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January 21, 2024

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The Top 10 PDF to Powerpoint (PPT) Converters To Elevate Your Content

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Converting your PDF files into PowerPoints has never been easier! This full list of PDF to PPT converters will enhance your experience! Now, with AI-powered options!

What's Inside?

Turn Your PDFs into Presentations: Exploring The World of PDFs to PPT Converters

PDF to PowerPoint converters are tools that allow your PowerPoint to retain its original format. Preserving the original format is crucial to creating dynamic slideshows and keeping your presentations great; these tools are a must!


Convert PDF Files into Presentations Instantly

Converting PDFs to PPTs without losing quality and formatting is important! You may want to make changes to your existing presentation. Or maybe you want to turn a report in a PDF file into a presentation powered by AI technology. Whether to change content or the design, you first have to turn your PDF file into a PPT file. 


When to Use PDF to PPT Transformers?

Imagine you have a detailed and ready presentation in PDF format. However, you need to make a few quick changes before presenting again. In another case, imagine that you have a report on a marketing strategy, business concept, assignment, or research thesis. Now, you want to bring that content to life in a presentation. This is where PDF to PPT converters come in handy. By effortlessly importing your PDF, you can create visually stunning presentations without compromising quality or formatting.

Who can Benefit from PDF Converters?

These apps are indispensable to any academia members, as students and educators. Also, business owners, professionals, and workers will find these tools invaluable. Whoever needs quick and effective presentations should take a look!


There are many tools available that have different abilities. When picking a converter, think about what you really need. Do you like working online or prefer something on your desktop? And are you looking for more than just a basic conversion? We've got you covered! In the next bit, we're introducing the coolest PDF to PowerPoint converters. They're not just time-savers; they'll make your content look awesome!

The Top 10 PDF to PPT Converters: Complete List

  1. Decktopus
  2. Adobe Acrobat
  3. Soda PDF
  4. Canva
  5. Small PDF
  6. Wondershare PDFelement
  7. iLovePDF
  8. PDF Converter
  9. PDF Filler
  10. Nitro Pro

1. Decktopus- The BEST Converter

Decktopus is a presentation tool specialized in creating fast and ready-to-present AI-generated presentations. Decktopus has a wide set of features that separate it from other presentation tools. The last addition to this long toolkit list is to PDF to Deck Import Feature!

Key Features of Decktopus:

1) PDF to Deck Import

2) AI Image Generator

3) AI Assistant

4) Q&A Session

5) Rehearsal Mode

6) Presentation Notes

7) 100+ templates

Decktopus proudly presents PDF to Deck Import. 

Decktopus AI

Import your pdf now!

Introducing an innovative addition to Decktopus – the power of Artificial Intelligence is now at your fingertips! With this new feature, Decktopus brings Artificial Intelligence features to transform your PDFs into dynamic slides! This feature allows users to create instant slides just by your texts! This feature allows Decktopus users to have efficient, captivating, and artistic slides with just a few clicks all within a matter of minutes. Farewell to manually creating and editing slides, and hello to new AI-created, visually stunning slides!

decktopus ai

Decktopus PDF to Deck Import is easy to use. This tool is straightforward; all you have to do is follow the steps our AI assistant has provided. After adding your PDF, Decktopus will ask five simple questions. These are about your topic, your audience, the aim of your slides, the time limit for your presentation, and which template you want to use. The result is a customizable slide that has everything you provided in the PDF! Not only that, but also all the titles, images, graphs, logos, graphics, and headlines will be ready for you. This tool will allow you to communicate more efficiently, without any effort, while also creating a visual presence. 

Decktopus AI

Try Decktopus AI now!


  • This feature is available to use for FREE! After signing up, you can experience the AI easiness in your slides.
  • The AI-created slide is fully customizable, from titles and text boxes to images.
  • Combined with other features, like AI Image Generator or AI assistant, customization and editing of decks is easy.
  • Decktopus is a browser-based AI tool! 
  • The created slides are downloadable.
  • More features are available in the paid plans of Decktopus. For pricing and available features, please check out our website!

2. Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe Acrobat

PDF can only be mentioned with Adobe Acrobat. After all, Adobe is the creator of the PDF format. Adobe provides many conversion types for almost all types of files:

  • PPT to PDF
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to Excel 

Similarly, everything that involves editing PDFs can be made by Adobe, like merging PDFs, splitting, cropping, or deleting pages.


  • Adobe Acrobat’s PDF to PPT converter is synchronized with Microsoft 365.
  • Adobe Acrobat’s features are accessible on their websites.
  • Desktop applications and mobile applications are available to download.
  • It is the best tool for the basic conversion of PDF documents to PowerPoint presentation file.
  • Subscription plans offer advanced security features and OCR recognition.


  • Paid plans can be hard to adjust.
  • Paid plans may provide advanced features for casual users.

