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Use Case Series: A user-friendly all in one presentation tool for lead generation

In this article, we are introducing another active member of Decktopus. Meet Kevin a member of Decktopus, a full-time realtor, and a digital agency owner.

March 14, 2023

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This article is prepared by Decktopus Content Team

What's Inside?

Our users matter! As Decktopus, we capitalize on keeping the communication channels open with our users to better understand their personal and business needs, as well as add any new features they may need to our roadmap. In 2021, it is essential for businesses to keep listening to their users and transform their journeys intuitively and specifically tiered to their needs. Optimum UI/UX interface requires a seamless and user-friendly interface, in addition to a platform that is responsive to various user types and personas.

In this respect, we conduct user testimonials and case studies with our prominent and loyal user base to better understand how the Decktopus journey is employed across different industries and how we can better serve users by listening to how they use Decktopus.

Without further ado, here is Keving Teh: another active member of Decktopus. Kevin is a full-time realtor, and a digital agency owner who loves Decktopus!

Who is Kevin Teh?

He graduated with a Diploma and a Bachelors’s in Business Administration. Upon graduation, he worked as a Business Development Executive for 2 years. At the age of 25, he took a career change to be a front-end developer. Since then he has been constantly learning and improving his knowledge at front-end development, backend, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and server hosting. Just recently in 2020, He became a full-time realtor and a digital agency owner. Check his work here and find him on LinkedIn.

A Human Touch to Get More Leads

We when we asked Kevin his past experiences on creating presentations and documents before using Decktopus and he mentions his old experience as a “double effort” as “In the past, I used PowerPoint and Keynote as my go-to tools for presentation. It requires double the effort to create a stunning presentation and often times I find myself running out of ideas.”. He adds he was looking for a tool to save time and he can add a human touch. He expresses this as “I am looking for a tool where I could add some human touch to get more leads for my businesses. The ability to have a recording playback and video embed feature on each slide bring life and convenience to my presentation. Great features on Decktopus!”

Truly Personalized Presentation

As we talked further he mentioned his favorite features on Decktopus “Ease of use, able to set brand colors and make changes within minutes. Best of all, allow access to CNAME with on-page lead generation form. Also, it can be embedded easily on external platforms like Nimbus and on any website. Decktopus allows me to provide truly personalized presentations to my clients with ease.”. What can we say… Those are our favorite features too!

One of the funny things is when we asked him if he ever asked for feedback on his Decktopus decks and if anyone noticed the change. He said, “I didn’t ask for feedback yet. But If I do, I assume the answer would be a big fat YES.”.

His description of Decktopus is “A user-friendly all in one presentation tool for lead generation.“

Do you think COVID affected the real estate industry and if it did, how?

Yes. Due to movement restrictions, estate agents have been relying on digital tools and platforms to conduct virtual presentations and e-signing more than ever.

What would be the one suggestion you would give to your beginner self?

Learn the fundamentals right. Fundamental beats speed. Only when you have the fundamentals right, then try for something new to connect and expand your fundamentals.

Well, that is one useful piece of advice!

As Kevin mentions, Decktopus is for everyone who is looking to have a seamless and easy-to use document or presentation creation journey across all industries. Just visit our comprehensive template list that is applicable for many business and academic purposes, select a design, enter in the content and easily collaborate. What's more collect lead generation data through embedded forms and engage with your audience to convert them into returning users!

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