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February 9, 2024

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Business Proposal Template: How to Write a Business Proposal With Simple Templates

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Do you need help pitching your business? With Decktopus's templates for proposals, create a professional business proposal and present it, with few clicks!

What's Inside?

Create Business Proposals With Templates

If you are on this page, you should already be familiar with business proposals. For a business to flourish, a business proposal is necessary. Convince clients to make sales or invest in your new business!

business proposal

What is a business proposal?

A business proposal is a comprehensive report used to secure a business agreement. The ultimate goal of business proposals is to prove your worth.


Thus, a business proposal should be eye-catching, impressive, and attention-grabbing. You should be able to distinguish yourself from the crowd! Show and make them understand why your business is a better option than others!

Why are business proposals important?

A business proposal can be prepared for a variety of reasons: 

  • A common reason to write a business proposal is to influence or convince prospective stakeholders or investors. To continue your growth, you may look for financial support. So, your business proposal will bring investment in your business.
  • Every business needs clients. Without enough sales, your business cannot reach prospective milestones. Your business proposal will influence the sales as well.
  • Similarly, to attract business collaborations, you should present an intriguing business proposal! You should emphasize your value proposition and qualifications.
business proposal maker

For a business to keep floating or continue growing, a business proposal is a must! Attract your audience and impress them with your proposals!

Types of Business Proposals

There are two types of business proposals. Though they are not influencing the outline, you should know in what type your proposal belongs.

  • Solicited Business Proposals: These proposals are requested by clients (companies, organizations, or stakeholders). In other words, the organization itself calls for a request for proposal (RFPs).
  • Unsolicited Business Proposals: These proposals are prepared by you to seek out potential clients. They do not necessarily request a business proposal.
types of business

How to Excel Writing a Business Proposal?

A business proposal is a formal document. Your business proposal should address any important parts that should be highlighted in your proposal. 

Business proposals are official documents. Thus, it should be professional in terms of content and format. 

In the YouTube video below, you can find some tips on how to combine a good business plan!

The format of the business proposal may be subject to change, depending on your audience and your business. In other words, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to writing a business proposal.

For preparing different kinds of proposals, you may edit some elements or headings. However, an outline that includes several elements common in proposals can be created. 


A Guide for Business Proposal Outline: Step-by-Step

  • Title
  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction or History of Your Company
  • Problem Statement or Needs Analysis
  • Proposed Solution- Product and Services
  • Qualifications
  • Customer Testimonials or Use Cases
  • Methodology to Solve the Problem
  • Objectives and Goals to Solve the Problem
  • Implementation Plan- Timeline for Solution
  • Pricing or Budget Plan
  • Conclusion
  • Call for Action

What is a business proposal template?

The business proposal templates allow you to ease the process of writing business proposals. With ready-to-customize templates, you can write your official document quarter of the time! 

Decktopus AI

A business proposal is approximately nine pages long. Thus, using proposal templates will help you to plan your proposal.

A template will provide information on where to start, how to combine your report smoothly, how to clearly divide the labor between team members, and collaborate on it. 


Decktopus is a one-for-all presentation tool. Powered with AI, Decktopus is able to combine many types of documents with a variety of features. With Decktopus’s templates, your business proposal will be ready to present!

Decktopus is a multi-functional presentation tool. For creating professional-looking slides, Decktopus is the best option! This AI-powered slide-maker has over 100+ templates that can be fitted for all your needs.

Let Decktopus do the impressive work while you work on the deal!

Decktopus: The Business Proposal Maker

Decktopus is one of the most used tools to create business proposals. With its features and templates, creating a business proposal has never been easier!

It is not only easy to combine but also attention-grabbing and visually pleasing!

Your audience will definitely be impressed by a proposal prepared using Decktopus’s features!

Decktopus AI
Decktopus AI

Try Decktopus AI now!

How Does Decktopus’s Business Proposal Templates Work?

Decktopus offers over 100+ templates for its users. More than half of them are business and proposal-focused templates. All you have to do is choose one of the templates offered by Decktopus and customize it for your business.

