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9 ways of using AI in digital marketing

December 5, 2023

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How To Use AI In Digital Marketing: Reviewing 9 Great Use Cases

Post by
Marla McGhee

Looking for ways to leverage the power of AI for your marketing campaigns? In this article, we will discuss nine concrete ways to do that and boost your business’s growth.

What's Inside?

9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

If you’re looking for ways to increase digital marketing ROI, then Artificial Intelligence is something you should consider. With the help of AI-based software engineering, you can now develop solutions that will enhance your marketing efforts in many ways from gaining better customer data to process optimization. In this article, we’ll discuss nine ways that AI can benefit businesses. Read on to learn how this technology can help you get ahead of the competition!

9 Use Cases of AI for Digital Marketing

1)Market research

AI can be used in a variety of ways to help marketers leverage consumer data, and market research is one of the most powerful ones. In market research, machine intelligence can track consumer behavior over time, record sentiment around various topics, and even identify emerging trends in consumer preferences.

For example, AI-driven market research could monitor online conversations about a brand's product or service to understand what consumers think about it. With this information, marketers can make more informed decisions regarding their strategies and messaging.

market research


Chatbots are a popular use case of AI in digital marketing. They are artificial intelligence-driven programs that engage with customers via automated conversations conducted via websites, applications, and messaging services.

For example, Sephora has implemented its own chatbot called ‘Sephora Virtual Artist’ which allows users to interact with a virtual beauty artist. The latter provides advice on makeup application, product recommendations, and guidance on which colors would suit customers best. This kind of sophisticated use of machine intelligence not only improves businesses’ efficiency but also gives customers an enriched shopping experience.

3)Email marketing

In the case of email marketing, AI can be used to personalize messages and adapt them precisely to the preferences of each client. For instance, a large sportswear shop can use machine intelligence software to study customer buying habits, fashion preferences, and other useful data. That way, it will be able to send out incredibly relevant emails about new product launches, upcoming discounts, or other promotional campaigns tailored exactly to the individual recipient. This type of technology makes email marketing much more efficient and effective, leading to greater engagement rates and higher conversion rates for businesses.

email marketing


One more prominent use case for AI in digital marketing is advertising. It enables businesses to precisely predict user interests and offer more targeted, data-driven ad experiences. For example, machine intelligence can be used to determine the best placement of advertisements online by evaluating how users interact with a website or app. As they navigate the content, data is collected which allows marketers to target their audience better and maximize the effectiveness of their ads.

With this technology, ads can be automatically adapted to different demographics and changed on the fly based on user behavior. This allows businesses to better allocate resources while running campaigns that yield higher success rates.

digital advertising


Using AI for SEO is becoming increasingly popular for businesses that are looking to maximize their brand's reach. For example, a company can use natural language processing (NLP) to pull from large sets of consumer data and gather insights. This can be used to optimize the content they post online or within ads as well as rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP). As an added benefit, these insights can also be used to create better campaigns tailored to target audience preferences.

seo analytics

6)Augmented reality features

Companies using machine intelligence are increasingly incorporating augmented reality (AR) experiences into their digital marketing campaigns as a way to captivate an audience. One great example of this is Converse's collaboration with Snapchat, which allowed users to virtually “try on” and customize shoes. Customers use the lens while taking pictures or videos with friends, adding a layer of interactivity. This way, Converse can track user engagement data to better understand how their customers interact with the product and make further optimizations for future campaigns.

Augmented reality

7)Video marketing

AI has, among all else, become an invaluable tool when it comes to video marketing. An example of this is Walmart, which has implemented machine intelligence systems to personalize their customer's shopping experience by analyzing preferences and making personalized recommendations in response. This allows Walmart to match customers with videos that have been generated based on their tastes and interests, helping drive sales and build relationships with potential customers.

Besides, AI-powered video analytics help marketers analyze demographic data and target specific markets more accurately. With an understanding of what type of content works well for various audiences, they can drastically enhance the effectiveness of their video campaigns.

video marketing


AI is a perfect fit for automating manual and repetitive digital tasks, such as automating content selection and scheduling for social media platforms. For example, it can be used to generate memes tailored specifically to a target audience’s interests and then schedule when they are posted on social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter. This can help businesses reach larger audiences with more engaging content while saving time and manual labor. AI can also provide analytics surrounding a campaign's performance that would normally require manual review or number crunching.

social media marketing

9)Create cool images

Last but not least, AI algorithms powered by machine learning can analyze large amounts of data and make predictions about what kind of visuals would be most attractive for campaigns. For instance, an AI-assisted tool might suggest the ideal color palette or background image for a poster based on audience profiles, or it might create unique avatar designs from scratch using 3D modeling. This could help businesses create visually engaging materials that stand out from their competitors without needing to spend long hours crafting the perfect look manually.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, AI is an incredible tool that can help digital marketers stay ahead of the competition and make valuable strategic decisions. With its ever-growing range of applications, machine intelligence holds the amazing potential to revolutionize the way we do business. We've seen some impressive use cases already, but this is only the beginning. It’s a space to watch, so if you haven’t already implemented certain AI strategies into your plan, now is the time to educate yourself and begin exploring!

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