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December 21, 2023

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The 10 Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence

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There are many applications of AI that we use and don't realize in daily life. Also, there is a part of AI that we have not able to utilize. In this guide, we composed a list of common examples of Artificial Intelligence applications!

What's Inside?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Part of Our Daily Lives

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most valuable tools we have. There is an increased adoption of AI technology in our lives that is unlikely to disappear. With unlimited potential, Artificial Intelligence technology makes our lives easier in many aspects.

It is important to acknowledge this tool and its applications since it will only continue to enhance as time goes by! To keep up with the trends and become a more tech-savvy person, here is our detailed guide on the usage of AI in late 2023!

 AI technology

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In the year 2022, the concept of AI became a part of our lives. Before, AI was something we only thought of with the concept of robotics. However, after the introduction of ChatGPT to the public by OpenAI, Artificial Intelligence became a crucial part of our work, education, and daily life.

Although the most popular iterations of the Generative Pre-training Transformer series are GPT-3 and GPT-4, this is only a tiny part of the capabilities of AI.

  •  Here is a short introduction to AI, with a high explainability, if you are interested:

Understanding the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology has a goal: to mimic and execute tasks as a human would do. Expressly, the main principle of AI is to enact human cognitive capacity. 

With recent AI innovations, Artificial Intelligence is able to learn, reason, and perceive to the point that there is a fear of AI capabilities. This fear is based on the notion that someday, AI can exceed human capabilities and replace them. For now, these worries are in vain. Even though AI capabilities are advanced, we can still guide AI’s thinking and understand if AI is involved in the work. Today, we can see these examples in all work sectors. 

Types of Artificial Intelligence Used

There are four types of AI categorized based on their functionalities. Although transparency of some AI types is harder to conceptualize, it is important to familiarize yourself with these concepts:

  1. Reactive Machine AI: Reactive machines are the primary form of Artificial Intelligence that assesses and reacts to the situation. Given the same input, these machines are always creating the same output. The best example of Reactive Machines is IBM’s Deep Blue. This chess-player expert system assesses the chess board, makes predictions of the future moves of the opponents, and creates an optimal strategy to win the game. However, it cannot refer to previous moves or improve with practice or time. 
  2. Limited Memory AI: A more improved version of Artificial Intelligence is Limited Memory AI. As its name suggests, it can train from past data to make decisions. However, it is limited; thus, the amount of updated data is limited and can be kept for a short time. Usage of this type of Artificial Intelligence is automatized cars. These self-driving vehicles can assess the road, lights, and other vehicles. The data on how other vehicles drive around them is assessed, but as these vehicles pass, the data no longer needs to be stored.
  3. Theory of Mind AI: These types of AI are fully adaptable and retain past experiences. The goal of these AI is to become more human-like. They should be able to analyze human behavior, emotions, and thoughts. It should also be able to detect changes in them. The AI that passes the Turing Test is considered for this category. These types of Artificial Intelligence are not fully developed. An example of the Theory of Mind AI is Sophia by Hanson Robotics, a company that specializes in manufacturing robots.

4.Self-Awareness AI: As the name suggests, these AIs become self-conscious and become aware of their existence. This concept is only hypothetical and seems unlikely for our near future.

Machine AI

Example Applications of ArtificiaI Intelligence in Daily Life

As we briefly mentioned, AI provides many opportunities for our daily lives. There are many applications of Artificial Intelligence available on a wide range. Let’s take a look at the practical applications of the AI systems!


Examples of AI Usage in Daily Life
1. Education
2. Social Media
3. Lifestyle
4. Finance
5. Marketing
6. Transportation
7. Healthcare
8. eCommerce
9. Art
10. Security

1. Education 

Although it is thought that the education sector is not heavily affected by AI systems, this is far from the truth! AI has provided many opportunities for students and educators. AI tools can be used as assistants to ease the burden of teachers and help students in their learning process.

Generation of Content:

AI is able to generate any type of written content for the education sector. For example, presentations, course schedules, essays, assignments, textbook guides, and conferences can be created by Artificial Intelligence. AI has really become proficient in the past few years in smart content generation. 


Decktopus is a must-have AI tool for generating content. Decktopus is a FREE tool specialized but not limited to the creation of slides. 

This tool can be used by anyone: business owners, digital creators, educators, students, company workers, bloggers, and many more!


There is no need for any experience in content creation! With the AI assistant provided by Decktopus, you can generate all types of content you need! All you have to do is answer five basic questions to allow Decktopus the best slides you need!

These questions are:

  • what is the topic of your slide,
  • who is your target audience,
  • what is your aim with this presentation,
  • how long your presentation will take,
  • and which template do you want to use.

