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October 26, 2023

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How AI Can Help Create A Stunning Presentation In 2023

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An excellent presentation is essential for effective communication. This blog article provides practical advice for improving your presenting abilities. It gives crucial insights to help you produce great presentations, from selecting the proper title to slide design.

What's Inside?

Engaging an audience in the digital age requires more than a monotone speech and boring presentations. With the constant influx of information, how do you create a stunning presentation that stands out, makes an impact, and stays memorable? 

The secret lies in leveraging the best presentation software powered by Artificial Intelligence and choosing the perfect template for your presentation slides. By harnessing AI's capabilities, these software solutions are transforming the way we create and deliver presentations. 

Presentations have undergone significant changes throughout their evolution and continue to evolve. They have transitioned from traditional charts to PowerPoint slides, and nowadays, the process of creating a slideshow became more streamlined with the availability of presentation software both online and offline.

In this article, we'll navigate the world of AI-powered presentations, specifically focusing on AI in PowerPoint. We'll dig into its numerous features that enhance your presentations, like seamless transitions, voice commands, data insights, text automation, improved visuals, attractive animations, and design suggestions.

By the end, you'll be armed with the knowledge to use AI to create striking, impactful presentations that capture your audience's attention. 

Can AI In PowerPoint Really Outshine Old-School Presentations?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding "Yes." Traditional presentations often suffer from design inconsistencies, unimaginative transitions, and text-heavy slides. They also take a considerable amount of time to create, particularly for those without a background in design.

AI in PowerPoint seeks to address all these issues. It ensures design consistency by suggesting designs based on the slide contents. It also provides smooth transitions that make your presentations dynamic, holding your audience's attention. It does all this while cutting down the time required to create the presentation.

5 Crucial Points To Consider When Choosing The Best AI For Presentations

stunning presentation - selecting the best AI for presentations

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Before you can fully unleash the potential of AI in your presentations, pick the right tool for the job. With AI tools, you have the perfect template for creating a compelling presentation, whether it's for marketing presentations, video presentations, or business presentations.

But with a multitude of AI tools available, how do you know which one is the best fit for your needs? Here are key criteria to consider when selecting an AI for your presentations:

A. Usability

The AI tool’s usability is a main priority. Look for a tool that's user-friendly and intuitive. You don't want to spend more time figuring out how to use the tool than creating your presentation.

B. Compatibility With PowerPoint

If you're primarily using PowerPoint for your presentations, make sure that the AI tool you choose is compatible with it. It should seamlessly integrate with PowerPoint, enhancing its existing capabilities rather than working independently.

C. Personalization Features

Personalization is one of the key strengths of AI. The best AI for presentations will learn from your preferences and habits over time, tailoring its suggestions and recommendations to your unique style.

To create an engaging presentation, leverage the power of AI and focus on using visual elements, balancing white space, and incorporating stock photos where needed.

One important aspect of creating the perfect presentation is choosing the right color themes. Whether it's color blocks, bold colors, dark colors, or vibrant colors, the choice of color can influence the audience's mood and reception of your message. Using a consistent color scheme can make your slides look cohesive and professional.

D. Variety Of Features

Look for an AI tool that offers a wide array of features. The more features it has, the more flexibility and control you'll have over your presentations. Features to look out for include automated design suggestions, seamless transitions, voice commands, data visualization, and more.

E. Customer Support And Tutorials

Don’t forget to keep an eye on customer support, available tutorials, and guides. In an industry that's always on the move, having a skilled team by your side, especially when you're just getting started can be a game-changer. Platforms like Catena can help you in this area - they specialize in helping you hire the right people who can make the most of these advanced tools.

Choosing the right AI tool for your presentations may require some trial and error, but it's worth the effort. The right tool can revolutionize your presentation creation process, saving you time and helping you create visually stunning and engaging presentations. 

How To Create An Impressive PowerPoint Using AI

As we delve into the world of AI-powered presentations, remember that your presentation deck isn't just about the piece of content, it's also about the presentation itself. A compelling deck can help you deliver your message more effectively. 

Pitch decks are particularly important for businesses and entrepreneurs as they can make or break a potential investment. Similarly, using the right color themes can drastically improve your presentation's aesthetics.

It also provides smooth transitions that add dynamism to your presentations, holding your audience's attention. Creating a compelling presentation using AI might sound complicated, but with the right tools and a bit of know-how, it's surprisingly straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Take Advantage of AI-Powered Presentation Tools

Even before you open PowerPoint, consider exploring AI-powered presentation tools. These tools use AI algorithms to design professional and attractive slides, doing most of the heavy lifting for you. You simply provide the text, and the AI does the rest. Below are some notable AI-powered presentation tools worth exploring:

1.1 Decktopus

  • Content Suggestions: Offers real-time content suggestions to enhance your message.
  • Effortless Design: Uses AI to design professional-looking presentations based on your content.
  • Automated Aesthetics: Automatically selects fonts and colors that complement your content and theme, maintaining a cohesive and appealing visual style.

