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Announces-Publish SMART Announcements

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Access 500+ alternatives 🚀  Try 5 samples 👉🏻

Access 500+ alternatives 🚀  Try 5 samples 👉🏻

Proposals ready with one click, no more hours wasted!


Announces-Publish SMART Announcements

Save 90% of your time & access 100+ Proposal Templates with a single tool

Save 90% of your time & access 100+ 


Templates with a single tool

Decktopus’ 67-Page Business Plan Template will help you present your business in a detailed and effective way.


Announces-Publish SMART Announcements

helped over 5,000 businesses close deals. Everything is 100% customizable, including texts, colors, images, layouts.

Forms & Payment

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Branded Sharing Links

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Templates ->

Announces-Publish SMART Announcements

Reach out to Announces to get all the secrets about multiplying your content and their services from here.

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"Saves lots of time!"


"I love the many templates that they have available. It speeds up the creation process rather than have you start from scratch which saves lots of time!"

Shade O.

Founder in Information Technology & Services

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Features that boost your productivity

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Runs on cloud

You don't need to download any external programs to create or view documents.

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Online sharing

Forget about attaching heavy files. Share your document with a single link.

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Beautiful templates

All templates prepared by professional designers.

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Royalty free visuals

Access to millions of beautiful images, icons, GIFs and Quotes instantly.

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Voice recording

Record your voice on pages and present as if you were there.

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Work on the same document with your co-workers.

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PDF/PPT export

Download your document in PDF/PPT format.

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Practice your document with a timer and your transcript.

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Presentation tips

Learn more about presenting.

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Embed forms

Make your documents interactive! Embed forms and collect information from your audience.

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Custom domain

Your document is accessible under your own domain.

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See how many times your documents were viewed and which slide has a higher bounce rate.

"Decktopus saves us lots of time and money."

Christian D.

Fonder of Agence Littoral


What our clients say about us


"Send links and collect the information directly"

Brilliant presentation tool that saves a lot of time! Forms and survey functionality is a great addition.

posted on Capterra

Christopher N.

Quality Specialist


"Quickiest way to creating great slides"

Decktopus app is a time saver, because I procrastinate a lot. The brilliance of Decktopus is that I am not burdened with non-essential details.

posted on G2

Hendy I.

Chief Information Officer


"Excellent alternative to MS PowerPoint"

I love it. I create all my weekly client presentations in Decktopus. I reckon it saves me at least 2 hours every week.

posted on Capterra

Vishal S.

Owner of Marketing Agency


"Full-Taco Product & Support"

In less than an hour, I created a 17-slide presentation that got the project approved!

posted on AppSumo

Billy J.

Startup Founder


"Great potential and an outlook for the future"

We make countless presentations and often send them as PDF. Just the possibility to send a presentation by link is great.

posted on AppSumo

Andreas D.

Startup Founder


"Excellent for presentations and huge time-saver"

I'm the CEO of a startup as well as an academic, so I have to prepare PowerPoints all the time. Decktopus is a huge time-saver and, for the first time in my life, all my slides had the same style!

posted on AppSumo

Mano E.

Chief Executive Officer

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Templates ->

Announces-Publish SMART Announcements

Reach out to Announces to get all the secrets about multiplying your content and their services from here.

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How is Decktopus different from other presentation software?

In classical presentation tools, you start with a blank slide and have to struggle with design & formatting. In Decktopus there are layouts, you just type your content into the editor area. Then, Decktopus converts your content into a good-looking slide automatically & instantly.

Decktopus is more than a presentation tool. You can insert forms into the slide and let your audience deliver information. In this way, you can create leads or collect any other information within the slide.

Do I need to download a program?

No, Decktopus works on the cloud. That means you can create, view and share your presentation without any external program.

Can I use Decktopus on my mobile phone or iPad?

Yes! You can create, edit or present your documents on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. You don’t need to download any software, it is easily accessible via your mobile browser with its complete set of functionality.