Afterward, your slide with titles, graphs, images, logos, and everything you need will be ready to present in a matter of minutes! If you want to make any adjustments after, you can

Decktopus offers a wide range of templates that you can choose from. It has over 100 templates for different purposes, from business presentations to online courses. Thanks to that, you can make your presentation more appropriate for the occasion or purpose. Your presentation looks more professional, visually engaging, and or maybe colorful based on your choice of template. 

ai image

Decktopus also offers Rehearsal Mode for you to practice before your big day. You can measure the time for the presentation and still make changes after your rehearsal.

You can try Decktopus for FREE to decide whether it is suitable for your needs.

Grammar and Plagiarism Checks:

AI can also provide writing assistants. While composing an article as a blog writer or an essay as a student, AI can provide finishing touches and make your writing flawless. 

Grammar checkers, like Grammarly, can check grammar mistakes and misspelled words. It can also conduct a sentiment analysis on the writing, make changes to the tone of the language, and write some sentences if they are not appropriate.

Similarly, plagiarism checkers analyze your writing to ensure originality and correct paraphrasing. Free tools, such as Quillbot, can help to correct your writing.

AI Detectors:

With the advancements in AI writing, detecting AI writing is not easy. One can easily mistake AI writing for human writing. To ensure the originality and source of the content, AI detectors are the best option! Especially, educators use these tools to detect cheating. 

AI Detectors

There are many FREE ChatGPT detector tools! We especially recommend:

  • GPTZero
  • Winston.AI
  • Copyleaks

You may not be sure whether your content will pass the AI text detectors. However, for the content created by Decktopus, there is no need to worry! Decktopus will create 100% original content for you that can easily pass AI detectors!

Administrative Tasks:

There are many duties an educator has to complete in a day. Some tasks are more office-related and don't require input from the teachers. Process automation is an area AI can be really useful for. Grading, course schedules, appointment planning, assessing assignments, and providing feedback are a few areas in which AI can be useful. 

Individualized Learning:

Each student has a different pace, causing different needs. In reality, each teacher has over 30+ students to take care of, which causes a decrease in the quality of teaching, as well as time dedicated per student. AI is a special tutor for each student. Students can ask questions without fear of judgment, receive specialized training in any subject of their need, and become better students at their own pace. Furthermore, for students with special needs, AI provides accessibility and convenience that is not available in a real-life setting.

2. Social Media

Almost all social media platforms integrated AI algorithms into their user experience. AI can help create content, recommend content that you might be interested in, and serve targeted advertisements that users are likely to be interested in. Social media consistently provides specific content that you like based on your data. Afterward, you are more likely to open these apps again because they are constantly entertaining. That’s why social media is so addictive!

Also, to keep the content user-friendly and avoid spam, AI constantly tracks posts that violate guidelines. Keyword identification and image detection of AI play a crucial role in this detection.

Instagram: Instagram uses AI detection to detect posts that are against guidelines. Also, with the help of AI, users can create reels based on their story history. Last but not least, AI tracks down your likes, saved posts, and followed accounts to determine what to show on the explore tab.

Instagram also uses AI algorithms to understand the context of the messages and suggest appropriate emojis for them. For example, when you write “Yes” or “OMG,” three emojis are recommended to replace the text.

Twitter (X): Similar to Instagram, Twitter tracks down data on likes, followed accounts, and reposts to recommend tweets based on individual preferences. Twitter also uses AI for fraud detection, detecting hateful comments and inappropriate language. 

Facebook: Though Facebook has many similar algorithms to Twitter and Instagram, one feature distinguishes this app from others. Facebook has a face recognition feature. When you add a photo of yourself and your friends, Facebook algorithms recognize the people in the photo and provide their accounts for you to tag them in it!

Snapchat: Snapchat has recently launched a chatbots AI that allows users to engage in funny conversations, suggestions, or ideas. Though it is an evolving chatbot, its engagement provides game-like functions to the app. You can customize the appearance of the chatbot and the name of the chatbot! 

3. In Lifestyle

AI is part of our lives, whether the effect is small or large. Some are easier to recognize, and some are so embedded in our lives that it is not apparent. 

Self-Driving and Parking Cars:

Self-driving and parking cars use Deep Learning to navigate around. With the collaboration of image detectors and computer vision, automated or smart vehicles are able to think and drive like a human. Some might argue they are even better than humans, with decreased rates of accidents! These cars are able to stay in a given lane, track traffic data and guidelines, stop at red signs, allow pedestrians to cross the road, and control the speed limit. Still, there are some weaknesses in this technology, so it is important to be cautious!

  • An example can be Tesla, which is the most popular company producing autonomous self-driving cars. 
  • Another example is the Google Self-Driving Car Project, which is Waymo.