To illustrate this, here’s an example. Let’s assume we’re preparing a presentation on affordable travel industry deals and their diverse pricing structures. You choose to spotlight 'Going', a company known for its budget-friendly flight offers.

Your audience could be anyone – they could be potential customers scouting for affordable travel options, investors eager to find out about cost-effective airline models, or even industry hotshots who are all about dissecting competitive pricing strategies. 

No matter who they are, Decktopus has got it covered. It tweaks your presentation on the fly to make sure it talks to each of them effectively.

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2. Post-Presentation Evaluation And Analysis With AI

In the past, gauging the effectiveness of your presentations may have relied heavily on audience feedback or personal self-evaluation. With AI, we can now access detailed analyses and metrics that provide insightful data about our presentations.

AI tools like Microsoft's MyAnalytics can help you understand your presentation's impact better. For instance, it can track how much time you spent on each slide, giving you insights into whether your pacing was appropriate or whether certain sections may need to be condensed. 

Furthermore, AI tools can also track audience engagement during online presentations, providing information like when viewership peaked and which slides were the most engaging.

Remember, creating stunning presentations is not just about delivering them; it's also about continually learning and improving. With AI, you can now measure your presentation's impact more accurately and make necessary adjustments for future presentations.

2.1 Leveraging AI for Content Enhancement

While tools like MyAnalytics give insights into presentation engagement, the evolution doesn't stop there. You can find AI tools that offer suggestions to enhance your content based on the data. They might suggest alternative visuals, simpler language, or even new data points that resonate more with your audience. 

2.2 Understanding Audience Sentiment

Imagine knowing how to gauge your audience’s emotional reaction to each segment of your presentation. Several advanced AI tools can analyze the question’s tone during Q&A sessions or measure sentiment from feedback forms. This way, you don’t just know which slides were engaging but also how they made your audience feel. 

2.3 Improving Delivery With AI

Your content might be top-notch, but how you deliver it is equally crucial. AI-driven tools can assess your speech clarity, pacing, and even your tone. Were there moments you sounded unsure? Or perhaps there were instances where your excitement overshadowed key points? Getting feedback on your delivery lets you practice and perfect your delivery skills.

2.4 Seamless Integration Of Feedback

After collating feedback, the next challenge is integrating it seamlessly. AI can help prioritize areas of improvement and generate revised slides or sections of your presentation. It’s not about replacing the human touch but enhancing it. With these suggestions, you keep your presentation's essence while making sure it's optimized for the best response.

2.5 Predictive Analysis For Future Presentations

Beyond refining your current deck, AI can use the gathered data to predict the success of future presentations. Understanding trends from past presentations and merging them with new data lets you forecast which sections will be a hit and which might need reworking.

AI in the post-presentation phase isn’t just about looking back; it's about preparing you for future success. Every feedback loop, every piece of data, and every suggestion lets you be a more effective communicator to make your message resonate and leave a lasting impression.

3. Embrace AI Assistance For Accessibility

Accessibility in presentations is often overlooked but it's an area where AI shines. Utilizing AI for accessibility not only enhances your presentation for people with disabilities but also expands your reach to a larger audience.

For example, consider using AI in a presentation focused on senior care and safety, specifically discussing smart home technologies like medical alert systems or automated lighting. The AI can generate live captions and subtitles, which are crucial for hard-of-hearing audience members or for presentations in noisy environments.

Moreover, when showing images or diagrams of these smart technologies, the AI can create descriptive tags, known as alt text, making the visual content more accessible to visually impaired individuals. 

Microsoft's AI features include live captions and subtitles, helpful for hard-of-hearing audience members or for presentations in noisy environments. AI’s ability to make presentations more inclusive is a significant advantage that cannot be overlooked.

4. Harnessing AI For Interactive Presentations

In the digital age, audiences often expect interactivity as part of presentations. AI can deliver on this expectation by making presentations more interactive and engaging.

Tools like Microsoft's PowerPoint Presenter Coach use AI to provide real-time feedback as you rehearse your presentation. It can suggest improvements in pacing, suggest when to take pauses, and even point out when you're using filler words.


Creating a stunning presentation requires more than just an interesting topic. Remember that stunning presentations are about more than just bold colors and interesting visual elements. Your presentation templates play a crucial role too. The perfect presentation is a balance of content, design, and delivery. 

Whether you're delivering marketing presentations, video presentations, or Pitch presentations, AI tools can help you achieve the perfect balance, transforming your good presentation into an awesome presentation. 

It not only simplifies the design process but also enhances the accessibility and reach of your message. However, don't just take our word for it. Explore the power of AI in presentations for yourself. Visit Decktopus, the world's #1 AI-Powered Presentation Generator, and experience firsthand how AI can transform your presentation creation process. 

Whether you're presenting about AI itself, senior care, solar panels, or any other topic, Decktopus can help you deliver a more powerful, inclusive, and engaging message. Give it a try today and revolutionize your presentations. 

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Burkhard Berger is the founder of Novum™. He helps innovative B2B companies implement revenue-driven SEO strategies to scale their organic traffic to 1,000,000+ visitors per month. Curious about what your true traffic potential is?

Burkhard Berger

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