Decktopus AI

Decktopus’s templates will take care of the format of the proposal so that you can focus on the content. The templates come with necessary changes in fonts, colors, alignments, and slide designs!

Here is a short list of features on Decktopus’s Business Proposal Maker

Features Function
Audible Proposals Record your voice over your presentation.
Collaborate Add team members to your presentation and work on it simultaneously.
Folder Organize your presentations on the dashboard!
Analytics Keep track of submissions & views through the analytics on the dashboard.
Embedding Embed links, web pages, and your calendar on the presentations.
Auto Design Make one change, and the Decktopus applies it to all your content.
Custom Domain Present your proposals under your own domain.
Custom Link Share the link to your presentation with your audiences.
Feedbacks Include a feedback part at the end of the presentation.

Experience the Business Proposal Templates Designs of Decktopus

Here are some of the business proposal examples that can be created by Decktopus! 

Partnership Proposal Template

  • This template will help you to pitch your company or project in a more organized and convincing way. When creating a partnership proposal template, be sure to include an overview of your company or project, and be sure to emphasize the gains of this partnership for both parties!
business proposal template
proposal maker

Sponsorship Package Template & Sponsorship Deck Template

  • The perfect sponsorship proposal template for your events. Introduce yourself and the event in just a few clicks! It's professional, beautiful looking - no matter what type of organization you're working on or who is attending the party ( sponsors).
ai template
sponsor template
event schedule

Music Business Plan Templates & Recording Studio Business Plan

  • Decktopus's presentation template for music business proposals made by professional designers in the space. It's best to fill in the content within minutes, and Decktopus handles how it looks in seconds.
  • This is a pre-packaged template that closes deals - it's designed with your needs in mind! Change branding according to your clients easily!
music business proposal
business template
ai maker

Business Project Proposal Presentation Template

  • Use this business project proposal template to stand out in your project proposals and presentation on or off the office. Decktopus designs will let you stand out and express your project professionally.

Non-Profit Business Proposal Presentation Template

  • A business plan can be an invaluable tool for your company; even a brief non-profit business plan urges you to research, crystallize your purpose, and refine your messages.
non profit
account assistant

Sales Business Proposal Template

Sales proposals can mean the difference between losing a sale and making a sale, and if done correctly, an offer will not only help close the sale but will also make the sale bigger than it otherwise would be.

Tips for writing offers that do just that: Focus on the prospect's goals. Most sales reps write offers that focus solely on the results that they can offer the prospect.

Instead of focusing on what you have to offer, your suggestions should focus on the main problems that your prospect is trying to solve, and the potential customer wants to excel.


Commercial & Business Lease Proposal Template

  • The Business Lease Proposal Template closes the deal. This pre-packaged template is professional and designed for speed. Change branding on the fly to fit any type of client. Close faster with this creative, helpful proposal presentation template.
lease proposal template
working agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to use business proposal templates for PowerPoint (PPT)?

Customizing business proposal templates is easier than ever in Decktopus. Decktopus brings AI excellence to your business proposals! You can later download your proposal as a PPT and PDF file as well. Similarly, with its PDF to PPT function, you can turn your business proposal PDF into customizable PowerPoint presentations in Decktopus

2) Where can I find FREE business proposal templates?

Decktopus has a wide range of templates! And it is FREE to use. After signing up with your e-mail or Google account, Decktopus experience will be open for you! Try our business project, business proposals, and business plan templates yourself!

3) What are some business proposal template examples?

There are many types of templates you can choose from on Decktopus! Depending on the subject of your proposal, you can choose one of our Accounting Services Proposal Templates, Educational Project Proposal Presentation Template, Digital Marketing Business Proposal Template, and many more! 

4) Where can I download a FREE business proposal example?

Decktopus offers FREE business proposal templates. You can customize the templates' fonts, images, slide order, colors, and content on Decktopus as you wish! Afterward, download your business proposal as a PDF or PPT file! You can also share the link to your Decktopus slide with the audience!

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