Facial Recognition:

For a long time, biometrics have been used as a password. With recent advancements, most of our passcodes now are our faces. Electronic devices, like our phones, PCs, and laptops, use facial recognition. More commonly known as Face ID, it analyzes facial features and uses face filters, a method for security is established. 

  • FaceID, or facial recognition systems, can be found in most Apple products and Microsoft's Windows Hello.

Smart Homes:

Smart home technology is another tool that uses AI technology. This technology tracks the preferences of homeowners to make adjustments to the appliances. For example, for the temperature of the thermostats, the app tracks the habits of the owners and maybe heats the home before their arrival. Similarly, by tracking when the lights are open and when they should be dim, the app first tracks and analyzes the home data and then automates the lights accordingly. Another smart home appliance is the smart refrigerator. These refrigerators are able to detect what is not in the fridge and create a grocery list! The functionality of smart homes is at the tip of our fingers within our smartphones!

smart home


AI technology is a huge help for mail. Curating a business email is never easy for several reasons. Howbeit, the AI assistant can create appropriate emails and send them at a pre-scheduled time. Grammar tools can also perfect your message! Another is for spam messages. AI can recognize the content of the emails. It can recognize spam messages and directly block or delete the emails. Also, some emails can be urgent, which AI will flag as important and place them on the top of your inbox!

  • The most popular email service is Gmail, provided by Google, and has been using this technology to create spam filters and block spam messages accurately. 

For more professional-looking emails, you need signature links to attach at the end of your emails! Decktopus has several templates to create email signature links! You can check our templates from here!

Digital Voice Assistants:

Another tool that has been in our lives for several years is digital voice assistants. These assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, use natural language processing to provide accurate information to our questions!


Netflix is an online streaming service. Netflix made an integration of AI system into their software to suggest to users what to watch next. Based on user analytics of what has been watched, the service curates individualized recommendations!

4. Finance

Finance is one of the best sectors to use AI expediency. Because of the compatibility between requirements for the finance sector and what AI is actually specified in (the real-time data processing tasks and analysis of a large quantity of data), AI has been widely used in finance. Thus, AI is able to provide automated investment advice based on the best investors' experiences. This technology allows users to experience algorithmic trading experience. Also, other applications, like IBM’s Watson, can provide advice on buying homes and real estate. Banks are also utilizing AI technology in their current system to create a more user-friendly experience.

AI technology

Fraud Prevention:

AI can track the transactions for any suspicious activity that may point to credit card fraud. This would be impossible to do by humans, as there is more data than a human can handle. By tracking the size and frequency of the transactions, AI can pinpoint when an activity is criminal. 

Checking Balance:

Most banking systems are now using AI to inform account owners of their activity. For example, automated mail or messages after a transaction or payment are common, which is a feature provided by AI. Thus, AI will immediately inform you if the transaction in your banking account is made by others. 

5. Marketing

In Marketing, Artificial Intelligence algorithms have provided many opportunities! By tracking customer data and making predictions, AI has allowed marketers to reach their target audience. This allows businesses to reach their target audience at the right place and time. Another use of AI for marketers is to create reports on the performance and marketing of businesses. By analyzing data on how business is and what factors affect the positive or negative slope, businesses can make right adjustments to their strategies. Many businesses take advantage of the opportunities AI has to offer!

Content Creation:

A business needs different types of content. It needs product descriptions, advertisements, slogans, and much more. Also, companies have started to post blog posts on their website to increase their website traffic. There are several free tools powered by AI to create these types of content. Thus easing the process and the cost of launching a business.

A business also needs perfect slides for several reasons. To bring in investments, launch your company, and present progress reports, you need professional-looking and easily created-slides! Decktopus is here to help, with more than 35+ templates specified in business!

Search Engine Optimization:

Though it is important to create high-quality content for your business, you have to make sure it will reach your target audience. AI can suggest appropriate keywords that content will be created from to reach a broader audience. Similarly, while creating content, SEO-optimization tools will help you to increase your ranking in Google search! Thus increasing your traffic on the website. 


6. Transportation

If we are talking about drastic improvements, traveling has come way too far from any of the sectors! Before technology, they had printed maps and travel guides. However, in recent years, with intensification, we can only reach GPS and online maps. With the inclusion of AI, everything changed!


Navigations and Maps:

With the AI addition on Google Maps and Apple Maps, we can travel everywhere from anywhere! You can choose the traveling type, see the alternative routes, and access public commute information with fees included! You can travel by bike, ferry, or train; the maps will offer you the best routes! With machine learning, these apps can even pinpoint when a bus is crowded or not or which roads should be avoided because of traffic or roadblocks.

  • Many logistics companies use navigation apps, like Uber, to create an optimal traveling experience. 

