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Blank & Crib Minimal Cheat Sheet Template
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Blank & Crib Minimal Cheat Sheet Template

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Blank & Crib Minimal Cheat Sheet Template

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Blank & Crib Minimal Cheat Sheet Template

Create a study sheet for your online course, a comprehensive summary for your exam and assignment preparation. If your university or high school project seems daunting, or the exam is right around the corner, this is your way to prepare and take the best grade possible.

What Should your Online Cheat Sheet Template Include

Course Name 

What is the cheat sheet about? What online course are you preparing the cheat sheet for? You don’t want your cheat sheets getting mixed up. 

Cheat Sheet Owner

Give yourself some credit. If you are looking to share this cheat sheet online, you are going to want to give yourself some spotlight. What are your credentials? 

Online Course Guidelines

What are common questions students face when taking this online course for the first time and what are the answers to avoid these issues? 

Online Course Checklist

What are some must-haves and must-dos for this online course and what should you do to ace this class? Plan on what you should be including in this online cheat sheet. 

Mistakes to Avoid in this Course

Don’t miss a class, we take attendance in this online course! Reminders like these are important in outlining the expectations of this online course and can help you shape your cheat sheet accordingly. 

Cheat Sheet Quality Indicators

What determinants will you use to ensure your cheat sheet and understanding of the online course is up to par. 

Online Course Tools

What online tools can students use to help in this course?

Online Course Coaching & Consultation

Offer a form for students to get in touch with you so that you can consult them over this online course and provide them with coaching throughout this cheat sheet.

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