
  • Canva has a wide range of customizations. 
  • Canva has a FREE plan!
  • Canva has a collaboration feature, allowing you to work on the project with your teammates.


  • Canva’s free plan is limited, and some features cannot be accessed through it.

Canva offers a few plans for its users. 

  • Canva Free: Free plan with limited features.
  • Canva Pro: $14.99 if paid monthly and $119.99 if paid yearly.
  • Canva for Teams: $29.99 if paid monthly and $300 if paid yearly.
  • For Teachers: Canva has an education plan that is FREE for teachers!

5) EnhanCV

EnhanCV is an online software tool to help the process of writing resumes and cover letters.


Key Features

  • EnhanCV has a collaboration feature that allows you to work on your resume collectively.
  • EnhanCV offers 20+ resume sections.
  • EnhanCV includes a resume checker that assesses the readability and ATS of your resume. According to the analysis, several feedback and tips are given to improve your resume.
  • With an account, EnhanCV provides unlimited downloads.


  • EnhanCV provides a free trial for 7-days. This plan includes 2 resumes and cover letters.

EnhanCV has a pro plan that can be paid in three different ways.

  • Monthly: Billed once per month, it is $24.99.
  • Quarterly: Billed every 3 months, this plan is $49.97.
  • Semi-Annual: Billed every 6 months, this plan is $79.94.

6) Resume Genius 

Resume Genius is a fast and easy to use website for creating resumes.

Resume Genius

Key Features

  • Resume Genius has an easy to use interface.
  • Resume Genius includes several ATS friendly templates that will make your resumes more visible to employers.
  • Resumes can be downloaded as Word and PDF files.
  • Resume Genius recommends skills to add to your resume and creates a personal summary.
  • Resume Genius also has a cover letter writing tool.
  • With its integrated AI, Resume Genius can create content from real job ads.


  • Resume Genius has a 14 day full access period that can be accessed by paying $2.95.
  • Monthly access includes all the features available on Resume Genius and is $7.95 per month.

7) My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is a guided resume builder website.

My Perfect Resume

Key Features

  • My Perfect Resume provides modern looking resume templates for several professions.
  • Chosen template colors and fonts can be customized after finishing your resume.
  • You can add your existing resume as a PDF file. Your resume will be automatically adjusted into the selected template and can be customized.
  • My Perfect Resume provides a list of skills and several personal summary options to choose from and add to your resume. 


  • My Perfect Resume provides a 14 day trial with unlimited edits and resume downloads. This trial can be accessed at the price of $2.95.
  • My Perfect Resume also has a monthly access plan that is $5.95 per month or $71.40 per year.

8) FlowCV

FlowCV is an all in one platform for active job seekers and employers. FlowCV is a career companion.


Key Features

  • FlowCV integrates several features in its system. It has a resume builder, cover letter writing tool, job tracker tool, personal website creation tool, and email signature function.
  • Features of FlowCV are AI integrated.
  • Resumes can be created as a website form that is compatible with mobile and desktop websites.


FlowCV has three plans available.

  • Free Plan: This plan is free and offers one free resume, cover letter, and one click website.
  • Basic Plan: Basic plan offers unlimited resume and cover letter creation, accessible for $4 per month or $48 if paid yearly.
  • Pro+ Plan: The Pro plan offers all features, including AI integration. Accessible for $8 per month or $96 if paid yearly.

9) KickResume

Kickresume is an AI integrated tool specialized in quick and assisted resume writing.


Key Features

  • Kickresume includes 35+ resumes and 35+ cover letter templates.
  • Kickresume has an AI writer and AI resume checker tool with the help of OpenAI’s GPT-4. 
  • Kickresume also provides a website builder to create personal websites.
  • With AI generation, a resume draft is created within a minute.


Kickresume offers four different payment plans for its users.

  • Free Plan: This plan is FREE and provides 4 different templates.
  • Monthly: This plan comes with an AI extension and several templates. The price is $10 per month.
  • Quarterly: Paid every 3 months. This plan includes all premium features. The price is $21.
  • Yearly: Paid every 12 months, this plan includes all premium features. The price is $48 in total.

10) Sarkari Result Resume Maker Tool

Sarkari Result Resume Maker is an online tool that allows you to manually create a curriculum vitae or resume with predesigned templates.


Key Features

  • Sarkari Result Resume Builder allows users to manually enter all personal information.
  • It has an easy to use interface.
  • There are sample texts for career objectives, or you can manually enter them as well.
  • Sarkari Result includes 6 different resume templates.


  • This tool is totally FREE! In addition, it can be accessed online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the best resume maker AI?

Decktopus! Choose one of the resume builder templates on Decktopus and create your CV within minutes.

You can take a look at resume examples on Decktopus and learn details about how to compose resumes.

2) Which resume makers are best for freshers?

These resume makers can be used by everyone regardless of their experience or profession! For tips about how to create student resume samples, create a slide on Decktopus!

3) What is the best free resume maker? 

There are several free options listed above. Most resume makers have a free trial period that can be used to create your resume! VisualCV is one of them! For forever free options, you can take a look at Sarkari Result Tools.

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