7. Healthcare

Though many people think that AI has no place in healthcare, this is a dead wrong judgment! In healthcare, Artificial Intelligence is widely used for numerous intents. For countries with paid healthcare systems, AI applications are a solution to decrease unnecessary costs! Also, by lessening the number of patients in the hospital, hospital staff gain time!


AI is able to analyze a large quantity of data and make interpretations from them. With machine learning, AI is able to identify some diseases based on tissues and cells. It can also suggest personalized treatments based on the course of the disease. AI is also able to scan X-rays and MRI results, and with the more frequent usage of this technology, the burdens of radiologists can lessen.

  • For example, cancer diagnosis heavily exploits AI algorithms. With the ease of AI, the diagnosis process and treatment decisions become more speedy and goal-oriented. 


For the discovery of new drugs, AI uses data records and medical intelligence. Though data digitization is a trend in pharmaceuticals, the interpretation of data to make sense of it is covered by AI functions. These algorithms give momentum to the discovery and lower the cost!

8. E-Commerce

With the introduction of machine learning and AI algorithms in the e-commerce sector, there is a huge explosion in online shopping. These technologies are able to curate the best options for you based on the little information provided. 

Online Shopping:

Let’s say you are looking for a “yellow scarf” on Amazon. There are lots of products listed after your search, even though their name doesn’t contain the keyword you are providing. This is possible with image detectors that are constantly analyzing and indexing products into categories. Thus enabling users to find the perfect match and increase sales!

Online Shopping

Product Recommendations:

Almost all shopping platforms, retailers like Amazon and AliExpress, recommend some products that are actually interesting to you. These recommendations are constructed specifically for you by AI algorithms. User data is collected in several domains. By analyzing your purchases, favorite products, and visited products, those algorithms make interpretations!

9. Art

You did not read wrong! AI is now able to create many art forms! Up until now, we have talked about how AI analyzes data and creates anything you want based on that analysis. A similar process takes part in the creation of art by AI algorithms. The difference is that what is analyzed is not numerical or quantitative data; rather they are other art pieces. 

Story Writers:

Some AI tools are specialized in generating creative writing content. After providing prompts, the tools can provide screenplays, novels, stories, and so on!

  • A perfect example of these tools is Sudowrite, which has a FREE trial that allows you to check out their algorithms. 

AI Image Generators:

Decktopus stands out with its AI Image Generator feature, offering users the ability to make their presentations more engaging and unique. This feature aims to enhance presentations by adding user-generated, content-specific visuals. Here are the advantages of Decktopus's AI Image Generator feature:

  1. Customizable Visuals: Users can create unique visuals based on text inputs. This is ideal for personalizing presentations and providing viewers with a unique experience.
  2. Quick and Easy to Use: Decktopus's user-friendly interface allows users to add original graphics, diagrams, and visual elements with just a few clicks, speeding up the presentation creation process.
  3. Attention-Grabbing Presentations: The AI Image Generator feature helps make ordinary presentations more attention-grabbing and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.
  4. Versatile Applications: Decktopus's AI features can be used in various fields, from business presentations to educational materials, enhancing creativity and interaction.

Decktopus's AI Image Generator feature enriches the presentation experience by empowering users to personalize content and create visually impressive presentations.

Similar to creative writing tools, AI image generators work in the same way! You just have to provide a general prompt for the content and style of the image you want to generate, and the tool will generate it for you! An example of this tool is Midjourney.

  • Midjourney is an AI-powered image generator tool that creates vivid and high-quality images. However, this tool works with prompts, as it is limited to the prompt you provided! The more detailed prompt, fueled with your creativity, will provide better results!
AI Image

Let’s say you are generating slides. Rather than finding images manually, Decktopus can find appropriate images for your slides. It can also make recommendations for alternative images! Decktopus provides a slide full of images, logos, graphs, and information!

10. Security

There are security cameras almost everywhere we go! However, it is not possible nor practical for humans to watch all of them to find abnormalities. AI comes into play as a solution to this problem. Object recognition and face recognition are improving technologies. Still, they have enough proficiency to use them in surveillance. AI algorithms keep monitoring and detecting data, thus allowing early detection of suspicious activity. Still, as these are new technologies, they are not able to be implemented fully. But the future is near!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How prominent is AI usage today?

AI can be found in almost all parts of our lives, whether we can observe it or not. In the above, we mentioned only some of its applications, but there are countless more!

How is user data collected?

Before signing up for a system or a website, without noticing, by accepting their terms and conditions, you give consent to the collection and usage of your data.

What sectors can AI be used?

AI can be used in many sectors. From vacuum cleaners to the education sector, AI has unlimited usage areas.

How do I choose AI vendors?

Each vendor provides a different service, with a different quality. It is important to search your options!

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