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June 13, 2024

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How to [Write] a Perfect Outline for Proposal Writing in 2023: Project and Business Proposals

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Do you want to create a proposal outline? Decktopus can create AI-powered proposals for your projects/businesses for you in seconds! Choose one of the templates and let it do it magic!

What's Inside?

A proposal is an official document about your project, business, research, strategy, and so on. There are many types of proposals, depending on your aim, purpose, and audience. 

You may want to create: 

  • Business Proposal
  • Project Proposal
  • Grant Proposal
  • Sales Proposal
  • Marketing Strategy Proposal
  • Product Proposal 
  • Sponsorship Proposal
  • Research Proposal

A proposal is a comprehensive report. All aspects should be considered when combining a proposal. Thus, before writing, you should plan what to write by creating an outline. If not, you may forget to add some parts, or team members may face some problems.

For a clear and easy writing process, creating an outline is always suggested. An outline will help the organization of information. Since an outline indicates what to write and where to write it, it will create a smooth writing process. Decision-making will be done before writing!

proposal writing

An outline is also useful when working on a project as a team. One of the most used proposal types is a business proposal.

A business proposal is a long and comprehensive document. An average business proposal is nine pages long. Which usually requires working as a team.

Creating an outline will make it possible to divide the parts and increase the communication between team members. 

In this post, we will focus on how to write and create a proposal outline, with examples from different types of proposals.

What is a proposal outline?

A business proposal outline includes all the parts of a proposal. An outline is a preparation to start writing the comprehensive proposal.

An outline can be created by indicating all the headings. Together with the headings, you may also take small notes on what to include in each part. By doing so, you will plan out your business proposal before writing it, which will make the decision-making process easier afterward!

Sample Proposal Outline Format

So, what should a proposal outline include? The components of a proposal change depending on your aim. Though we provided an outline for a proposal, think about your needs and what you should emphasize in your work.

As proposals come in great variety, their components are subject to change as well. The outline should be a breakdown of the components of the proposal.

An ideal proposal outline should look like this: 

  1. Title Page 
  2. Executive Summary 
  3. Table of Contents 
  4. Introduction
  5. Problem Statement or Needs Analysis
  6. Proposed Solution 
  7. Objectives and Goals- Deliverables
  8. Qualifications 
  9. Target Audience
  10. Methodology
  11. Timeline 
  12. Pricing and Budget Overview
  13. Customer Testimonials or Case Studies
  14. Terms and Conditions 
  15. Agreement
  16. Conclusion
  17. Call to Action
  18. Appendices

Though this outline is comprehensive, you can also create other proposal outlines as well. Think about what you want to emphasize in your proposal and customize these components. For example, for a project outline, you may not need a pricing section. But you should emphasize your methodology and timeline!

What to add to your proposal changes greatly, depending on your purpose. For example, for an accounting services template, you may want to add a financial analysis and consulting to your outline. However, for an investment proposal, you may want to focus on the services provided.

By using Decktopus’s templates, you can easily turn these outlines into sections in your proposal presentations. 

  • A timeline in your proposal can be visualized as below.
  • Another template includes a table of contents section as below. These templates make it easier for you to create these sections in seconds!
  • You can also present your value proposition and qualifications with these AI-generated and visually engaging slides!

If you have doubts about what you want to add to your proposal, you may want to look at the YouTube video below. In this video, you can find some tips that can help create a proposal outline.

Tips for Writing Proposals Outline

  • For an effective proposal, one should be able to convey all the important information.
  • A proposal should cover all the questions one may come up.
  • The main aim of a proposal is to convince the reader. You should be able to convince an investor, a researcher, or a committee to support or invest in your project or business. 
  • After creating your outline, add little notes about what to write under each headline. For instance, you can list your objectives and goals. Thus, it will be a more inclusive outline.
  • Add specific deadlines on your outline. You can see the project milestones clearly!

How to Write a Proposal Outline?


Decktopus is a multi-functional presentation tool. For creating professional-looking slides, Decktopus is the best option! This AI-powered slide-maker has over 100+ templates that can be fitted for all your needs.

Decktopus has a wide range of templates for proposals. Discover the convenience of Decktopus's Business Proposal Template Library, where you can easily find the perfect template for your needs. Use Decktopus as a proposal maker!

You can find templates for: 

  • Business Proposals
  • Project Proposal
  • Accounting Services Proposal
  • IT Services Proposal 
  • Goal Setting Proposal
  • Fitness Professional And Personal Trainer Proposal
  • Mobile App Business Proposal
  • Nonprofit Business Proposal and many more!

Creating a slide has never been easier! Decktopus brings AI excellence to your presentation-making process.

Decktopus AI has the option of creating slides from templates or creating them with AI. If you choose the AI function, all you need to do is to answer these five questions: 

  • What your presentation is about?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the aim of this deck?
  • How long do you have for your presentation?
  • Which template would you like to use?

Afterward, Decktopus AI will create a slide with appropriate information, images, logos, graphs, and titles! You can make changes to the created slide, or you can present it as it is! Decktopus’s AI also provides other privileges for you to prepare yourself for presenting!

Decktopus has a wide range of functions that you can use!

Features Function
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Collaborate Add team members to your presentation and work on it simultaneously.
Folder Organize your presentations on the dashboard!
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Embedding Embed links, web pages, and your calendar on the presentations.
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Proposal Outline Examples with Decktopus

Decktopus includes different types of templates in the proposal section. Here are some of our favorites! 

  • Below is an example of a Franchise Business Proposal template focusing on Coffee Shops. This template is aesthetically pleasing and provides users with different types of slides, such as timelines! Perfect for grabbing the attention of the audience and convincing them!
  • Our other favorite is the Medical Services Proposal. This professional-looking template will surely capture your audience's attention. This template includes a table of contents, executive summary, bar graph, tables, and other slide types that you may need! All you have to do is to customize it as you wish!

Proposal Template Library of Decktopus

Decktopus brings the ease of using templates for you! Decktopus has a template library subset that is focused on only creating presentations!

Visit Decktopus for these and many more templates about business, proposals, online course, education, executive summaries, forms, nutrition and case studies!

Explore the amazing features of Decktopus! Click now to discover its fantastic capabilities.

Decktopus AI

Decktopus AI

Try Decktopus AI now!

1. Where can I find proposal outline templates or patterns?

Decktopus offers a wide range of templates! With its easy-to-use interface, you can create your own proposals from scratch or you can generate a slide with AI. Prepare your proposal, and present it instantly! Capture your audience with visually engaging and informative slides!

2. What is a proposal outline maker?

A proposal outline maker will give you the outline you need for your proposal. Decktopus is an enhanced proposal outline maker. Provide our state-of-technology AI with the necessary information about your business, and get a ready-to-present presentation!

3. How can I create a project proposal outlines?

A proposal outline changes depending on your project/ business. Choose one of Decktopus’s many templates specifically created for your aim. Whether it is a business proposal, investment proposal, or project proposal, Decktopus has a template ready for you!

4. What is a team proposal?

Team proposal or proposal teams refer to the people who came together specifically to write a proposal. This team can be made up of freelancers or company employees.

5. What is the meaning of a proposal outline?

A proposal outline refers to the headings or components in your proposal. Before writing your proposal, outlining will help you to know what to write and what to include in each section.

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