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May 8, 2024

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10 Strategies to Gain Customer Trust

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Discover ten strategies to gain customer trust and drive business success in this concise guide.

What's Inside?

Anybusiness that wants to grow, have more sales, and a better reputation mustlearn how to gain customer trust. Trust enables brands to build strongrelationships with their customers and become successful. For you to getcustomer trust, you must make them have an emotional connection with yourbusiness and ensure there is a better experience between the two. The guidewill discuss ten strategies companies can use to gain customer trust.

10 Strategies to Gain Customer Trust

1.   Good Customer Service

Good customer service involvesensuring you have well-trained customer care staff to handle customer issuesand queries 24/7. It lets you solve all the customer issues or questions ontime and a one-to-one basis. When customers like how you treat them and respondto their questions, they will trust you and even refer you to their friends,which leads to more sales. There are several CRM software that you can use,like Zendesk, to automate most of the customer service activities.

2.   Display of Testimonials andreviews from Past Clients

Go ahead and collect testimonialsand reviews from your past clients. For testimonials, it can be text-based orin the form of videos. The reviews and testimonials must highlight thecustomer's experiences with your products or services. Having good reviews andtestimonials will make your business gain customertrust quickly. The best way to get reviews and testimonials is to ask yourcustomers to do them after you offer them your service or goods.

Ensure to display them publiclyeven if the review or testimonial wasn't five stars to show your customers thatyou accept what your past clients said; don't delete them. Post your reviewsand testimonials on your website homepage, under the company blog, productpages, etc.

3.   Building Relationships with Your Customers

To create a good relationship withyour customers, there must be a connection using different methods. Mostbusinesses use advertisements on various platforms, sales agents, etc., to getcustomers' attention. Companies can also empathize with customers by showingthem how you love them and would like to solve their issues. It impacts howthey feel, and you end up gaining their trust.

Another way brands can use is tocommunicate regularly and do follow-ups in case of an issue. It makes themloyal, and they are likely to come back again. You can share with them usingemails, SMS, calls, etc. Remember to appreciate them whenever they visit youfor a particular good or service or solve their complaint.

4.   Collect Feedback and Action

Businesses should use differentways to collect customer feedback and take action immediately. Having feedbackcollection methods at your business shows how you care for your customer'sinterests and experience. Ensure your action is positive even when the customermay not be correct.

When taking action, ensure youmake them feel that their feedback was collected and action taken. Give themproduct recommendations, fix all the existing main issues, and do follow-upsafter a certain period, i.e., one month, to see if they still face the sameproblem. It shows how much you care for them, enabling your business to gaincustomer trust.

5.   Using Social Media

A social media presence providesbusinesses with social proof, giving customers more assurance about what youdo. You can use social media to display your goods and services, post aboutyour past clients, posting case studies to show how effective your services orgoods are.

It will also give you new clientsas they have already seen information about your business and you helped yourprevious and existing customers.

6.   Implement Security

If your business has an onlinepresence like running an e-commerce website, ensure you implement differentsecurity measures to protect sensitive data from cyber threats. Ensure youpurchase an SSL certificate and have it installed on your websites.

Browsers like Google Chrome warnyour customers not to visit websites without SSL certificates. Ensuring safetyincreases the chances of gaining customer trust. Acquire SSL certificate fromtrusted brands like Comodo, DigiCert, GeoTrust etc.

7.   Create Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs involve offeringdifferent types of incentives to your customers for you to build long-termrelationships. Most programs make customers stay with your business for longenough to get the loyalty plans provided.

For example, most supermarketsaward their customers points when they shop. The points are redeemable whenthey reach a certain number for either cash or a shopping voucher. Having suchprograms makes customers trust you and your brand easily.

8.   Have a target audience.

When you launch your new business,ensure you do enough proper research to understand who your customers are.Knowing who your audience is enables you to create personalized offers andexperiences rather than using the general approach. You must know what theywant, their issues, and how to fix them by coming up with different solutionsthat can satisfy them.

Once customers notice, youunderstand them, and you work hard for them to meet their needs. They willtrust you since you add value to them.

9.   Implement Transparency and Honestat Work

Be honest with all your company'sservices or goods to give customers an overview of what you deal with. Avoidusing claims that you invented that product or goods for the first time;instead, tell them why your product or service is better and what they willget. Provide them with all the required details, i.e., prices, what the offercontains, shipping cost if needed, etc. It will be easier for them to makedecisions.

Being more transparent and honestin your business will make you gain customer trust. Companies can also publishhow they work behind the scenes, list all the stories from the employees,respond to complaints, etc. Tell them how you handle their data with thirdparties in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). It provides them with moreknowledge about the company, and they feel you engage them in everything,making them trust you.

10. List all Your Company Values

Companies can create and display alist of values they believe in publicly. When customers come across them, itwill change how they used to view the company, and you will look more differentfrom others, making them trust you more. You must ensure that all your staffactions reflect all the values listed.


The article covered ten ways abusiness can implement to gain customer trust. Having customer trust enablesyour business to have a better relationship with your customers, leading tomore benefits like more sales. Many companies follow shortcuts and end upsuffering. All you need to do is to ensure that your customer is the first andtop priority. Implementing the above steps will keep you ahead of competitorsand make your clients trust you faster.


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