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Smart Coaching Templates & Promotion Tools For Business Coaches

Create awesome, engaging and interactive online coaching sessions with ready-to-go decks, lead generation directed forms, out-of-the-box design elements, countless coaching document templates, and more.

Select a template for your next coaching proposal

Decktopus offers a lot of good looking templates; you can practically edit your document without having to work on any aspects of the design.

Embed a form to capture information for lead generation

You prepared your business coaching proposal, well done! Now, embed a form, invite viewers to fill it out, and access the responses listed out in your dashboard. You won't get lost in emails anymore.

Share your document via a link or embed it into your website

After everything is prepared, you can share your document online with the default URL or your custom domain; so, your document is easily accessible. You can also embed the document into your website.

Sample Documents & Templates Tailored
For Your Online Coaching Business

User friendly, ready-to-go
& easy-to-edit with opt-in form options.

Design Options at Your Disposal

Pick a template according to your course content and easily change the design of the entire document with one click. You don't need any design skills.

Add a Form and Generate Leads

Simply add forms, including product feedback, contact or application forms, to collect user information & feedback and generate leads.

Share Your Online Coaching Deck

Easily distribute your course content through embedding it into your website with a custom domain or share it online via a link.

Grow Your Coaching Business

Get a notification when the form is submitted and access all the responses listed in a single dashboard. You won't get lost in emails anymore.


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I have long been a mindfulness coach and decided to capitalize on my knowledge and share it with others during the pandemic. I was extremely new to sharing my course content online and wanted nothing more than to be working with a tool that has a simple interface. Luckily, I came across Decktopus. Now, I can easily create course documents to supplement my webinars and directly embed them into my website with my branding! I love it!

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As a school teacher, I like to get creative. When our schools started transitioning into online learning, I was truly lost as to continue teaching in a way that would be engaging and interactive. I wanted to create course content and deliver it in a way that would capture my students’ attention. With Decktopus’ smart templates, cool gif and image options, interactive forms, and great design elements, I noticed I had nothing to worry about. My students also love creating their assignments here!

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Finding a user-friendly online course proposal template tool is daunting. But, I am thankful that my friend suggested I give up the search and go with Decktopus. My course proposals were ready in the blink of an eye and I never had an easier time altering the document without having to touch any design aspects. They were ready-to-go for me to work on!