January 2, 2024

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5 Best AI Images to Text Tools in 2024

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Explore cutting-edge AI Image to Text Tools in 2024. Discover the top solutions revolutionizing image conversion with ease and efficiency.

What's Inside?

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The ease that AI has brought to humans is undeniable. It has made life easier, enhanced working efficiency, and made the hours task of seconds. 

One of its marvelous examples is “AI Image to Text Converter Tools Online”.

These tools operate on the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to read, translate, and recognize hand-written notes, typed or scanned images, or printed documents in any language. 

Unlike the paper form of documents, digital text is quite easy to edit, share, and store in digital devices. 

So we can say that these AI tools have successfully replaced the human effort of converting written information into digital form. 

This article will consist of the 05 best, well-reputed, and widely-used image to text converter, their features, pricing, pros, and cons. 

Best AI Images to Text Tools

1) Imagestotext.io

images to text

Imagestotext.io is one of the best-known images to text converter online. It features the most advanced OCR models to copy text from images, whether it is hand-written text, typed, or scanned documents. 

This AI tool is the most versatile, reliable, and absolutely free for unlimited usage. Its capability to translate images in all languages, support for all image formats, and batch image processing distinguishes it from the rest of the tools available online. 

The photo to text converter online provides the safest way to store confidential documents and replaces the need for physical storage of the documents. 

It is the fastest and the most accurate alternative to manual writing and typing to convert images to text. 


This picture to text converter is completely free for unlimited use and features the easiest-to-use interface to further facilitate its users. 


  • User-friendly and available 24/7 
  • An untiring replacement of human help 
  • Fast, reliable, and free for unlimited use 
  • Support all the commonly used image formats 
  • Batch image (up to 5/submission) processing 
  • Scalable text extraction (min. 5MB, max. 10MB/Image)
  • Offers Image to Text Converter Mobile App
  • Multilingual conversion of images to text
  • Best tool for all professionals and non-professionals 
  • Accurately recognize diverse fonts and distracted text
  • Extracted text will be free of grammar and spelling errors


  • Not available offline 

2) Nanonets.com 


Nanonets.com is another OCR tool that can convert images to text effortlessly. It utilizes AI algorithms to recognize human writing, distracted text, and text in multiple languages. 

The tool supports PNG, JPG, and PDF image formats and is capable of recognizing and converting graphical images to editable text. The digital form of the text is rather easy to edit, update, and revise. 


The image to text converter is absolutely free for unlimited use. 


  • Simplest to use design for single image processing 
  • Free for unlimited use
  • Fast, efficient, and accurate 
  • Absolutely secure for professionals 
  • Support multiple files (customized file type) 
  • Allows 10 images per submission 


  • Doesn’t feature a user-friendly interface 
  • Support only PNG, JPG, and PDF files

3) Aspose

Aspose.app is also a well-known image to text converter tool available online. Its built-in advanced OCR technology enables the tool to recognize and translate images in any language into editable text which is rather easy to edit and share.  


It can extract text from images, URLs, screenshots, Twitter feeds, Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses, and any other file in PDF in Word form. 

The image to text converter features the easiest layout for the ease of novices and to save time for the professionals. It is compatible with all the widely-used image formats and offers multilingual image to text conversion. 


This tool is completely free, no features locked.


  • User-friendly 
  • Versatile, reliable, and efficient  
  • Compatibility with all the existing image formats 
  • Faster and accurate 
  • Recognize URLs for the image link 
  • Multilinguistic image to text conversion 
  • Allows image insertion from device or dropbox


  • Limited features in the free version 

4) Onlineocr.net                         

Onlineocr.net features the latest OCR models to extract text from images. It supports PDF, Tiff, PNG, and BMP image formats, and multiple languages to convert multi-linguistic images to digital text. 

One of its unique features is that it allows the user to choose the type of output file format (MS Word, MS Excel, txt., etc.).


The photo to text converter online can be used for quick translation of menus, captions, signboards, etc., book digitization, and the first step in preparing structured information for a data mining set.


The image to text converter is completely free for unlimited use and does not demand any sign-up similar formalities. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Free for unlimited use
  • Supports all image formats
  • Multilinguistic image to text conversion 
  • Fast, reliable, and accurate 
  • Maximum image size should be less than 15MB 
  • Output file format choice (MS Word, MS Excel, txt.)


  • Doesn’t support batch-image processing  

5) Picwish

Picwish.com is another widely trusted online OCR tool that is used to convert images to text in the blink of an eye.

 It is a simple-to-use, quick, and reliable tool to copy text from books, PDFs, screenshots, old or blurry images, or handwritten notes. 


The built-in Tesseract and Python libraries enable the tool to perform pre and post-text extraction refinement, especially a brief grammar check. 

It supports all image formats, batch image processing, multilinguistic text extraction, and mathematical syntax detection. 


The tool is free for all features.


  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with all image formats 
  • Detect mathematical syntax 
  • Recognize blurry images 
  • Fast and reliable 
  • Multilingual text extraction from images 
  • A safe and authentic platform for data security 


  • Support only JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF files.
Features ImagestoText.io Nanonets.com Aspose.app OnlineOCR.net Picwish.com
Max. Batch-Image Processing in the Free version 5 10 1 1 1
Max. Image Size (MB) 10 10 10 15 10
Output File Format
Premium Plan Completely free Completely free Completely free Completely free Completely free


All the above-mentioned AI tools are the most efficient, reliable, and affordable for effortless image to text conversion. 

Imagestotext.io is leading among the rest of the image to text converters due to its versatile features and affordability. It is well-known for the efficient conversion and translation of visual content into digital text. 

However, all tools have their specifications along with a few limitations, while multilingual text extraction, accurate content extraction, compatibility with all image formats, and free image-to-text extraction are the features are common to all. 


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