How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

This article will help the brands lagging in the competitive market due to ineffective and inactive social media. We will solve their problem by bringing one solution to save time and get more from social media.

November 30, 2022

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Dilhan Limnili - Community & Content Manager
How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

What's Inside?

Social media has become a powerful source in the current era to grab the attention of the maximum audience and increase business reach. However, isn't it overtiring to manage multiple social media accounts every day? Whether you own a small business or offer services as a social media manager in a large industry, switching between different platforms consumes lots of time and energy. Therefore, you need a solution to minimize context switching and subtraction to increase productivity and stay on the top.

This article will help the brands lagging in the competitive market due to ineffective and inactive social media. We will solve their problem by bringing one solution to save time and get more from social media.

7 Steps for Easy Account Handling

Social media management tools simplify your task by providing a single and unified dashboard for all social media accounts. We have mentioned some essential steps that will lead you to productive social media.

1) Add Your Social Media Profiles to a Dashboard

Jumping from one platform to another makes it difficult as well as time-consuming. Moreover, the possibility of missing out on crucial information and the client always hunts. Nowadays, many social media platforms exist, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and many more. It is impossible to ignore anyone because every account holds significance and attracts a specific audience.

Therefore, you need an effective social media management tool like RADAAR. It facilitates you to handle multiple social media accounts from one platform. With a unified dashboard, you are eligible to monitor all accounts that you are handling, increase focus and eliminate every trivial certainty of missing out on important information.

2) Create Unique Posts for Each Platform's Target Audience

Every social media platform is different and demands different sorts of content. Posting similar content without considering the audience on all social media handles will destroy your reach and engagement with the audience. 

For example, people around 46 prefer Facebook, whereas people aged 16 to 24 like Instagram more. On the other hand, business people trust LinkedIn. Moreover, the demand of every social media account is different, like you can use only 140 characters from a tweet whereas 700 for a LinkedIn post.

Of course, you cannot remember the requirements of every platform; you need to make the addition of RADAAR. It is the perfect and most effective social media management tool that will help you craft the perfect post for each social media platform.

3) Curate Content

Social media managers across your industry are likely to be putting in extra effort to create amazing content that ensures that their social feed looks impeccable. Therefore, you need to step up your game even if you are in a managed IT industry. However, content creation and managing your calendar are two of the most challenging parts of the job. But you can rely on a social media management tool to curate inspiration content, repurpose content that has done a remarkable job, and repost the best user-generated content. It will reflect that you not only know the current trend but know the root and turnovers as well.

4) Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

With consistency, every business can grab the attention of many people. But the game begins where you need to retain the interest and maintain trust. Due to busy schedules, if you miss posting content on time, gradually, the audience will lose interest, considering that you are no more serious.

RADAAR provides a Content Scheduler and a Best Time to Post feature that you can use for scheduling posts. With the Scheduler Content Calendar, you get to organize your content in a new and efficient way and plan upcoming posts and coordinate efforts with the team. It provides an overall snapshot of the content to gain a better perspective. 

On the other hand, with the Best Time to Post feature, you get to share content at high-traffic times to maximize exposure. In addition to this, it also gives scheduling suggestions by analyzing your audience so that you can schedule your content according to the best posting times. 

5) Engage with Those Who Are Engaging with Your Posts

It is easy to develop trust, but it is challenging to maintain it. However, we have the solution to your problem. When people dedicatedly follow your brand or content, they expect a response. Without a response, they stop commenting and like the post. Therefore, being the owner of a business or social media handler, you need to show that you value your followers by engaging with them.

How can one identify which people are following the page regularly? It is actually a task. But you do not need to worry when you have RADAAR. With RADAAR’s Social Inbox feature, you get to manage all your comments and messages using a single dashboard. It brings all the conversations into one place and ensures that you never miss a message, so that you can improve your relationship with your audience. 

6) Make Collaboration Easy

As a business grows, the workforce increases simultaneously. Therefore, when the entire team is involved, plans can get more tangled. Simple tasks like collecting data and gathering feedback that holds significant importance in establishing a business have become a drag. Moreover, there is also the possibility of error when the task passes through many hands.

This is when the RADAAR social media management tool comes into the scene. You can use RAADAR’s Team Collaboration feature to create a platform for your team to communicate effortlessly. Create stunning content, respond to messages, share passwords with the team, and more with these feature. 

7) Track Metrics That Matter to Your Brand

After publishing the content on social media at the agreed time and assigning tasks to team members, are you done? No, to flourish a business, you need to keep tracking the social media websites or accounts individually. It will provide you with insight into how your business is going on a specific website. If it is doing well or requires improvement.

With RADAAR’s Analytics feature, which allows you to analyze, manage, and measure how each of your digital assets and content is doing. You can use the feature to create meaningful reports for measuring the performance of different accounts and get recommendations for expanding your reach, engagement, and sales.


The power of social media in the current era cannot be denied. Moreover, you cannot ignore the complexities of handling the accounts as well. Similarly, as a social media manager, it becomes challenging to perform the duty of building content strategy, creation, and publishing. While focusing on multiple platforms, it is possible you may not give enough importance to any account that requires more attention. When you use the right tool, you will have an easier time improving your efforts and managing your team. With a centralized dashboard, there is nothing that you cannot do.

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