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Hey there! In case you didn’t know, here at Decktopus, users come first. That is why we recently launched a joint campaign with Appsumo, giving our beloved users lifetime PRO membership for only 49 dollars. For your reference, you can claim the deal here.

This deal came with two main benefits both for us and for our users. The first was, of course, giving a larger audience unrestricted access to the benefits of our pro membership. The second, was granting an additional platform where current and prospective users could ask us anything about the product and what it offers. We were delighted to receive a host of great reviews and solid questions from the community, giving us a significant reminder of why we do what we do. To make it easier for you, we gathered the most frequently asked questions in this blog and shared the answers gathered by our expert team.

Top Questions from our Users Answered

1. What does Decktopus have to offer that is different than your competitors?

Decktopus capitalizes on speed and design offerings. It is objectively the fastest presentation tool in the market. Further, Decktopus isn’t a design tool; rather, it takes away all the design related requirements off your hands. Users are further invited to focus on the content and the rehearsal process. Other tools allow for extensive customization, which consumes a significant amount of time. That is why Decktopus offers limited customization so that users can find select options that are specific to their needs.

2. Is it possible to download Decktopus presentations in ppt format?

Decktopus currently doesn’t allow downloading in ppt format. But, throughout the campaign we have been requested the ppt import/export feature extensively and are planning to implement this feature very soon.

3. Will there be CNAME?

CNAME has been the number one most requested feature throughout our AppSumo campaign. In our most recent team meeting, integrating CNAME was on top of our agenda and the update is underway.

4. Is it possible to insert a presentation on a website (with an embed code)?

Currently, you can insert the public sharing link into iframe tags, to easily embed the presentation into a website. However, given the overwhelming request, we have decided to update the product to provide the code to you directly.

5. Can users upload their own fonts to match their brand?

Like other features, the custom font feature will be available very soon.

6. Are there any animations for text and images? What about transitions between slides?

We like to keep things simple. That is why we intentionally do not offer these slide elements. Decktopus favors simplicity and minimal design standards.

7. Are there any presentation analytics available for viewing and sharing?

You can rest assured that this feature is on our roadmap and when implemented, it will be available through the Appsumo plan!

Join our Slack Channel!

Given the immense feedback on our campaign, we wanted to keep the conversation going with our users. We created a product roadmap where we are inviting our users to take part in the product improvement processes. If you want to take part, join our slack channel! Sign up now on any device. Thank you again for being a valuable part of our community. Decktopus your world!

Quick Updates for 2021

Some of these features are already integrated! If you are lost in any part of the funnel, check out our tutorial video here.

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