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5 Ways To Make Board Meetings More Valuable

Board meetings are evolving. Gone are the days when these meetings only revolved around Sales. Today, board meetings consist of a 360 view of the organization. They focus on the holistic performance of the company.

May 16, 2022

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What's Inside?

In this article, I will highlight 5 ways you can gain more value from your upcoming board meeting:

Always set objectives 

Having an agenda is important but even more important is to define the objective of the board meeting. Mentioning the objective at the start ensures that there will be a defined outcome at the end.
A simple statement like “This board meeting will be a success if [insert objective] is decided” will make the members of the meeting aware of the actual reason behind the meeting and also help achieve it.

Review past strategy and create a strategy for the future

Board meetings can be a place to discuss market dynamics, analyze competitive moves, and decide the future direction. CEOs should use the board meeting to review strategies, discuss different scenarios and decide the core responsibilities throughout the board.

Focus on the right numbers

One key objective of every board meeting is to have a look at the ongoing health of the company. So to do this it is very important to source the right metrics. Since businesses have evolved, today they look into every aspect of the business and not just the sales. Here are some key metrics that a business should present:

1. Revenue metrics - MRR, gross margins, operating income, profit report.

2. Product metrics - Top products, upcoming products, pricing

3. Customer metrics - Customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, customer retention rate, number of loyal customers.

Appreciate individuals and acknowledge their performance

Employees are the real asset of any business. True leaders know the importance of recognizing potential and acknowledging them. Board meetings can be an excellent way to acknowledge functional leaders and get their valued opinions to strategize better.

Gather one-on-one feedback 

Another aspect of a good board meeting is collecting confidential feedback. The board meeting can be a great way to discover executive team compositions, highlight capability gaps, and discuss succession plans.

Over to you

Board meetings shouldn’t be boring or monotonic. You can make them fun, insightful, and groundbreaking by following the 5 ways explained in this article. Do try them out and let me know your favorite strategy in the comment section below.

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