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December 21, 2023

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AI in Education: A Glimpse into the Future of Student Learning

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

A Look at the Future otudent Learninf Sg with AI in Education!" This article investigates artificial intelligence's expanding involvement in education and its ability to affect the student learning experience.

What's Inside?

The last couple of years have marked the rise of artificial intelligence. Even five years ago, it was something from a sci-fi movie for most people. You heard these words before, but you didn’t really know how to use AI in your daily life. Today, on the other hand, every student can log into chatGPT and test out what artificial intelligence can do!

AI is receiving more and more attention right now. Everybody is curious to know how to use it for themselves. In reality, it has been changing the way we work and live for several years now. Even these small chatbots on every website are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, you might have been using AI for quite some time without even knowing it!

The learning process is not an exception to this trend. There are many new opportunities for both students and teachers that come with AI. Even when you use a paper writer service, you can’t really know for sure who you are talking to online, whether it’s a person or AI. Of course, the best papers are still produced by expert human writers, and no AI tool can change that! Nonetheless, when it comes to writing my papers, both AI and human expertise can play significant roles.

Are you curious about discovering how AI is used in education today? This article is just for you! Here is everything you need to know about the future of artificial intelligence in student learning!  

Benefits of using AI in education

There is a lot of talk about how AI and ML transform the learning process. But in reality, not every student might feel this big change. Sure, teachers don’t start using robots or other innovative technologies in their classrooms. They often don’t have spare funds for something radical and huge. However, there are some subtle changes that can make your life better.
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Personalized learning for everyone

This might be the biggest benefit of artificial intelligence for students. AI can create a personalized learning experience for everyone involved in this process. It’s no secret that every learner has a different learning style and speed. Before AI, it was almost impossible to pay more attention to each student and create a personalized plan for everyone without losing quality.

Luckily, with AI and ML, the progress of each student can be tracked and monitored during the school year. This way, teachers don’t have to constantly look through hundreds of essays and papers to see if everything is up to date! Ai algorithms can do all the hard work. Here is what teachers can delegate to artificial intelligence helpers:

  • Change the difficulty of the coursework
  • Adjust the curriculum if needed
  • Suggest some additional resources for students
  • Make recommendations about the teaching approach

No more routine administrative tasks

As it was already mentioned, schools and colleges don’t always have the biggest budget to spare on administrators and other supporting staff. There are a lot of activities that need a lot of time and resources, like paper grading, creating a schedule, and filling out the paperwork. So why not use AI for these tasks? Just imagine how much more free time your educator will have!

For example, AI can grade some simple tests, like multiple-choice exams. This is a repetitive task that also takes up a lot of time. This is also a part of student research and innovation that makes life easier for everyone! As a result, educators will have more spare time to dedicate to their students and also get constructive feedback from AI at the same time.

Smart content creation

Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars on a textbook that you only used once during the semester? American colleges often struggle with providing a balanced experience for their residents that don’t require spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With AI, textbooks and other additional materials can be transformed into interactive resources.

You can agree that going through an ancient city through virtual reality is far more interesting than sitting in front of a textbook! Also, with the help of natural language processing, AI can transform your traditional textbook into an interactive e-book with quizzes, simulations, and multimedia elements. You will definitely have more fun this way and learn all at once!

What are the challenges and limitations of AI?

This technology is still fairly new in our daily lives. Of course, only some things are amazing about using AI in the classroom. There are still a lot of aspects that need to be addressed before claiming that AI will save the world, or at least student education. There are many ethical, legal, and general considerations, even in spite of the huge advantages of AI in education.

Let’s take a look at those issues that raise a lot of questions in the educational community right now:

  • Data privacy and security. This is a huge concern right now, especially with private info. When you use the best legit essay writing service, you know that your data is protected. With AI, there is no such guarantee, especially when the information is stored in the cloud.
  • Bias of AI algorithms. The AI algorithms are only as good as the data they are trained on. In other words, if you feed incorrect or biased information to your AI tool, it won’t be impartial anymore. This is a huge concern that calls for regular audits and transparent algorithm development.
  • Not a lot of human interactions. Don’t think that new educational tools will replace your teachers. This is just a helping hand in the classroom, which serves as additional material for the educator. You don’t have to rely only on AI-generated insights because they might be incorrect.
  • Misinterpretation of received student information. Even with test grading, AI algorithms can miss out on important notes or context. This is why professors can’t rely on AI-powered tools every day and still need to double-check everything unless the test was specifically designed for an AI assistant. 
  • Technological and financial limitations. Not every school can afford to integrate AI into their daily activities. This digital divide can result in unequal opportunities for learning across different institutions.


Experts say that human and machine collaboration is the future of education. You can say the same about our lives in general! Artificial intelligence is not going anywhere, so we just need to accept it and learn how to use it to our advantage!

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