3. Soda PDF

soda pdf

Soda PDF is one of the best free PDF to PPT conversion tools. Soda PDF allows you to create, edit, and make changes to the PDFs. PDFs can be merged, split, edited, compressed, converted, optical character recognition (OCR), or E-Signed. Conversion includes a variety of tools for all MS Office files. Soda PDF creates high-quality content and provides basic conversion with ease.


  • It is a FREE PDF to PPT conversion tool.
  • Soda PDF can be accessed with any browser, or it can be downloaded to your desktop.


  • The free version has many ads. 
  • For low-quality PDFs, OCR may not be available.
  • The free version has restrictions. For advanced tools, paid plans are available. 

4. Canva


Canva is a multi-purpose graphic design tool that can create any type of content. On Canva, users can design posters, slides, brochures, social media posts, images, videos, etc. Canva has a PDF editor feature. Another feature Canva provides is a PDF to PPT-converter. Your files can be converted into slides. After, you can edit slides with Canva's provided features.


  • Canva has an easy-to-use interface and high functionality.
  • Generated slides can be edited with the opportunities Canva provides.
  • AI Assistant and Magic Write make the editing process easier.
  • The slides are downloadable as PPT, PDF, JPG, or any other file type.
  • Canva has a collaboration feature.
  • Browser and mobile applications are available. 


  • The free plan includes limited images and graphics.

5. SmallPDF


SmallPDF is one of the best PDF to PPT converters online. The tool has a partnership with Solid Documents, which makes it more OCR-friendly. This feature allows SmallPDF to recognize even complex characters and designs. Thus, the PPT versions created by SmallPDF are more open for editing and adjustments.


  • SmallPDF has a free version available on the website.
  • The website version does not require any log in information.
  • There is also a desktop version available.
  • To make changes to the slides, a pro version is needed.
  • SmallPDF offers a 7-day trial.


  • The desktop version is only for the pro version.
  • The bulk conversion feature may take some time, depending on your file sizes. 

6. Wondershare PDFelement


Wondershare is a platform that offers a wide range of features. One of them is the PDF to PPT converter. PDFelement is able to recognize most OCR, which can recognize texts and images. There is also a layout option that makes its interface more friendlier.


  • PDFelement has a built-in OCR, which allows text editing and image editing.
  • It is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 
  • PDFelement has AI functions, such as summarization, proofreading, and translating. 
  • PDFelement provides Cloud Storage up to 20GB.
  • The tool has a security measure, such as adding a password. 


  • Most functions are available for the premium version.
  • There is no browser version.

7. iLovePDF


iLovePDF is a one-click basic conversion tool. Without any login information, you can add your PDF and receive the PPT slide. iLovePDF offers a wide range of features. These are organized PDF, optimized, converted from PDF, converted to PDF, edited PDF, and security. 


  • No login information is needed.
  • iLovePDF has a desktop feature. After downloading, offline edits can be made.
  • A mobile version is available.
  • While using the free version, many ads are encountered.


  • There is no slide editing inside the tool.
  • The free version does not include the OCR feature and digital signatures.
  • Some features are only accessible through premium membership.

8. PDF Converter

pdf converter

PDF Converter is one of the best tools in the market for the free transformation of PDF into PowerPoint file. The tool creates slides without degrading the quality of the content. Inside the tool, editing can be made.


  • PDF Converter creates high-quality PowerPoint slides.
  • PDF Converter has an automatic backup plan.
  • OCR is available.
  • The files are protected by 256-bit encryption, which ensures the security of your files on the network.
  • The tool is fully accessible through the browser.
  • The tool has a free trial.


  • While using the free version, you can convert one file per hour.
  • PDF Converter’s premium plans are relatively expensive.
  • Some features are only available for premium users.

9. pdf Filler

pdf filler

pdf filler is one of the best tools for converting and editing PDFs. The PDFs can be added to the tool by dragging, choosing from computer files, via Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, with URL, from PDF library, via email, or it can be requested by others via email. After importing the PDF, you can make changes to the PDF or the created PPT from PDF.


  • pdf Filler has a collaboration feature that allows adding members and working on projects together.
  • pdf Filler has a 30-day free trial.
  • The tool can be accessed via all browsers.


  • pdf Filler has no free plan.
  • pdf Filler is a relatively expensive tool. 
  • The tool may not be suitable for all users, as it has a challenging interface.

10.Nitro Pro

nitro pro

Nitro Pro is an advanced and paid tool for conversion. Many features are available to edit the output of the conversion tool. Text boxes, images, characters and signatures can be added. The users don’t need an adjustment period, as it is straightforward to use. 


  • Nitro Pro has an easy-to-use interface. 
  • Nitro Pro has advanced OCR recognition.
  • There is a 14-day free trial period.


  • Nitro Pro is not available online.
  • There is only a downloadable version.
  • For a free trial, sign-up is required.
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